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Chase Thomason is engaged to Mother Nature’s Furry…

In case you missed it, KFOR meteorologist Chase Thomason proposed to his girlfriend/coworker Ashton Edwards (a.k.a. Mother Nature’s Furry) live on the air Friday night during Channel 4’s 6pm news broadcast. It is believed to be first on-air marriage proposal in Oklahoma City TV news history. That is, if you exclude that drunken exchanges between Dean Blevins and Cherokee Ballard on Channel 5 in the early 1990s.

Anyway, get out the tissues or the trash can to catch your vomit. Here’s the video:


Spencer and I will have more on this tomorrow, but here are some quick thoughts:

• To the right of the video on the KFOR website is a poll asking “When do you plan on purchasing a new television?” Don’t you think some better poll questions would be “How long do you think they’ll stay married?” or “Did he knock her up?”

• What was going on with that ring? Was that the real one or something he stole from Aldo in 2008. By the way, I have no clue what any of that means. It was sent to me by an Ogle Groupie. The only thing I know about jewelry is that it costs too much.

• How much did they pay MidFirst Bank and Devon for the rights to use the music from their television commercials? I expected Chase to write out the proposal in sand art or just leave the studio and go fly fishing or put frosting on a cake.

• The couple does seem to have a good sense of humor. This slide made me laugh:

If Ashton Edwards were to ever write a romantic comedy, I think it would be called “Must Love Hair.”

• Linda Cavanaugh encouraged KFOR viewers to leave their congratulations on the KFOR website. Here were some of the best ones:

After reading that post, I think Angelina thinks one of her own daughters is getting married. Also, do you get the vibe that Angela and her family have Frugal Friday watch parties?

It wouldn’t be a KFOR comment thread without random ALL CAPS guy making a cameo and comparing some dudes fiance to horse and meaning it as a compliment.

If your wife will get mad at you for not proposing to her during a Frugal Friday segment on TV, you should probably just give up and buy a new dishwasher. Oops, I meant wife.

Thanks Debbie Downer. You’re just jealous because guys only call you “Ma’am.”

I will say that Ashton’s dad, the late Brad Edwards, was a complete and total bad ass who is still missed, but that message is creepy. There should be a rule that no one is ever allowed to begin a Facebook message with “My Mom used to baby-sit you when you were a baby to about 3yrs old.”

Anyway, congrats to Ashton and Chase. Hopefully they get a lot of nice wedding gifts and stuff. Good luck.


    • I was waiting for her to say “Yes, now get off the set! You’re wasting my segment!!” (She doesn’t get a whole lot of air time, just sayin’…)

  1. don’t they both have college educations? He sure was scrolling those cards pretty slow….. and that kinda creepy smile after each card is presented. Where do TV people learn to do that?

  2. WOW!!! That OU Lady Sooners basketball coach really is hot when under TV lights. I thought it was just the gym lights that made her look all frumpy.

  3. That was the LEAST eco-friendly proposal in OKC history! Did you COUNT how many cue cards he wasted? I thought TV peeps were supposed to be succinct & to the point!

  4. Adam Mertz was going to propose to Liz Deuike the same way but, he was afraid she would turn him down on live tv and admit that the only reason she was with him was because he “understood” the whole “herpes” thing.

  5. Perhaps we can have the next Fallin marriage proposal televised. And the one after that too…

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