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Jonathan Conder is apparently returning to OKC…

jonthan conder

Warm up the cocoa. Check your tire tread. Hide your gardening clogs.

We’ve received several emails from Ogle Moles claiming that former KFOR meteorologist and hero Jonathan “Iceman” Condor is coming back to Oklahoma City. He will apparently be replacing Rusty McRanie as the new morning meteorologist for KOCO Channel 5.

We reached out to Jonathan to see what he had to say his return. He sent us this video:

Hehe! He said bitch.

You may remember Jonathan is the meteorologist who had the glorious on-air meltdown during the 2009 Christmas Blizzard, or as we now call it, the Christmas Blizzard that actually happened. During the event, he turned into a St. Bernard and patrolled N. Western saving, rescuing and lecturing stranded motorists about proper winter weather driving techniques and footwear. “J.C.” suffered from PTSD following the ordeal and let Lance West know about it.

Here’s the clip.

Yeah, it’s going to be great to have Jonathan back. It’s just a shame he’s going to be stuck in the purgatory that is the Channel 5 morning show. It would be much more fun if he were on Channel 4. J.C. and Dr. Reed Timmer the Scientist could round-up the Dominators and rescue ashamed motorists from all over the city during the next winter weather death watch. That would be great TV.


  1. This is GREAT news. I like him and he is right on his tirade. Drivers on snow in OK are NUTS. No idea. (4 wheel drive means NOTHING on ice) Stupidity runs amok. Drive on ice? NO. Drive into flooded roadways. NO. Get into your car and clog the roads during a tornado!! NO!!! Tell ’em JC. But, Channel 5? Wow. NOBODY will know he is back. C’mon 9, how about a weather guy with a personality in the morning….

    • Right, because weathermen are well qualified to judge the rest of society. We need more people in OKC who can shame the rest of us and tell us how to live – Sally Kern and David Dank aren’t enough.

  2. I love the way these METS leave OKC then bash OKC weather for being to dramatic, then come back. I’m sure Aaron Tuttle will do the same thing eventually.

  3. This is the worst news ever. He hated it in OKC and complained constantly about everyone. I am sad for Channel 5, this is not going to be good for their ratings. I will no longer be watching.

    • KJK-by you leaving their viewing pool you officially cut their ratings by at least 25%……… way to go, hope you can live with your actions!

  4. Patrick,
    Rusty McRanie was the weekend night meteorologist for KOCO Channel 5, not morning meteorologist.

  5. I hope you mention more about him. I am about finished writing a book about a family who helps a child overcome the fear of the weather. The fear of tornadoes and hurricanes is lilapsophobia. Antlophobia is the fear of floods.

  6. Meteorology is the scientific interdisciplinary study of the atmosphere.
    Meteorism is, on the other hand, more closely associated with what we associate with television meteorologists:
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