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Welcome to The Lost Ogle, Version 4.0

Hey there. Do things look a little different? I hope so, because if not, there’s something wrong with your computer, Chris.

Welcome to The Lost Ogle, Version 4.0! This is the 4th major redesign of the website in our 5+ years of being an “obscure local social blog.” Hard to believe, huh?

Anyway, here are some quick notes:

• First, and perhaps most importantly, the new design was handled and implemented by our friends at at iThemes. If you’re not familiar with them you should be. Their founder, Cory Miller, literally helped write the book WordPress for Dummies. And our lead designer, Ty Carlson, has a beard. That means I think I saw Ty about 800 times at Saturday’s Jeff Mangum concert. We’ll be doing more stuff with them in the future.

• Designing a news and entertainment blog like ours is more difficult than people think, because you have to balance content with advertising. Basically, you have to make your readers and advertisers happy. I think we accomplished that goal with this design. Big thanks to all of our readers and advertisers for the support. Hell, I’m in such a good mood I’ll thank Jim Traber, Jenni Carlson and Mean Dueweke, too.

• Most of the changes are cosmetic. We got rid of the grunge look for something a little more clean and modern. At least I think it’s more clean and modern. What do I know. I’m just a handsome slob. Regardless, all the functionality is about the same.

• We’re not done yet. There may be a few more bells and whistles added throughout the week.

• Finally, if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, etc, please let us know. Either leave a comment or send us an email.



  1. On behalf of everyone, thank you for f*cking with the system. Again. It is change we can believe in . . .

  2. The new look is way too legitimate. Careful, people are going to start taking you serious and you’ll have a TV show a la Pioneer Woman. Wonder what you could call it? Ogle Mogle?

  3. its ok, but change sucks i like the old way offer me a chance to redeem myself and I will always link to your website and keep u flowing on twitter

  4. I can’t say I like the sidebar. I also hit reset on my zoom a couple of time to make sure I hadn’t accidentally zoomed in. Font’s too big.

  5. Looks like an early version of the Braum’s website. Not saying that’s a bad thing, you know…

  6. Honest critique. Yes, it is very clean. But there is a ton of white space, too much white space, and it makes the site look like something Elemental Fusion would design out of the can.

    The social media imbed is great, but it dominates 15% of your total screen space.

    You’ve given up too much of your distinct brand identity by totally ditching the grunge look.

    As long as the content is good, though, we’ll adjust.

    • – The screen space varies and fluctuates based on your browser and screen resolution. And the width of the main body and left sidebar is actually larger than the previous site. You’ll see these standards are similar to most other blogs.

      – We’ve basically replaced a concrete background with white space.

      – The grunge look was dated. I don’t want our “distinct brand” to be dated.

      – The content isn’t changing; just the look. I think you’ll adjust.

  7. Honest critique: Looks a lot like the Daily Oklahoman.
    My biggest complaint is that the list of recent comments have disapeared, and it appears you can’t comment on Monday Morning tweets. As said above as long as content remains true, we will adapt.

    • For some reason the comments were disable on the MMT post. Probably user error on our behalf. We may look into adding the recent comments. It was a feature I didn’t think anyone used.

  8. Uuuuh. Am I allowed to love it? Or do I need to find a critique to still feel cool …. I think it’s great!

  9. I’m not a developer, but something is off on the text. The letters are bleeding into the background and it is not appealing at all. I am a loyal reader and I would hate to avoid the site.

      • I’m running on snow leopard, using the latest version of firefox, on a mac book pro. This is the only site that behaves like this on my mac book pro, and it only happened after you changed the design. Other sites are currently running just fine. It doesn’t matter what I do. 95% of the time I’ve tried to surf this site after the update it’s just like I went back to the direct phone line jack again (remember those days?). Does this help?

        Don’t take this as a critique of the work you do, just trying to help you fix this. Keep up the slime!

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