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Mike Morgan doesn’t like censorship. Thinks we need to “Grow Up” and “Have Some Balls.”

If you read this website often, you’re probably aware that we have an interesting relationship with KFOR Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan. Sure, we occasionally give him a hard time for over-hyping the weather, but we enjoy his work, his tie, and even made the Mike Morgan Drinking Game in his honor. To show his appreciation for all of this, Mike emailed us pictures of his wife, former rodeo queen Marla Morgan, (seriously) as part of a strange tribute.

On Sunday night, though, I received a series of distressed emails from Mike accusing us of censorship and trying to assassinate his career. Apparently Mike tried to reply to a comment that a reader left about him, and since Mike was a first time commenter, his comments were put in a moderation queue where they have to be manually approved. This is done to prevent spammers, trolls, people who take us too seriously, and crazed weatherman from hijacking a thread. Mike did not approve of this safety measure, and just minutes after posting his comments, fired off a mean series of emails.

Here they are:

How can you possibly think your unfair censorship of my post is the right thing to do.

I’m sick of it.


You are allowing a few individuals (and to a lesser extent yourself) to attempt to professionally assassinate me.

This isn’t cute, it isn’t witty, it isn’t fun. It’s WRONG.


After all the contribution I have made to this state over 31 years to date, HOW DARE YOU!

I should send to you the 1000’s of folks who have personally thanked me for saving their lives….many of which have scars from escaping May 3, 1999.

Mike Morgan

Yep. that’s 100% real. And it gets better. Here’s email #2 where he pulled a Jim Traber:

Next time we are in the same place, find me so I can look you in the eye and tell you the same thing.

He summed up his tirade with a third and final email:

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Interesting KWTV has ALREADY modified David’s bio to include the AMS…..which he is not a member of.

Knowing that, combined with the FACT I am the MOST educationally qualified of all the OKC chiefs, I DEMAND an explaination from you.

Be a man, have some balls,


You can hide behind the Internet like a wuss…

That’s right a wuss…


Yes, we’ve finally joined Steve Lackmeyer and Dan Threlkeld as people who have been told by Mike Morgan to “Have Some Balls.” That’s some esteemed company right there.

After reading the emails, I first spent about five minutes laughing uncontrollably. I then logged into the website to see if Mike had any pending comments being held for moderation. Sure enough, there were a couple. I authorized Mike’s comments and then sent him an emailing explaining what happened:

Yeah, so we have to approve the comments of first time commenters, which is what you were. That’s why your comments didn’t show up immediately. I’ve now approved your comments, so they appear on the site.

Also, there’s no need for you to apologize. I know you didn’t mean it, but I must say, for the 31 years you’ve spent contributing to this state, I thought you’d be more patient.

– Patrick

He replied the next day with this:

I forgive you mostly. I feel better now.

His email included the following attachment:

Wow, this saga has more happy endings than “Love Actually” or “New Year’s Eve.” Mike Morgan is able to leave comments on our blog, we were forgiven even though we didn’t do anything wrong, and pictures of Marla Morgan have appeared in our in-box. Hell, we even got a glimpse of a mysterious attractive woman with long hair and black dress who’s hopefully not his daughter. I guess you can say order is restored to the universe.

Anyway, you can view all of Mike’s comments in this post. They primarily have to do with education, certifications, and Rick Mitchell. It’s kind of entertaining and probably worth reading.

Also, we hope that Mike’s no longer mad at us. This whole thing was just a big misunderstanding and we’re totally over it. We’ll still watch Mike and his bedazzled tie this spring during those times when Gary sends it over to Amanda and Kelly at the news desk. I don’t want to listen to Kelly and Amanda have a phone interview the Carter County Sheriff. I want Doppler radar, helicopter footage and pics of wall clouds.


  1. The world of oklahoma local news is so weird. It feels wrong that only people from Oklahoma know who these people are. They sort of exemplify everything that is artificial and tacky about Oklahomans.

    We really need to get over our inferiority complex as a state. It seems everything we do is in an effort to point out “hey, we’re a state too”. This should be our state slogan.

    We’ve got a skycraper now! We’ve got a canal now! We’ve got a basketball team now! We’re just like a real state now !

    Gary England kept me safe from tornado in the 1980s, and I’ll always love him for it.

  2. Glad you gave an “explaination” to the most “educationally qualified of all the OKC chiefs.”

    And nice to see’s he handling his mini-me David Payne’s departure with grace and class. Almost as well as you handled your little exit from ch 5 so many years ago, huh Mike?

    Is your life so empty that you’re gonna worry about what people post about you on the Internet? If so, you’re in the wrong business IMO…

  3. As one of the people Mike was trying to respond to, I couldn’t resist posting here:

    I am truly sincere when I say I admire Mike for taking a stand and responding (missing some of my points none-the-less), but it must be stated EITHER Mike is way too thin skinned to be a local celeb or THE LOST OGLE is now taken by said local celebs as a legitimate source of review/criticism.

    And again I admire Mike for taking his shot/stand, but in reading his emails, it is disturbing that 1000,s of people attribute their continued living to Mike personally. I don’t say this in jest, but wouldn’t it make sense that if these people were listening to any number of radio/TV stations they would have had similar warnings? And if so then Mike should not take credit for this, but give credit to the attention to severe weather these people took heed to? Again not in jest but I’m pretty sure almost all the TV/Radio stations explain how to: get underground, inside the house, away from windows, yada, yada the same way. So logically speaking unless Mike was doing something radically different than what the other TV/Radio stations were doing wouldn’t those same people gotten pretty much the same information and therefore be “saved” as well? Seems Mike has taken the comments pretty serious and I applaud him for that. I hope that he continues to read and consider the comments here, they provide him much better feedback than the 1000’s of emails from the Weather Groupies. hahahahahahhaahaa

    • If weather forecasters are going to take credit for lives saved, then they also need to take responsibility for lives lost during an event.

  4. After all the contribution I have made to this state over 31 years to date, HOW DARE YOU!

    Getting paid a butt-load of money to make shitty weather forecasts now counts as a “contribution“?????

    WTF—–where do I sign up for this gig?

    I should send to you the 1000′s of folks who have personally thanked me for saving their lives….many of which have scars from escaping May 3, 1999.

    Lol! Yeah those annoying tornado sirens had nothing whatsoever to do with saving lives Mike!

    What a douche you are Morgan. Hummer should make a special edition vehicle in honor of you. It would be ridiculously overpriced, outrageously noisy and the engine would red-line at least once every winter!

    And who the fuck saves pictures of them-self attending the premier of Twister?????

    Good grief man…………………..

  5. The more I see from Mike and Marla…the more I truly like them. So he fired off a hot headed email or two? We’d all be defensive after getting pants-ed along with the rest of the weather illuminati in Snowpocalypse 2012. It’s an arms race and they’re all trying to keep up with Gary & Co.

    Her comments in that piece where these pictures initially came from were calm, cool and self depricating in the face of anonymous internet fools being quasi-critical of her.

    Kudos to them.

    I call for Mike Morgan to have a monthly weather post at this site. He seems like a good sport and it would be good to educate the rest of us who are not in the industry about what some of the crap means…”Meteorologist”, TIV, dominator, weather man, weather girl, etc.

  6. “Next time we are in the same place, find me so I can look you in the eye and tell you the same thing.”

    You have been 4warned!

  7. It sounds like A&E needs to retread the “Wars” themed shows with “Weather Wars” right after Duck Dynasty. Rednecks + Tornadoes + Feuding weathermen=Ratings!!

  8. Guess his selective memory blocks out years ago as a twister touched down in Edmond he was on the air saying flks this is no big deal, I remember Mike poo

    • Same tornado that Rick Mitchell was found cowering under his desk and whimpering on the air “I’m OK, Honey!”

  9. I have known Mike Morgan for some 15 years he has always been a true professional and good friend to me… I have also been into weather since I was at a young age like Mike I grew up watching him I am now 29… He tells it like it is if there is a threat of a Tornado outbreak he will do whatever it takes to get your attention on air to save lives same goes for the threat of a major winter storm… Mike’s character has been unfairly criticized and I could not just sit by without saying something on this… I also notice a “FORMER” Oklahoma City Television Meteorologist is also trying to use his Facebook as a form of Character assassination.. Say what you want about Mike but he is THE BEST this state has had and will have in the weather business…

  10. Mike did hit the ice storm a couple of years ago correctly. He was the only one to get that accurate. But one hit out of every five chances keeps you playing for the Tulsa Drillers. That’s just FACT.

  11. I just want to add the times Mike has been “cautious” on his forecast he has been spot on! Mind you Channel 9 on the other hand as I noticed tried comparing the upcoming Christmas Day storm to the 2009 blizzard before the system even reached land… It was still over the ocean and not in reach of the NWS weather balloon data as to where we could sample the data in real time to get a feel on how strong and or weak the system was…. Channel 9 was clearly looking to hype the system for ratings to get more attention on their new staff member… You should be mindful to the fact before you post such garbage that your talking about a man who has been the Chief Meteorologist at KFOR for some 20 years has been into weather since his teenage years and a man who is a husband, father, son, brother, friend and co worker to many…

      • If your implying I work for KFOR TV I DO NOT… I have known Mike Morgan since 1996 I was on his “Weather School” program during the 6 pm newscast and we have remained friends to this day.. I was into weather at a young age and Went to Miss State Broadcast Meteorology program..Through the years Mike and I have kept in touch… I just wanted my story to be told and this should show the type of person Mike is and not the garbage that some of you are trying to write about him… It’s sad that some have nothing to do with their lives other then to bring down someone else’s character.. Mikes record of saving lives and his record of excellence in forecasting speaks for itself though and y’all cannot change that!!

        • Mikes record of saving lives and his record of excellence in forecasting speaks for itself though and y’all cannot change that!!

          Wow………………………….simply wow.

          • Mikes record of saving lives and his record of excellence in forecasting speaks for itself though and y’all cannot change that!!

            Not to beat a dead horse, but unless Mike was riding a horse through the streets and personally saving/waring people of impending weather danger that no other TV/Radio station was doing, then he personally didn’t save anyone! The weather warning system of all stations and process, with the advanced technology is what provided people early warning and direction. Mike and every other weather person on TV was simply the messenger. The storm chasers and radar are the people that saved lives, now if Mike invented the radar, I say “thanks Mike”

            Geez you people that state how MIke/any weather/tv person saved lives is not only melodramatic, it’s beyond wrong!

        • So you’re saying Mike is THE ONE who saved many lives during May 3 or any other severe tornadic day? How about the storm chasers like us who were putting EYES on and tracking the storm FOR the on-air personalities who are chained to the green screen during severe weather?
          Oklahoma has many talented weather guys as well as many many talented chasers who LIVE for storm season. Sadly though, being the Chief Met in television news keeps you locked up away from the action.

  12. I don’t understand what all the hubbub is about ………… you’re not Brangalina ….. you’re a flippin weather man, or meteorologist if you prefer …… with todays computers and models, it ain’t “rocket surgery” ……. yes once in a while you get to deliver a meaningful weather message, occasionally you even get it right …… but don’t take yourself so seriously dude …….. nobody else is …. :-)

  13. Wow! Yes wow because you know I am right on this! Going back to the 1990s Mike has been the leader in forecasting I can point out as far back as May 7th 1995 just 2 years after he started at KFOR TV… he nailed the Ardmore,Oklahoma Tornado…

    • Did Mike buy the tornado dinner before nailing it?

      As a non-native American, I’m offended that the head meteorologists of this state call themselves chiefs.

      • To be perfectly honest, that tornado was practically begging for it that night.

        Dancing all over the countryside, straddling the county line, all dressed-up in stray cows and cattle fencing………

        What did it expect———–poor Mike just couldn’t help him self!

        • Excuse me, are you possibly suggesting that since 1995 that tornadoes around here may be the offspring of that lurid affair?

  14. Mike Morgan needs to be more careful about the recollection of his “heroic” actions on May 3rd. My family lives in MWC. Once the tornado crossed I-240 he said, on live TV no less that it was headed straight up Air Depot Blvd, when in fact it was headed up Sooner Rd. My family lives off of Air Deopt north of Reno, they were watching Mike Morgan and thought they were doomed. I sincerely hope that day those who lived in Del City, West of Sooner Rd where massive damage happened were in fact NOT watching Channel 4. I have video evidence to back this up, not online but on VHS and I’d be happy to show it to Mike Morgan the next time he wants to brag about being a hero on May 3rd.

    • Could you convert it and upload it? I have been looking for years for ch. 4 coverage of May 3rd. I would be willing to pay for costs for a copy of vhs if you can not convert it.

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