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Joleen Chaney is joining Emily Sutton in the mornings…

joleen chaney and emily sutton

It looks like you’ll finally be able to start your day with a little cup of (sigh) JoJo. Sorry. Had to do it.

Yes, we’ve confirmed that local media vixen and tilt-a-whirl rider Joleen Chaney is moving to the land of fake laughs and bus stop forecasts. She’ll anchor the 4:00am news broadcast on Channel 4 and host Rise & Shine on Freedom 43.

Normally, I wouldn’t take news like this very well. Who watches local morning news other than weirdos and old people? If I’m awake 4:00am, I consider it a sign that I need to try to sober up and go to bed. If I’m up at 7:00am, my neighbors are probably getting a new roof. And the last thing I want to do in either of those situations is watch overly happy people tell me about the news.

All that being said, this is actually a good thing. It means Joleen Chaney and Emily Sutton are finally reunited! Who would have a problem with that? Sure, we’ll never get to watch them or anything, but least we’ll see the return of tweets like this:


That’s a cool pic and everything, but what’s going on with the color? It looks like Elmo gave them jaundice. Even Chris Martin thinks that’s a little too yellow.

Anyway, I guess we should go ahead and wish Joleen Chaney the best of luck as a morning host. I just hope she and Emily don’t get too comfortable. Remember, one of the first things I’m going to do when KFOR hires me as their news director is move Emily and JoJo to 10pm. I heard I’m a finalist for the job. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.


    • Not as long as it was your bone!
      And now I think about it, what about Emily/Jo gives your wife a panty puddle? hhmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………??

  1. I caught the last 30 minutes of the KFOR newscast before the cut over to 43. It seemed as if there was tension, It reminded me of the movie where the MILF walks in on the two teens…. nevermind.

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