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The Oklahoma History Center is opening a Saddam Hussein exhibit…

OK, so it won’t actually be the dead former President of Iraq, but his stuff will be on display at the Oklahoma History Center! That’s right, you can look at the belongings of an anti-gay, multiple marriage having, power-hungry tyrant. And after you are done touring the Governor’s Mansion, you can go across the street and visit Saddam’s memorabilia! BOOM, take that Fallin!

Seriously though, Saddam’s stuff will be on exhibit in OKC, and I think it’s weird that someone would parade the belongings of Hussein around America. Is there a place I can go to see Hitler’s underwear? Or what about Bin Laden’s toiletries? Well, probably, but not anywhere in Oklahoma.

From KOCO.com:

The Oklahoma History Center is slated to unveil a special Saddam Hussein exhibit to mark the 10th anniversary of the former Iraqi dictator’s capture.

Among the highlights of the display in Oklahoma City is a European-tailored service uniform worn by Hussein.

The exhibit- which also includes firearms and other items- will go on full display at the center later this month. It’s open to the public.

Retired Army Lt. Col. and former Oklahoma lawmaker Steve Russell, who helped lead the hunt for Hussein, is loaning the collection to the center for the exhibit.

Hussein was captured Dec. 13, 2003 and executed in 2006.

Sounds pretty boring if you ask me. If I wanted to look at dead people’s clothes I would go to Goodwill. Also, is it strange that Steve Russell has some of Saddam’s clothing and firearms? How did Saddam’s clothing and possessions get divvied up after his capture, and why was Steve Russell allowed to keep it? Do they just let our soldiers keep the possessions they find, or did he bid for the mementos on eBay?

I have some better ideas for exhibits at the Oklahoma History Center, and you can check them out after the jump!

“The Single Mom Who Takes 11-years to Complete College” Exhibit

This would be a boring tour of boring moments in a boring person’s life that you don’t care about… because they are boring. It would take all afternoon and your kids would hate you for dragging them to it.

Faith Evans, a single mom, took the 11-year plan to graduate from college. We know about this thanks to the Oklahoman. Now she finally has that Bachelor’s degree that is SO useful in today’s job market. Hey Faith, you’re not that special. Congrats on the degree, but my mom finished school after my older sister had been born. My dad got his second master’s degree after I was born. Patrick’s mom went back to school and got Bachelors while raising two kids and being pregnant with a third. You made the choice to have kids. You made the choice to finish school. Big deal. Perhaps the “Higher Ed.” section of the paper should be saved for stories about the ever increasing tuition, or how these schools are spending our money, not about one of the thousands of people who graduate college despite hardships.


“The Dissected Remains of Oklahoma Inmates” Display

Have you ever seen the touring exhibit called, “Bodies,” and asked yourself, “where do they get these bodies?”

Well, here is the answer they will tell you: The full body specimens are persons who lived in China and died from natural causes. After the bodies were unclaimed at death, pursuant to Chinese law, they were ultimately delivered to a medical school for education and research. Where known, information about the identities, medical histories and causes of death is kept strictly confidential.

Though, the dirty rumor is that these are the remains of former Chinese prisoners. So instead of importing our corpses from China, why don’t we just use the “unclaimed” bodies of Oklahoma inmates? It’s morbid, but would save the taxpayers from having to pay for a funeral!


fallin lankford kern

Derplahoman Wax Museum

This exhibit would go up around Halloween and scare small children.


“The Amazing Choking Pokes!” Interactive Display

This display would be an Xbox360 or PS4 where you play the video game NCAA14 in the bedlam game, but no matter how stacked your team is after maxing out all the OSU players attributes, you still lose. Like that un-winnable Tic-Tac-Toe game at the Omniplex Science Museum OKC.

I might be the only OSU fan currently writing for TLO since my ginger friend Clark Matthews left. And to all the OU fans out there, congrats, it was a hell of a game. OSU was outplayed and out-coached… actually, “out-coached” isn’t a strong enough word. Gundy was coaching like the guy from QWOP runs.  To all the shitty OSU fans who were throwing snowballs and tripping players, stop it. You’re making the rest of us look bad.


maddox min pin

Maddox “The Missing Pincher” Memorial and Adoption Drive

Remember this dog? He’s been missing for over a year now. Yesterday, the Oklahoman published a follow up article… for a lap dog that was eaten by a coyote 8 months ago. Actually, Maddox could still be alive. Maybe he was rescued by a new family who is oblivious to signs, TV media, the internet and the newspaper.

At the Maddox “The Missing Pincher” Memorial and Adoption Drive you will see posters, videos and listen to Sara McLaughlin sing about the 1,000s of miniature pinchers that go missing each year. When you exit the event, you’ll be greeted by volunteers from Pets N People, Free To Live and the Bella Foundation and asked to adopt a new pet. Beats a gift shop.


If you would like more recommendations of fun exhibits to see in OKC, follow me on Twitter: @SpencerLenox.



    • Not hating on a single mom, he’s just saying it’s not news, in fact I think what he is saying is not only is it not news it is someone that is rather commonplace. I get that his criticism is directed more at the story than her. I’m sure we all know or have had life difficulties while trying to better ourselves, getting a degree in 11 years and being a single mom does not equate to newsworthy. Just my opinion.

      Spence, How about the Bobbie Burbarage Lane memorial……oh wait she continues to refuse to go into the light! my bad

    • Are you still upset about my tweet Gamecock? I’ve apologized to the party involved, and it’s all good. You can stop being the white knight.

    • I’m a single mom. I’m graduating on Saturday from OU – 21 years after I graduated from high school and 19 years after I flunked out of OCU the first time. I worked full time during my entire time at OU and maintained a 3.9 average. What she did is not news. It’s life.

  1. Oh whatever Gamecock. Is that a real pic of this single mom? She is hot. All of the “non-traditional” students at my college definitely didn’t look like that. Probably why they don’t get articles wrote about them.

  2. Some young thing sang that Sarah McLachlan song on The Voice last night. I gave my dog a pensive look and immediately slapped her in the head.

    Switched back to the Dallas-Chicago game and we were best buds again.

  3. This relates to the first story on Saddam. Actually you can see Hitler’s stuff and the 45th Infantry Museum.

  4. “Yesterday, the Oklahoman published a follow up article… for a lap dog that was eaten by a coyote 8 months ago. ”


  5. When I saw “Faith Evans”, I immediately thought of the caramellicious sister who was married to Biggie Smalls. R.I.P. B.I.G.

  6. Am I supposed to feel sorry for a divorced single mother with small kids at home? Women, make sure that both you and your man are mature enough to have kids and to be married. Don’t be another statistic!

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