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Farewell, Michelle Apon, Michael Armstrong, and Mark Taylor…

There’s been some moving in shaking in the local media over the past couple of weeks. I figured today would be a good time to update everyone on some of it.

First, to the farewells:

apon kisha pool pic

• KOKH Channel 25 Meteorologist Michelle Apon is leaving for Kansas City

Getting your weather from Channel 25 is kind of like buying electronics from Wal-Mart. Sure, it’s cheaper and probably just as reliable as other places, but deep down you don’t really trust it. Because of that, I’ve never watched Michelle give a weather report while sober.That’s a shame, because I heard on Friday nights she would perform a double axle, triple toe loop before giving the seven-day.

news 9 weather coverage

• KWTV Michael Armstrong has left Channel 9 to join the ministry.

Michael Armstrong must really like working for a God. They day after Lord Gary became one with the atmosphere, Armstrong announced that he is leaving Channel 9 to work for Henderson Hills Church. We’re not sure what he’s going to do for the church, but it will probably involve praying for rain and/or complaining that he was passed over in favor of Scream Chamber Payne.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 1.39.45 PM

Mark Taylor is leaving Channel 25 and moving to Denver

That sound you just heard was Marisa and Tony screaming  “Nooooooo.” For some reason, they always seemed to feature his tweets in the MMT. At least I think they did. I kind of skipped over those.

maggie stokes 8

KOCO’s Maggie Stokes is engaged…

I guess her fiance is a former co-worker named Brandon Beyer. He works in Miami. Swell.

wendysuarez1  wendy suarez 2 wendy suarez 5

• Wendy Suarez is Jaime Cerreta’s replacement at Channel 25

I like this move, and not just because I have an affinity for attractive blonde news anchors with Spanish last names. Okay, that’s the primary reason why I like it, but can you blame me? I actually think Wendy is a good replacement for Ceretta. You don’t lose any quality and she’s a change of pace. Wendy’s hot in a “Girl Next Door” type of way, whereas Jaime Cerreta was the type of hot chick you’d see drunk at Cafe Nova texting Mike Stoops.

lacie lowry

• Lacie Lowry will be the new co-host on KWTV News 9 at 4:00

Lacie come to OKC from Tulsa, and I’m sure she’ll do a good job talking about recipes, coupons and whatever else it is that housewives and really old people like to see on the 4:00pm news.

Anyway, that’s what we have for now. If you have any updates or we missed anything, send us an email.


  1. I agree on Mike. Been there long enough he deserved that spot. But following a legend is hard to do and generally becomes a failure so maybe news9 did him a favor by giving it to Major Payne…

  2. From what I hear from my News 9 friends is that Mike just didn’t have the “air presence” that management preferred.

    • Michael Armstrong was smart, but didn’t stand out. He wouldn’t have stood a chance against hunky Damon Lane, and I’ll sell you a used car Morgan. I feel sorry for Michael, but I’m lovin’ David!

  3. I really like Armstrong and hate to see him leave. I just hope we still have someone capable and calm next spring when we need them. Please don’t ditch us Jed Castles!

  4. Who had the final decision at Channel 9 to hire David Payne? Was it Gary’s final decision? Did someone think that the rest of Gary’s staff was too weak by themselves? Don’t get me wrong.. I think David is good, but I believe that Mike and Jed are great also. I think Jed and Mike both deserved a shot at replacing Gary.

  5. Not confirmed but rumor is Wendy Suarez is the daughter of former News 9 anchor, Patty Suarez who made her own news years ago at the Air Show wearing a sweaty white t-shirt, which showed off her party caps during a live report….

    • I misspoke, just saw a FB thread were a viewer asked if they were related, she, Wendy Suares (sp?) said “no relation”….oh well I suck at the interweb rumors

      • I think Wendy’s husband has OKC ties……Wendy has said in the past that the twins are at her mother-in-laws, plus her twins were born in OKC.

  6. For the love of all that’s holy, don’t take Lacie Lowry!! That only leaves us with Lori Fulbright for knockout news babes in Tulsa.

  7. people need to stop complaining about David Payne,I was sad 2 seem him leave KFOR and FYI it was Garys final decision to give it to David…and David has been in the industry 2x as long as Michael and earned that position so all the negativity needs 2 stop…I’ve met David in person..the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

  8. I know that Michael Armstrong is a wonderful person but David Payne didn’t make the decision to hire himself. The choice was between Gary England and the managers. In David they saw a young Gary England which is what Channel nine needs again. Michael would never be as great as Gary. The ones of you saying nasty things about Gary and David are most likely relivatives. Being such a strong Christian doesn’t mean you are the best for the job. Longevity means nothing in this world in any job. David will not fire anybody unless his piers deem so. You don’t know David and are the last person in line to be the judge. In other words, Judge Not. No, I’m not a relative of David or Gary.

  9. Did anyone ever say that David hired himself? I’m not a relative of any of them. Never said David wasn’t any good. I’m sure he is a wonderful person. Michael would never be as great as Gary? You may be right on that one. I don’t think any of them will ever be as great as Gary. We will never know about Armstrong because he wasn’t given a chance and is now moved on to a better job.

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