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If you’re contemplating suicide, do not watch this clip of The Sports Animal playing The Oklahoman at sports trivia…

Unless you watch Numb3rs and Roseanne re-runs, you’re probably not aware that Vince Orza’s KSBI Channel 52 is still on the air. This is a shame, because “Oklahoma Live” host Alex Wehrley is ridiculously hot. Plus, her co-host looks like an elf. They should rename the show “The Hottie and the Elf.” Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Ratings would probably double overnight.

Outside of Alex, the only other reason to watch KSBI is for the station’s original programming. The shows are not good or anything, but the production values are so bad they’re sometimes comical. One example of this is the collegiate-level academic bowl “Mind Games.” The questions are terrible, the contestants have no personalities, and you can tell that the show’s host — Jenifer Reynolds — is just doing Vince Orza a favor. It’s like she’s totally aware that no one at home is watching. To make matters worse, Redlands Junior College defeated Southwestern Oklahoma State University in the Mind Games Championship Game. Yes, a junior college in El Reno is home to that state’s top academic team. And it’s not without controversy. According to my sources at Rose State and OCCC, the Redlands kids allegedly used PEDs.

If all of that sounded sad, it is. But don’t worry, it gets better. While Mind Games was on Christmas break, they had a special sports version of the show featuring local media pundits. The teams were: KSBI, The Sports Animal, The Oklahoman and KFOR. Yes, KSBI had to recruit a competing television station to be part of their trivia show. See what I mean about the production values being comical?

Here’s a round one battle of The Sports Animal (Mike Steely, Jim Traber and Mark Rodgers) taking on the The Oklahoman (Boomer Tramel, John Helsley and Mike Sherman). Jenni Carlson couldn’t make the taping because she was busy writing a sports column for Jim Traber to hate the following day. Check it out:

First of all, I’m sorry about the video bleeding into the side bar. There’s no way for me to edit the width. Then again, maybe that distraction was a good thing.

Even though I couldn’t make it through the whole video, apparently the Sports Animal team defeated the guys from the Oklahoman. I know this because the finals featured the Sports Animal vs. KFOR (Bob Barry Jr., Brian Brinkley, some guy named Dylan Buckingham). BBJ’s answer to every questions was “I don’t know, what don’t you tell me.”

Did anyone else roll their eyes and stop the video after the first two questions were “Who holds the record for the longest hitting streak in baseball” and “Who was the first person to score 100 points in an NBA game?” Those questions were easier than a drunk girl singing Love Shack at Don Quixote’s. They must have stolen them from “Who’s Smarter than a Really Dumb Fifth Grader.” Even Ed Murray’s tacky soccer ref outfit thought they were sad.

Anyway, the next time KSBI does something like this, they should let us field a team. Or if they’re worried about us dominating, at least let us produce a fun trivia show for them. It’s not like we don’t organize and host the most popular bar trivia night in Oklahoma or anything. I expect a call from Abigail Ogle very soon. Hopefully she’ll be a little bit drunk.


    • Hell yea, Paul Simon’s kid is going to shoot a video there next time and it might star Christina Fallin…..singing. Love Snack! hahahahaha

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