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Cox is not being a very good friend in the digital age…

If you’ve been wondering why your uncle from Watonga hasn’t forwarded you any crazy chain emails over the weekend, don’t worry, he didn’t depart on a random trip to Kenya to find President Obama’s original birth certificate. He simply doesn’t have access to his Cox email account and can’t remember his Hotmail password.

From NewsOK.com:

Thousands of Cox Communications customers across Oklahoma were without email Sunday because of an outage, company officials said.

The email storage platform that supports residential customers failed sometime Friday evening, causing all residential customers in the state to lose access to their incoming email, spokeswoman Kristin Peck said.

Peck could not give an estimated time for when the outage would be fully resolved, but said by 10 p.m. about 55 percent of customers had their service restored.

One customer, Greg Silver, of Oklahoma City, said he hasn’t had Cox email since Friday.

“Email is such an integral part of people’s lives now that being without it for several days is devastating,” he said in an email sent to NewsOK.com through a different account.

Tim Larson, of Oklahoma City, also reported the problem to NewsOK. He said, “Cox Webmail has now been down for almost two days. Luckily I’m on Yahoo!”

Congratulations, Tim Larson of Oklahoma City. You just became the first person in the history of mankind to utter the phrase “Luckily I’m on Yahoo.” That would make a great epitaph. You should make it your own.

Anyway, you have to admit this whole story is kind of hysterical. If someone uses a Cox.com address as their primary email they probably deserve to have it taken away for a few days. As you’re reading this, I bet one of the victims is opening Internet Explorer on their Gateway 2000 desktop to complain about the situation in an AOL chat room. Before they do, they better make sure they have Java installed.

Steve Lackmeyer with the Oklahoman has taken the news especially hard. You would think that someone at Cox raided a food truck or put up an improper sign in Bricktown. Check out some of the tweets he’s sent out during a Twitter meltdown:

Yeah, a guy who uses Cox email just made a joke about it not being 1986 anymore. Gotta love it. For fun, and to make up for the inconvenience, Cox should let Steve Lackmeyer participate in the next Three Point Bundle contest at a Thunder game. You know, the one where a person has to make a lay-up for free phone service, a free throw for free internet, and a three pointer for free cable TV. That would be fun to witness in person, unless you were in Steve’s section and needed him to make the final shot to win you a free On Demand movie. Then it would be kind of depressing.

On that note, I took an Ogle Groupie to the Thunder – Kings game on Friday night. During the Cox three-point contest, she turned to me and asked, “Do you think that’s a person in the Cox costume or is it a real robot.” Somewhat puzzled by her comment, I said, “Yeah, it’s a robot. And did you know Rumble’s a real bison?” Before the Ogle Groupie dumped her beer on me, I suggested she watch the following origin story:

Anyway, much like I hope that Ogle Groupie eventually replies to my apologetic text messages, I also hope Cox costumers get their email back in a week or two. I kind of miss my uncle’s crazy emails.


  1. Sadly I have to admit that my main email account is with cox though I do have 3 others through our web provider, but usually cox is pretty reliable. They did promise me a $5 credit on next month’s bill though! However, I did just lose what respect I had for Steve Lackmeyer….he’s as bad as a sniveling Real Jim Traber.

  2. I asked my husband the same question about that stupid cox creature last time we were at a game. He pretty much gave me the same smart-ass answer you gave your friend. :) I don’t know, it’s just very spry and didn’t move like a real person.

  3. Do you think Steve Lackmeyer was so upset, because a downtown building promised to email him a time for this weekend that Steve could touch its bricks?

  4. So here’s the deal: I was locked out of a research site I needed to access due to a lost password and the email site for resetting that password was … you guessed it: my Cox account. So there you have it. I’ll stand up for my insistence that Cox be accountable and provide service I’ve paid for … and I’ll keep waiting for Cox to explain what happened.
    Regrets? One – using all caps in one tweet. That should be reserved for Tweeting about the governor’s daughter.

    • Ever heard of BACKUP PLAN, 3 rules of sucessful living 1. Never Assume 2.Never take a knife to a gun fight 3.

    • Nothing in the world is perfect and your public sniveling and whining didn’t fix the problem any faster. Did you call Cox and get a customer service rep on the phone and hold your breath until they fixed it, too?

      • Give ’em hell Steve!
        If anyone should have a backup plan it’s the cable monopoly we pay so dearly for,

  5. ugh….my company uses Cox, and it’s always on the fritz…my personal email is Yahoo, and I get hacked about every 20 minutes it seems. I’m surprised anyone actually opens my emails anymore

  6. We have been using Cox Business email for years and nary a lick of problem that we have seen. That said, stuff happens. It is electronics.

  7. I was about to finally uncover Bush’s missing National Guard Records when my email went out.
    I think not.

  8. Gmail was down for several hours last week. It happens, and with free email sometimes you get what you pay for. Since you are paying for Cox, best option would be to request, no demand a credit. If everyone did this,anytime there was an outage or disruption of service Cox would figure out a way to minimize the disruptions, as backups do cost money, and as long as they can provide substandard service they will.

    Hit ’em in their revenue stream, demand refunds, credits, if enough of us do this they probably will fix the problem. Companies tend to fix things that cost them money faster than things people tweet about, unless the things people tweet about don’t cost any money to fix.

    • My mother doesn’t own a computer and my dad was too cheap to buy antivirus software so his crashed and he goes to the library to get online now and I’m sure he has no clue what The Lost Ogle is.

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