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Strange crimes at the Edmond Target


Edmond is a great place to raise a kid, or so my parents thought. It’s a fairly quiet sort of place, where if your car gets broken into, at least you know that it was probably a bored teenager and not a crack addict. That’s sort of comforting when you realize your window has been busted out and your iPod is missing. Overall though, the city is just sort of boring. And don’t hate up on me, Edmondites. I lived there for about 21 years. I know everything there is to do there. At least in other areas of the metro, you can go to a restaurant that isn’t Chili’s. And nothing against the Wolf Trap because I’ve had more than my fair share of Coors Light pitchers there, but when the best bar in the city is the Wolf Trap, you’ve got problems.

But it seems that maybe Edmond isn’t as boring as it once was. The city is growing, as anyone can tell by the ridiculous traffic that leisurely putters around the Bryant Square area. And as the city grows, that means that the variety of people in the city diversifies. Sure, it’s still pretty white except for my family. But there are some interesting sorts of characters who have taken up residence there.

According to KFOR.com:

Police arrested a man who is accused of dropping his pants in front of female shoppers at an Edmond Target.

Just after 1 p.m. Friday police arrested 18-year-old Jason Tyler Stuart at the Target at 2nd St. and Bryant.

Authorities said the victims were in the women’s section when the suspect approached them, dropped his pants and made a comment about his underwear.

At that point shoppers noticed he was wearing women’s pink panties.

The person who called the police gave officers a description of Stuart’s car and tag which is what helped them track him down.

Officers stopped him on the 1000 block of Broadway and found a backpack full of women’s underwear in his car.

Edmond Police said this incident matches three other similar happenings at the Edmond Target.

The case of the Pink Panty Peeper was initially reported on January 18, and, coincidentally is the name of the first book in my Lost Ogle detective series, out next year. But surely this is something out of the ordinary, right? Target can only handle so much crazy, right?

Guess again, readers. KFOR brought you this story on March 7.

High heels are generally viewed as a women’s accessory but one man in Edmond thought differently and it landed him in jail.

Surveillance video caught a suspect on camera in the act of shoplifting from the Super Target at 2nd St. and Bryant in Edmond.

He came into the store barefoot, went to the women’s section and picked out a pair of women’s high-heeled shoes, $40 Prabal Gurung pumps to be exact.

He then walked around the store for a while in the shoes.

But as soon as he tried to leave, loss prevention officers jumped into action and 18-year-old Sylas Schmiedel was arrested.

When questioned, Schmiedel told officers he was stealing the shoes because he was going to use them for a drag show.

Okay, so I kind of sympathize with this kid. I, too, have wanted shoes so bad before that I thought about stealing them. Though, the shoes I was lusting after cost twice my paycheck and weren’t sold in Target stores.

But all this brings us to a bigger question. What the hell is going on at the Target in Edmond? I would totally expect this from the Target on Penn and Memorial. That area is strange and terrifying, and it wouldn’t at all surprise me if a dude in pink panties approached me in that area. And I don’t want to give the impression that I think there is something wrong with men wearing women’s clothing. Because that’s not the issue at all, and I know far too many men who look better than me in women’s clothing to think there is something wrong with it. The problem is shoplifting or exposing yourself.

Are these cases somehow related? In Norman, one of the biggest urban legends is that President Boren has a closet full of women’s shoes. Whether or not this is true doesn’t matter and honestly, I don’t need truth to spread a rumor. Could this be the inspiration for these shenanigans? But that’s in Norman. And that Target doesn’t seem to have an influx of men stealing/peeping women’s garments.

They say things always happen in threes. So, we will be keeping our eyes open for the third young man to get caught in Target, possibly in the purse section. Though, swimsuit season is coming up and those displays are rather enticing.


  1. If he tried to run from the “loss prevention officers”, I guess you could say it turned into a drag race. He’d be smart to steal women’s sneakers next time.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t think Edmond doesn’t have its fair share of crackheads should visit the hood/trailer gathering at 2nd & Kelly

  3. It’s a sad day when a woman can’t go shopping at Target without getting an eyeful of gross pervert. A sad, sad day. I’ll bet if one of those women he exposed himself to had nailed him in the package so hard it ended up in his throat, he wouldn’t do it again. Since I shop at that Target, maybe I could be that woman someday – making it safe for women to shop at Target again. Next time I shopped there in the Women’s Clothing section, I could come prepared, with my softball bat in tow. Maybe all women could do the same. See a pants-droppin’ pervert, knock one outta the park!

  4. Honestly I’d rather be flashed at Target instead of getting stuck talking to someone that works there and went to high school with me 15 years ago.

  5. Jim Traber got arrested for indecent exposure…………. but he was released due to LACK OF EVIDENCE

    booyah………rim shot hahahahahhaa

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