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Gay men rejoice! Some gossip blogger is claiming Russell Westbrook is bisexual…

russell westbrook nina earl

The girl pictured with Russell Westbrook is his long time girlfriend Nina Earl. She’s a former basketball player at UCLA, (I think) a medical student, and from all accounts, a very nice girl.

I’m posting that photo because gossip blogger Jacky Jasper from the website “Diary of a Hollywood Street King” recently outed Russell Westbrook as bi-sexual. The source of Jacky’s information was the always reliable “anonymous” source:

It’s official! We can all now take Russell Westbrook’s choice in flamboyant fashion at face value. That’s because the Oklahoma City Thunder point guards’ self-noted ex-beard has revealed the NBA baller is a bisexual man.

The woman – who chooses to remain unnamed – exclusively tells HSK Westbrook’s secret boyfriend lives in Oklahoma City, and travels with the OKC entourage when the team plays away from home.

According to our source, Westbrook and his boyfriend recently upped their boy-bond to the next level after spending extensive time together at this year’s Houston All Star event. That’s the situation we’re told led Westbrook’s ex-beard to become jealous, sparking her to dump the pro-basketball player.

Here’s what Russell Westbrook’s ex-beard had to say:

“I don’t know Russell’s boyfriend’s name, but they’re always together. When we all stayed at the Four Seasons, his boyfriend’s room was on the same floor as his. My room was on a separate floor. Russell used me as a beard, and part of my job was to get him and his boy Molly pills.”

You know what they say. If you hear it from Jacky Jasper it has to be true. And if you believe that, I have some nice real estate in Valley Brook that I’d like to sell to you. It’s a great deal and located only minutes from luxurious Crossroads Mall. Email me if you’re interested. Serious inquiries only, please.

Actually, I don’t want to dismiss this story because it was written by some shady gossip blogger with a silly name. People unfairly did that to us when we reported Wayne and Michelle’s break up. I’m dismissing it because it seems like total B.S. The story and circumstances do not make sense.

First of all, remember the photo above? It was snapped at Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday Party. The party was held on the Friday night of NBA All-Star weekend. If Jacky’s story is true – and I don’t think it is – that would lead us to believe that Nina is the anonymous source. Considering she tweeted this a few days after the bi-sexual rumor was posted, that doesn’t seem very likely.

What does seem likely is that some Betsy made up this story out of jealousy. From what I’ve gathered, Russ enjoys some of the perks that comes with being a rich, famous successful athlete. One famous tale I’ve heard is that he was at a bar in OKC with some friends and asked a bartender to gather up some “talent” (a.k.a. “women”). 15 minutes later, Russ and his entourage were loading several hot girls into a limo for an extended night out on the town. Who knows, maybe some jaded groupie thought she was going to get to ride with Russ in a limo in Houston, only to be rejected for his true friends, family, real girlfriend, and All-Star game. Perhaps she started this rumor as some form of sophomoric retaliation. Seems reasonable doesn’t it? I guess so, but in all honesty, who really cares.

p.s. – If that seems like an abrupt ending to the post, well, it is. I could go on, but I’m currently at a sports bar watching the NCAA tournament. Defending the sexual orientation of Oklahoma City athletes isn’t my number on priority. I really need to Bucknell to beat Butler.

p.p.s – Isn’t outing celebrities such a 2009 thing to do? Even Perez Hilton has stopped doing it. Who cares if people like Brent Skarky, Curtis Fitzpatrick and/or Clark Matthews are bisexual or not? It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with it. Have sex with who you want and be happy about it.


  1. Im guessing that if a famous athlete was trying to hide the fact that he was gay (or bi), then he would try to dress normal.

  2. All the women I’ve been with have been Bi-Sexual…….I had to “buy them something for them to be sexual with me” LOL

  3. The only hole I care were Russell goes to is orange with a net around the bottom. He needs to put it in that one on a more consistent basis!

  4. Totally agree with your p.p.s…although the idea of picking up area hotties for extended partying and then returning to your real girlfriend is off-putting.

  5. Why would your title suggest gay men should rejoice? Does anyone think Westbrook is attractive?

  6. There’s a former OU great that has a pesky habit of hitting on dudes and asking them to come home with him when he gets a little liquid courage.

  7. i dont believe a guy can be bi-sexual. as a guy, the definition of gay is whether or not you suck cock. once you suck a cock, you cant go back. amiryte?

    • Totally dude. Oh, should I grab a 30 rack of stones before I head back to the frat house? Sucking cock is so gay. lol

  8. i dont care if he is gay or not but the twit pic his “girlfriend” tweeted doesnt help the not gay case…at all

  9. I understand that this is interesting to most people or else we wouldn’t all be reading, but really, when can we stop caring about who is gay/bi/lesbian and who isn’t?

  10. Athletes are no different than anywhere else in our society. I don’t care about their sexuality, I’m more concerned about how they play the game.

  11. I agree with you. Who cares as long as he’s happy. So why even write the story if you feel that way?

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