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Oklahoma County Clerk Carolyn Caudill was boned out of jail…

When it reins it poors.

Perhaps inspired by the grammar excellence recently displayed by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, News 9 let everyone know on last night’s 10:00pm news that Oklahoma County Clerk Carolyn Caudill was boned out of jail:

boned out of jail

I’ve never heard of anyone being boned out of jail before, but if it’s going to happen somewhere, it might as well be at the same place where an inmate hid a gun in his anus.

Anyway, if you want to see something kind of funny, take a look at this pic of Carolyn Caudill that I found on the Oklahoma County Clerk website. Compare it to the mugshot above:

carolynn caudill

I don’t really know what a county clerk is or does, but who knew being a master of disguise was part of the job. Is that even the same person? Mughsot Carolyn Caudill looks like someone who would fall asleep in the bathroom of a bar in Midwest City. Sears Portrait Center Carolyn Caudill looks like she should be selling life, auto or home insurance. Based on this DUI arrest, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carolyn doing either one in the near future.


  1. I’m thinking being boned “out” of jail is a much better experience than being boned “in” jail. Just sayin……..

  2. Looks like she has taken the Facebook fat chick plan on the website photo—use one from your skinniest time ever, even if it was from 1989.

    Secondly, there is no way a regular citizen would be able to bond out after four hours after a DUI arrest coupled with a leaving the scene of an accident charge. I guess Wetsel’s boys take care of other elected county officials. I doubt she spent a second in orange or a real cell and may not have even been in a holding area with others. I’d like to hear more on this story but I guess we’ll have to wait and read up on it on oscn.net IF charges are even filed!

    • Actually, all subjects arrested for DUI or Public Intoxication are required to remain at the jail for a minimum of 4 hours to sober up before they are allowed to be “boned” out. Whetsel wasn’t extending any favors. It’s policy for everyone.

      After 4 hours, if you are able to post a bond, then you are released on bond. So, yes, a regular citizen would be able to bond out after 4 hours.

      • That’s strange because I know people that have had to stay for hours after their bond was posted, until they get around to processing them out.

  3. I know that the county clerk issues jury summons and receives the money from traffic tickets. So she will have to pay her fine to herself or summon a jury of her peers to her trial.

    • I think your confusing the county clerk with the court clerk. The county clerk handles property records and performs various administrative tasks.

          • Actually, she has done a pretty good job as county clerk. She was instrumental in getting all the OK county property records online accessible to one and all. But, this is a career ending incident. And, she’s not the first. Several years ago, we had a district judge charged with DUI and he had a gun in the car too. He stayed on the bench for several years afterward.

  4. This woman is obviously a long term full blown alcoholic who is putting all of our lives at risk.
    Her behavior is the rational they will use to pass the .05 DUI law in a couple of months which will not stop offenders like her.
    The one or two beer drinker or the innocent driver she kills will pay for her excess not her.

  5. Funny how you misspelled the woman’s name in the same headline/story where you are publicly mocking others for human error. Rule No. 1 is to get the name right. You lose.

  6. I would hope the Governor will bring an investigation to have her removed from office (Title 51 Chapter3 – official misconduct -public intoxication). Otherwise it will take a petition from 1% of those who voted in the election where she ran unopposed for the $105K government job that she currently holds. One would think someone with a six figure income could have called a cab and not damaged all those parked cars in Nicholls Hills, plus all the damage to her own Mercedes.
    From the arrest record it sounds like she was a bit irate that the officer brought her to jail rather than just taking her home. Guess he didn’t realize exactly who she was, and the normal procedure. Guess if Mary does nothing on this we can assume they were indeed just supposed to take her home, and it is business as usual.

  7. UCO should be proud of this one.
    Christel Helem · University of Central Oklahoma
    We don’t know if she said all that….and how far was Goss’ car parked away from the curb in order to be moved into the street, and who is to say Goss didn’t vandelize the mercedes first then park her car in harm’s way. This is scandelous and the cop who reported that is also scandelous. CC….shake those haters off gf, they just want your spot!!!!

  8. If you drink and drive long enough, the odds of having this happen to you (or something more serious) will catch up with you. This isn’t the first time she’s driven home drunk, and the dings and dents on cars she’s owned proved that in the past. Good luck Carolynn, in the next election. You need to get help. You’ve finally reached the gutter. Don’t make it worse for yourself!

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