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Kevin Durant’s phone was hacked…

Last night while you were either sleeping or drunk at a bar, Kevin Durant’s phone was apparently hacked. We know this because he sent out, and then promptly deleted, a selfie of him blowing out a big puff of some white smokey substance.

Here’s what KD had to say about the image:

So it was obviously hookah, huh? Well, let’s take a look at the quickly deleted photo and find out:

kevin durant phone hacked

kevin durant twitter hack

Did we mention the Thunder played in Denver last night??? Or better yet, played like a bunch of stoned teenagers in a basketball game in Denver last night?

Actually, I kind of believe Kevin on this one. Not only can you see what appears to be a hookah hose (which is probably slang for something dirty) in the background of the pic, but Kevin Durant is a regular visitor to hookah bars (which generally are dirty). Here are a couple of pics I found online:

kevin durant hookah 2

kevin durant hookah

So, I guess there’s really nothing to see here. Considering I stayed up late to write this damn post, that’s disappointing. I was really hoping it was pot or something cool like that. Instead, Kevin Durant’s just your typical mega rich sports superstar who takes hookah selfies. No wonder he’s single again.



  1. Next thing you know he will be vaping during time outs, or worse, wear it around his neck while he plays so he can look like the rest of those douch bags that wear their’s everywhere.

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