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Monday Morning Tweets: Baphomet and the 10 Commandments Monument are friends…

Consider this post consolation for the fact that you’ve already given up on your resolutions and have gone back to eating gluten. I, myself, only made it 10 days without drinking. So, know that you aren’t alone in your failure. But you know what I didn’t give up on? Bringing you the tweets. I’ve got all the best ones from the past week right here ready and waiting for you. So pour yourself another cup of coffee and get cozy. The next 5 minutes should be fun reading. The tweets are after the jump.

Is this sarcastic exasperation I detect? Like, “Gah, everyone is freaking drinking and driving. Is there anyone in OKC who isn’t?” Or, are you trying to find the people who are law-abiding citizens so by process of elimination you can find the criminals?


Two parody accounts popped up last week. One was for the Ten Commandments monument at the capital, and one is for the proposed Satanist monument of Baphomet. Both are parody accounts. But the majority of Oklahoma Twitter users don’t seem to know that.

I guess the misspelling of the word “grammar” and the admission that the account is a parody in the profile information for @CommandmentsOKC was too subtle for some.

Sick burn, dude. Felt like hellfire.

As always, Steve Lackmeyer asked the hard-hitting, journalistic questions.


What about the cheese fries, Scott? You still eat the cheese fries, right? I mean, is there another reason to go to Eskimo Joe’s if not for beer and cheese fries? Also, by looking at your midsection, I would guess that you haven’t had a carb since like 2003, which makes it even harder for me to believe that you’ve been to Eskimo Joe’s. This scandal shall henceforth be known as Cowboygate.


Emily Sutton is ALWAYS fresh to death. But if homegirl were to get some sweet Glamour Shots with that sweet jacket, well, then, I believe that is the definition of a “game changer.”


Girl, you should try writing a post about Norman stereotypes, and watch as the commenters freak the hell out because you didn’t list Tarahumara’s as the best Mexican restaurant. The things people feel strongly about are simultaneously hilarious and completely irrelevant.


I have seen the second coming of the Boz, and it is good, y’all.


Heh. Hump. Good day indeed.


Oh… God… Abigail Ogle Is Going To Run This Town Someday, Isn’t She?

Was there a King James on your pom squad? If so, we clearly went to different Edmond high schools.


Twitpic of the Week

It looks like NewsOK.com is about to break the news that Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus.


Casual Tweets with Paul Folger

Thanks, Paul.

You can also look up the definition of a screensaver on Wikipedia if you want. There’s also an article on computer wallpaper.


The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins

Can someone have Kelly Ogle tell Dean that he’s really being followed by a SPAM Lebron James account? We don’t want to be watching TV when Dean give out his credit card information over the air in an “exclusive” News 9 phone interview with “LeBron.” Actually, I take all that back. That would be amazing. Can someone give Kelly Ogle hush money instead?


That’s it for this week. Hit me up on Twitter if you agree, disagree, think there is someone I should be following, or kind of want to stalk me.



  1. Man oh man. deN gets worse everyday. like he gets more props or more money cuz LeBron James follows him. #deanisatool

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