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Mary Fallin may need to get some fashion advice from her daughter…

Say what you want about Christina Fallin and her divorces and all that good stuff, but she does seem to have a decent taste in style and fashion for an Oklahoman. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told by some Ogle Groupies. The only thing I really know about women’s fashion is that lingerie models have wings.

Anyway, maybe it’s time for Christina to set down with her Mom and have a little heart-to-heart fashion talk. Check out this photo a Mole alerted us to of Mary Fallin leaving a meeting with President Obama at the National Governors Association conference. Pay particularly close attention to her feet:

Yikes, who knew Gov. Fallen had such an avant-garde fashion sensibility when it came to women’s hosiery! That’s like the male equivalent of wearing a brown belt with black shoes, only worse, because you’re a damn woman and are supposed to know these things! At least a dude can untuck his shirt to cover up the fashion faux pas. The only thing Mary could do is squint like she just walked out of a movie theater.

Anyway, since Mary Fallin is a highly visible representative of the state of Oklahoma, I think we should all pitch in to hire her a fashion consultant. If anything, maybe we could get Mathis Brothers to sell a Christmas ornament for the cause. I’d buy one for sure.


  1. Wade should have been the one to appear on the Mathis Brother’s commercial selling those stupid ornaments!

  2. Have you seen the recent promo on TV she does with those kids? She’s wearing some wild print tights with a black suit dress. Weird.

  3. agreed, she has no fashion sense, she is getting chunky and she is not wearing the right size/style bra.

    • Dear God, I just had to go back and look to see if she was wearing the wrong sized bra. Had to stop myself when I got to the first picture to ask, “What the hell am I doing? I’m about to check out the Governor’s rack! What am I doing with my life?”

      • Lol. I had similar thoughts. Though, I did go back and check. I don’t know about the bra (I didn’t notice any droop-age) but it certainly looks like she needs a better fitting coat.

  4. sad part is, I’m sure there were other Governors at that meeting who were checking her out thinking “Damn, that Mary Fallin has got it going on! I wonder if she’s discreet”?

  5. Someone with amazing fashion sense suggested that her big-ass gargantuan toes actually busted through her hose, since she was trying to pull the control tops all the way up to her wrong-sized bra line. Sadly, she’s somehow managing to lower the perception of Oklahoma….in a way, that’s impressive. Even Kern couldn’t do that.

  6. I understand about the bra line – that just “happens” but I don’t think she needs fashion advice from her daughter – just look at the picture and read the commentary on page 84 of the December issue of the Oklahoma magazine (T. Boone is on the front). SICK!!!!

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