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Someone built a meth “lavatory” on a Purcell golf course

First of all, I’m very sorry about the pun in the headline. It was like the “Why Not?” slice of pizza. It was just setting there, warm and readily available, and I couldn’t resist the urge to eat it up.

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard by now, some classy person in Purcell built a Shake-N-Bake meth lab inside a portable toilet at Purcell golf course. The locals in town called it the 20th hole.

Via the award-winning news team at KFOR:

Under cover drug agents defuse a mini meth lab found inside a porta-potty in the middle of a golf course Tuesday in Purcell.

Staffers noticed strange sports drink bottles with chemicals inside the porta-potty and called police.

Officers arrived and soon realized someone had been inside making meth using the “shake and bake” method.

Three bottles were found, two of them exploded before detectives arrived.

Agents were able to neutralize the third one without the harmful chemicals erupting.

“If someone would have been in the porta-pot when it happened they might have gotten hurt by the flying plastic and the chemicals,” Purcell Dt. Cpl. Scott Stephens said.

Investigators said they have a lead on one suspect but said they believe others could be involved.

The inside of the unit was damaged but agents were able to submit latent fingerprints to a crime lab.

I will not make a Breaking Bad reference. I will not make a Breaking Bad reference. I will not make a Breaking Bad reference. I will not make a Breaking Bad reference. I will not make a Breaking Bad reference. I will not make a Breaking Bad reference. I will not make a Breaking Bad reference. I will not make a Breaking Bad reference.

Sorry about that, too. It’s pretty much impossible now for a blogger to write about meth without mentioning Breaking Bad, and I figured that would help remind me not to do it. Seriously, how did we make fun of meth heads before Breaking Bad became the best show on television? I checked our archives and it looks like we just made teeth jokes and references to Rock 100.5 The Katt. Rick Reilly and drivers of Firebirds would be proud.

Portable toilets in Purcell are not the only strange places in our state where people make meth. A group of thugs in McAlester were recently busted cooking meth in their apartment…that was located across the street from the police station.

Via NewsOK.com:

Four people were arrested Monday after police were called about the fumes.

The McAlester News-Capital reports that police found two people — 28-year-old Jessica Ann Smith and 23-year-old Thomas Logan McElroy — in the apartment with numerous items used to manufacture meth.

Actually, it wasn’t the smell that tipped off the cops. I heard they were suspicious of all the Los Pollos Hermanos taco wrappers that littered the apartment complex lawn! Those meth heads better call Saul! Their aliases were Badger and Flynn! I am the danger!! I am the one who knocks!!!

Once again, I’m sorry.



  1. This was a set-up, a fake, a shennigan…….
    No-One and I mean No-One ever uses a port-a-potty on a golf course! (well maybe a woman but it would have to be a case of instant projectile stomach bug for a woman to go in a plastic crapper)………so what’s the real deal………I smell a conspiracy……………….pun intended.

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