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MMT: Barry Switzer can’t wait to hear women embarrass themselves by trying to talk about football

Hi everyone! It’s another exciting edition of Monday Morning Tweets. If you’re anything like me, you are looking forward to yet another week full of work, Thunder basketball, and trying not to get psyched out by predictions by the local weathermen. Let’s dive into this week’s tweets after the jump.

Haha, I get it! Because they’re ladies, and their tiny lady brains don’t understand how football works!

Hey, coach! Look behind you. No, not right there. Waaaay back there. See that? It’s the shark you jumped.

The Lost Ogle approves of this editorial decision by Channel 4.

Uhhh… That’s a new one to me. Perhaps I’m just terribly unsophisticated.

Congratulations to Linda Cavanaugh on 38 years of marriage. That’s a very impressive feat. Less impressive, though, is the fact that Linda Cavanaugh has yet to realize her Life Goal, which I discovered this week is to “ride a bull for 8 seconds.” I hope that someday she is able to achieve this.

Do you ever wonder how I decide what tweets to include in this post each week? I divide them up into four categories: 1. Funny tweets 2. Thoughtful tweets 3. Newsworthy tweets and 4. Tweets that cause Marisa to get so excited that she begins texting me in the style of the original tweeter. Guess which one this was?

This week, I decided to enter the terms “Oklahoma” and “ratchet” into the Twitter search to see what the results were. Here they are:

The Jim Traber Loves Exclamation Points Tweet Of The Week!!!!!

This week, Jim devotes 12 of his allotted 140 characters to emphasizing the fact that he thinks it’s hilarious that one random dude on Twitter has no life. Take it away, Mark Rodgers:

The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet from Dean Blevins

I don’t even… I mean, at this point, what is there to say? I think Carey Murdock speaks for all of us.

That’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!


  1. What makes you think Linda hasn’t ridden the bull? There’s a reason she’s been married 38 years.

  2. Dean Blevins
    Jim Traber
    Barry Switzer
    Hasheem Thabeet

  3. Reminds me of the story Jack Mildren told about when he was drafted by the Patriots. They ran the wishbone in practice one day and went all the way down the field and fumbled on the 5. The coach said “see, I told you it wouldn’t work here”. I guess ol’ coach didn’t watch the 49’ers over the weekend. Sure looked a lot like it to me.

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