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Oklahoma has officially jumped on the e-cig vaping craze…

Oklahoma is one of the most unhealthy states in our gravy gobbling nation.We’re always listed towards the end of “healthiest states” lists. We are fat, not very active, and smoke tons of cigarettes (and other things). Now, thanks to liberal scientists with agendas, we might finally be able to cut into the smoking section of our unhealthy lifestyle.

Yes, it looks like the e-cigarette craze has finally reached Oklahoma. We know this because NewsOK said so…

An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a device some Oklahomans are using to try to quit smoking. And some e-cigarette researchers say within 10 years, e-cigarette users will surpass the number of smokers in the U.S.

E-cigarettes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Essentially, they’re a smokeless way to ingest nicotine, although some e-cigarette users choose products that don’t have any nicotine.

The term “vaping” comes from the vapor that comes out when e-cigarette users use the device.

Nationwide, about 21 percent of adults who smoke traditional cigarettes had used electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s up from about 10 percent in 2010.

They’re becoming an increasingly more common choice for smokers trying to quit, but public health officials have not added e-cigarettes to their list of viable ways to kick the habit.

Rather, Jennifer Lepard, of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, said the research that’s been performed on e-cigarettes isn’t solid enough at this point to warrant an endorsement.

“We don’t want to discourage anybody who is looking to quit smoking cigarettes,” Lepard said. “We do, however, believe that there are more scientifically proven ways to quit.”…

Before I make fun of e-cigs, e-cig users and Abigail Ogle, I should tell you that I use tobacco products. I have been dipping since college. It’s a disgusting habit, but at least I don’t look as stupid as the dude sucking on an L.E.D attached to a vaporizer at a library. Plus, I always have a spit-cup near… ladies.

People who “vape” think they are sooo cool when they suck on their e-cig in a non-smoking establishment. I think these people are more addicted to the feelings of smugness than they are the nicotine. It’s almost like they are wanting a manager to approach, and remind them that they are in a non-smoking restaurant, then they could rebuke the authority figure by explaining they are exhaling “WATER VAPORS!” Damnit, they may as well be vegans with their baseless feelings of superiority.

Speaking of water vapors, I would rather inhale second-hand smoke than some flavored gas that has been inside your body. One of the “benefits” of e-cigs is that you won’t have to repaint the walls in your house from all the smoke. Really? Have you ever looked at the ceiling of a poorly ventilated bathroom? Years of steam will have the paint looking flakier than Abigail Ogle’s Twitter followers.

Also, another “benefit” they espouse is NO ASHES! Umm… to me, that’s not really a strong selling point. Maybe go with the fact that discarded cigarette butts won’t cause wildfires, or make places look shitty because people are too lazy to dispose of butts properly.

And what’s with all the new “vape” stores opening up. What I mean by that is, I wonder what businesses will be in those locations in 6 months? Pretty soon abandoned vape stores will be housing new, cool alternative churches that play boring rock music. Which reminds me, when I’m the Governor of Oklahoma I will turn all empty churches into Wal-Marts, not the other way around. But I digress.

You don’t need a brick and mortar store to sell something that would be much easier to sell online or in gas stations…. you know, like the tobacco products that don’t make you look like a disco biscuit. You wanna know what would be a less douchey way of getting a nicotine fix than an e-cig? Nicotine suppositories. That’s right, shoving a nicotine pill up your ass would be less pretentious than using a “cigarette” that requires a USB to charge.

If you are one of the e-holes that loves these products, please direct your questions and concerns to @SpencerLenox on Twitter. And remember, smoking is cool.


  1. This story has a long way to go before it’s as good as good as the giraffe story.

  2. I chose to use the Vapor cigg to cut down on costs, smoking cigarettes I would spend $150 to $200 per month, using a Vape I spend less than $30 for an entire month, not to mention I’m not outside in the elements, my clothes, house and car no longer stink. I didn’t switch to “quit”…I switched because it’s more convenient, affordable and less harmful. Vape juices contain 4 ingredients that “may” be harmful however real cigarettes contain upwards of 4,000 harmful chemicals. Cigarettes raise blood pressure and heart rate, and clog your lungs, Vape’s do not.

  3. What?! What is this?! Some new fad that a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon for that I have no interest in!

    Mock them! Mock them I say!

    Yeah, I “vape”. Why? Because I tried every other way to quit smoking without success.

    Do I care about feeling smug smoking in libraries, or about no ashes, or the paint in my apartment? No.

    I care about fucking breathing.

  4. Ooh! Someone hit a nerve!! Waaaaah! Someone thinks I’m lame and my trendy gadget is goofy! Waaah! I’m going to go puff on this kazoo I wear around my neck on a lanyard and enjoy both the fruity flavors and the superiority buzz I get off it!

  5. Secondhand smoke makes me have asthma attacks, so please, vape all you like. I’ll take smug e-cig users over jerks with shit-eating grins puffing away while I struggle to hold my breath as I walk by or keel over wheezing.

  6. Please do excuse me if I don’t pay much mind to the opinions about my nicotine delivery system when they’re given by someone with just a pinch between their cheek and gum. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here looking silly with my LED while you work on going full Ebert.

  7. I personally refer to my e-cig as an “robot tampon” and a “sonic screwdriver”. Honestly I feel 100x better after switching to it.

    • I call mine my “other BOB” or my “rescue inhaler”. I haven’t had a real cigarette in over 2 months. I’ll take that over the alternative :)

  8. I think we should be happy that these people that are vaping have chosen a better lifestyle for themselves and the people around them that used to have to breathe in their secondhand smoke. Quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do, I applaud all of those who are using vapor cigs as a way to kick this nasty habit to the curb. Way to go!

  9. Many years ago smoking was a cool thing..even while pregnant. I was born addicted to nicotine and was raised with two parents that didn’t quit until it killed them. Repeatedly, time after time, I have tried the new ways to quit smoking and they all work for a few months, chantix, welbutrin, patches and even cold turkey. Vaping has become the next new thing I have tried. I have been smoke free for 5 months!! This isn’t a lot cheaper than cigarettes but my clothes don’t stink, smokers cough has gone away, not tied to a cigarette pack and I have some renewed hope that I won’t die like my parents did. So for me and everyone who struggles so hard with nicotine addiction it is a new hope. Just counting the number of vape shops should highlight the fact that so many people are really trying to quit. And, I do not vape in restraunts or places I couldn’t smoke before.

  10. Wow, this article is steeped in jealousy. Personally, I don’t put off dragon clouds in a restaurant, but legally I can. I stealth vape (take a little puff, don’t breathe out right away, virtually no visible vapor). And I can still do that inside. It’s not my fault no one wants to watch you drool brown goo into a cup even if it doesn’t smell up the whole place. I only see one superiority complex, and it’s all you.

  11. Look, I know it’s fun to make fun of fads and fat people and all of that junk, but there is a reason smoking is banned in just about every public building and most private ones. Second hand smoke is disgusting and it is also deadly. All I have to do is walk past someone smoking a cigarette and I want to stay under a hot shower for an hour. Besides, its just a matter of time before the hipsters and Christina Fallin start using them and we can legitimately hate it along with hombre hair and Goodwill sunglasses.

  12. Hey why don’t you come and see what were all about before you run your mouth and you can bring your spit cup too. We’ll be at the Biltmore hotel 29th 7pm having fun and celebrating our freedom from smoking.

  13. If you can’t take criticism, you are in the wrong business.

    I love that my coworkers don’t have to run outside 10 times a day only to come back smelling like an ashtray that has been sitting in a hot car for a year. They say they feel better and the e-cigs are much cheaper.

    They certainly don’t look any dumber than they did with a lit cigarette.

    I hope history proves that are a safer alternative for the smokers and those around them.

  14. Just as the ladies at my gubmint job complained when I walked in at lunch with fresh french fries: I was creating an unhealthy workplace by bringing in a scent into a scent-neutral environment. That scent not only promoted a poor, unbalanced diet but disrupted the normal goings within the office. Two workers complained of a lack of concentration. Once said it contributed to the chocolate cake that afternoon.
    It’s true. I was wrong. But sometimes, it’s fun to be smug about something.

  15. Haha. I’m baffled that e-cigg users come off as ‘pretentious’ and ‘douchey’ to you. That makes me chuckle. Apparently I missed the memo on what’s hip or something because I certainly have never viewed that as something to be pompous about. Proud? Absolutely! Dropping toxic carcinogenic cigarettes from your daily life is an incredible achievement. It’s a matter of health not style, but I guess you are too superficial and shallow to see beyond that. “Vape” up brothers and sisters… outlive the ignorant.

    • Putting a man on the moon is an incredible achievement. Switching from one form of nicotine to another is not incredible… and it’s barely an achievement. Also, nobody outlives the ignorant because they are breeding faster than the intellectuals like yourself.

  16. Spencer…to avoid this kind of backlash in the future, please mock a republican, white people, Edmond, or a Jesus nut. The sheep will forget what originally angered them. Outstanding job. I haven’t seen this many angry comments in a long time. You’d have thought the story was on a president who is in over his head or something…

  17. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, bashing people because they are doing something that affects your life in absolutely no way whatsoever is pretty “douchey” as well. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in three months. My breathing has improved, I don’t wheeze anymore, and I feel better overall. I don’t care how stupid I may look to someone else. While some vapers are smug little shit-stains, you may be confusing smugness for the lack of self-hatred and guilt that society has been pushing towards smoking.

  18. I’m amazed at how seriously everyone took this post. I guess it proves that people, in general, enjoy laughing at others, but not at themselves. Perhaps the nicotine in vapes isn’t as strong as it is in real cigarettes, or maybe people just need to lighten up.

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