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Friday Night in the Big Town: The Odd Couple, Chocolate and a Plaza Pregame


Hello everyone, it’s Adam. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and reflect. I’ve decided to think about what I have learned in the last week since we’ve spoke.

First, apparently everything is a big deal. Case in point, ESPN reporter Doris Burke laughing at Kevin Durant for not giving any props to himself, only to the Almighty, after the Miami Heat victory.

To some this is blasphemous of the highest order. Apparently “Giggling at Kevin Durant” was listed on Martin Luther’s “The 95 Theses” that he nailed on a church door.

People calm down. She laughed. The Earth did not implode. Life goes on.

As you see I don’t learn too much. Here’s stuff to do!


The Odd Couple, Lyric Theatre, 1727 NW 16th St., Friday – 8pm, Saturday – 2 & 8pm, $40

This is a story of two men who live together. What should we set the betting odds of Kernel Sally and her minions making an appearance to protest? 3 to 1? 2 to 1? It is a work of art, which means she will have no understanding if it. All she knows is that there is one too many sets of gonads in that apartment.

Back to reality, the play examines whether neurotic Felix and the messy and easygoing Oscar can coexist under one roof. It’s basically “The Real World” or “Big Brother” before reality television came along and emptied our hearts and minds of what little taste and dignity we had. I’m looking at you “The Swan” and “The Littlest Groom.”

What’s great about the premise of the story is that it leads you to think about other odd couples. What about James Lankford and RuPaul? Mike Morgan and Damon Lane? The Pioneer Woman and Patrick? The possibilities are endless.

chocolate festival

The Firehouse Art Center Chocolate Festival, NCED Conference Center and Hotel, 2801 State Highway 9, Norman, Sunday 10:30-2pm, $25-$40

You can’t ask for a better way to raise money than through the use of chocolate. The Firehouse Art Center’s annual fundraiser is all about taste bud temptation and art.

The standard ticket ($25) grants you 10 chocolate samples from the thousands on hand. If you go for the premiere ticket ($40), you get in an hour earlier at 10:30 am you receive 15 samples. Why? Because you are better than everyone else.

These events are becoming more and more important. If you read Patrick’s post from yesterday, you know that there is a Batman imposter and a creepy guy in a black robe who wants to rob the Oklahoma Arts Council of funding. Yes, that last sentence is totally serious. That is the level weirdness and moronacy our state government has reached.

With that said, go look at art and get cavities!


Plaza Sunday Pregame, 16th Street Plaza District, 1-4pm

To celebrate the Seahawks upcoming victory over the Broncos, the Plaza is hosting a special Sunday session. Music will be in the air as well as art, food and adult beverages.

Saints will be offering a Bronco brunch (ok, I added the “Bronco”) with nothing on the menu costing you more than 10 American dollars. Urban Wineworks will also be open to help your food and alcohol needs.

A local indie folk artist, Audra Yenny, will be doing her local indie folk artist thing throughout the district. A free Friends of the Plaza membership will be given away to whoever can closest guess the final score of the Super Bowl. This membership will give you invitations to special events, VIP access to Live in the Plaza and other benefits.

Plenty of local shops will be open and if you want to stay later than 4 pm, Empire Slice House, Brass Bell Studios and Tall Hill Creative will be open into the night.

Honorable Mention – Stamp Club Meeting, Edmond Library, Saturday -10 am

Have fun Super Bowling!

Adam Holt is a musician and freelance journalist. He was a very good receiver on his 6th grade flag football team.




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