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Surprise, Garth Brooks is shameless…

garth brooks autograph hounds

A little over a year ago, I took some heat from when I stood up for INTEGRIS Health during their much publicized legal battle with Garth Brooks.

If you remember correctly, Garth Brooks donated $500,000 to a hospital in Yukon thinking they would name a hospital wing after his mother. INTEGRIS claimed naming rights weren’t part of the deal, and then Brooks asked for his donation back. INTEGRIS refused, Brooks took them to court, and a Claremore jury of country music fans, hillbillies and Garth Brooks autograph seekers (pictured above) ruled in his favor.

Here’s what I wrote at the time:

When did Garth Brooks become the mean banker from the Dirt Bike Kid? The guy’s worth $325-million and he’s suing a hospital for $500,000 because they didn’t name a hospital wing after his mom. That would be like me driving back to Taco Bell and asking for a refund because they didn’t leave the red sauce off my bean burrito.

Seriously, what a tool. I hope the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes him right on the head. Maybe INTEGRIS did lie and maybe they are a “not for profit” system that generates billions of dollars in revenue, but who cares. Live with it and move on! This is a hospital. You don’t donate something to them and then ask for it back. That’s such an Indi…uh…uhh…uhhh…taker backer (!!!) thing to do. Thanks Rugrats!..

Anyway, I hope Garth Brooks loses this case. Sure, INTEGRIS is loaded, but the money went to construct a hospital and/or pay ridiculous executive salaries and/or to write off bad debt owed by poor people without insurance. That’s money well spent if you ask me.

Anyway, I bring this up because I’m apparently not the only one who thinks Garth Brooks is a greedy, shady tool. Check out this lawsuit that a former business partner filed against him.

Via TMZ:

Garth Brooks has friends in low places because he’s one of the lowest human beings on the planet … according to a lawsuit filed by his former business partner.

Lisa Sanderson — who worked with Garth for 20 years — claims in her uber-colorful lawsuit that — although Brooks passes himself off as “a humble and highly principled ‘everyman'” — he’s actually a “paranoid, angry, deceitful and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime.”

Sanderson alleges she was a successful TV producer whom Brooks lured to jump start his TV and movie career. But she claims Brooks was his own worst enemy, killing deals with Disney, Fox and others by making ridiculous demands.

Sanderson says Brooks torpedoed a bunch of great opportunities because of his unbridled megalomania. For example, she says Brooks was offered an acting gig to appear as a sniper in “Saving Private Ryan,” but he refused because “he wanted to be the star and was unwilling to share the limelight with … Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and Edward Burns.”

And then there was the movie “Twister.” Sanderson says Brooks nixed a chance to play a bad guy because he didn’t want to play second fiddle to a tornado.

As for Sanderson, she says Brooks screwed her in the salary, bonus and profits department, allegedly lying to her about the pot of gold she’d get if she stuck around

In the lawsuit, filed by Marty Singer and Allison Hart, Sanderson wants $425,000 in unpaid bonus and salary, as well as punitive damages.

Oh yeah … she also says Garth is a tax fraud.

Wait a second, this woman is claiming that a man who sued a hospital, created this and didn’t perform at the Oklahoma Centennial Celebration because he had to share the stage with other performers is “a paranoid, angry, deceitful and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime?” Makes sense to me!

Anyway, thank goodness Garth Brooks is such a prick. He would have ruined Saving Private Ryan. Can you imagine how terrible the movie would have been with Garth as a primary character? I could live with him being the German who like Mickey Mouse, but that’s it.

Also, I stand by my original thoughts regarding Brooks and INTEGRIS. It was incredibly tasteless that he turned into Scrooge McDuck and tried to get his donation back from a hospital. He should have chalked it up as a loss and moved on, or better yet, donated $10-million to Deaconess in exchange for them renaming a strip of Portaland Ave. to INTEGRIS Sucks Boulevard. That would have been passive aggressive and generous. That’s a rare feat to pull off.


  1. What got on my last nerve with the whole situation was the boo hooing he did over missing his Momma. It seemed pretty pathetic and forced for the media’s sympathy.

  2. Hillbilly? Really? Hmmm, I have most of my teeth and have never tried moonshine. Aren’t those requirements?

  3. I knew the truth would come out eventually. Ask the guy who first played his records in Oklahoma City. Joe McIntosh knows what happens when you cross Garth Brooks, and he tells a great story about what happened back in 1989.

  4. He’s got a street named after him in Yukon. That should be the ultimate achievement in anyone’s life.

  5. uhhhh, I don’t think he’s worth 325 million, and even if he ever once was, he got a divorce, soooooooo divide that by two. And if he really thinks the hospital screwed him over on a deal, (a jury agreed), then it isn’t really about money at that point. Hospitals NEVER screw anyone out of money LMBO. The biggest victim here appears to be the collective jury, who probably ruled on the merits of the case, and were rewarded by being mischaracterized as hillbillies, (a group that it is socially acceptable to say ANYTHING about, no matter how hateful)……I’m just kidding, Garth sucks, Mustang rules, Kendall Cross forever, puke on Yukon.

  6. I don’t have time to worry about Garth Brooks, I’m still waiting to hear about Sandy Patti’s big secret lie on channel 9’s interview.

  7. I remember hearing a story that he gave money to OSU a long time ago for a weight room (he was on the track team while in college-threw the javelin) and then asked for the money back because he wasn’t happy with how they spent it….

  8. I can’t believe so many people are surprised that Garth is a prick. He was pretty much a no-show after the OKC Bombing, if you recall. Reba, Vince, all of them, stood up; not GB.

  9. The thing I don’t understand about Patrick’s post of a few years back is…. why would you not want red sauce on your Taco Bell buritto? That just makes no sense.

  10. I don’t have a dog in this fight. But my deal is if Garth is such a prick ( and Toby Keith, Wayne Coyne, whomever) and you have a true story, tell it. If not you’re kind of being like Mary Fallin and saying “trust me” but don’t ask for proof.
    It’s really not fair to say “man Garth’s a prick and if you don’t believe me ask Joe Macnintosh”…….either you’ve got some information or you don’t.

    • I’m actually really good friends with Joe’s son, and I’ve known Joe for ages. I sent him a private message pointing him to this article, and I also asked for the details as this is a story I’d want to hear. One way or another, the truth shall soon come to light…hopefully.

  11. My cousin and her husband are friends with him. They all graduated together at Yukon. I’ve never heard her say anything bad about the guy but he definitely DOES use the media to his advantage. He said he would do a free concert for the city of Yukon when they named the street after him, but alas, he cancelled, and didn’t even show up for the dedication. That tells me he’s a pompous ass in real life.
    Maybe in all of his grief he’ll succumb to Whitney Houston’s demise.

  12. Ask any media member who’s ever had to deal with that prick what Garth Brooks is really like…

  13. I know nothing of the business dealings of Garth. I can say this. I was the WKY program director in 1989 and Joe McIntosh was my music director. We decided collectively to “add” Garth’s first single on Capitol Records. Joe called our Capitol guy to tell him. That was the first time we even knew Garth was from Oklahoma. He was ‘new’ to our playlist. Garth called to say thanks. Garth would come to the radio station and on several occasions brought me a twelve pack of beer. Another time brought a cake. Just to say thanks. I hung out with him on a trip to Nashville.
    He was always a hell of a guy.
    After twelve years at WKY the station changed formats and fired me. That week, Garth’s mother (Coleen) called to say Garth was sorry to hear the news and was offering me a job in his organization in promotions. I declined saying I felt I should continue with my radio career. So my only dealings with Garth were always great. I do not remember a Joe vs Garth incident.

    • So Someone is a freaking Saint,if They buy You a twelve pack of beer and a piece of cake? Better watch out,He just might send You a photo copy of the receipt and bill for said beer and cake and expect full repayment! Watch Out!!! LOL! :) (:

  14. It is a real shame that quite a few years ago,the radio news people were talking about Garth Brooks whinning about stores reselling used CD’$,of His,and that He ( Garth Brooks ) was losing potential royalties. Or, should I say “losing potential ‘re-royalties”. Talk about being a cheap skate! He has His skating blades to penny pinching pond,very sharpened,should I say? (: :) LOL!

  15. Please Don’t make fun of the Barf Brooks and His inability to appear on a show a few years ago,and refused to sing without getting paid!Don’t make fun of the love that a Man holds for His Dearly Departed Mother! He has something in common with the King of Rock N’ Roll,They Both had The love for a Dearly Departed,Mother!Nothing wrong with that!

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