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Monday Morning Tweets: We promise, no pics of snow

Happy Monday! Are you tired of hearing your office mates discuss their favorite Super Bowl commercials? Did you lose a ton of money in the office pool and you need to get your mind off of it? How about some tweets then? I’ve gathered up the best and carefully avoided pictures of yesterday’s snow. So, settle in and enjoy the very best of last week’s social media. The tweets are after the jump, as if I’d put them anywhere else!

This is the “un-American” Coke commercial:

Bizarro Bruce Wayne has a point, nothing is more un-American than a commercial featuring diverse Americans acting all happy and drinking Coke while people sing “America The Beautiful” in different languages.

What’s really appalling is Mr. Cockroft didn’t have anything to say about this:

Fritos go many places. On a nasty sub is not one of them.


None of these people resemble the people I imagine in my head when I hear them on the radio. I don’t even know what I’m looking at.


Don’t be so flippant, Blakey. Have you ever tried to clean up glitter? It’s impossible.


Daaaaayum, Wertz. Mad shade thrown. But for reals. It’s totally the Korn of bars. Drinkz is the Nickelback, and Club Albee is the Linkin Park of what is the Rock 100.5 the Katt of Oklahoma City–Bricktown.


Instagram Photo

Reed Timmer’s tweets are kind of like a bad sci fi movie. It’s just a bunch of terms that make sense to no one, but we just accept it and move on. “Mothership low precipitation (LP) supercell and textbook pancake stack mesocyclone”, you say? Ummm. Sure.


Instagram Photo

You’d think the Brady Theater could at least get Aziz into his own show. Typical Tulsa…


From what I understand, you don’t want to give ANYONE in the OKC news media your phone because when they aren’t taking 50 selfies with it, they’ll tweet from it or put their information in it. Just trust me on this one, guys.


When the weather gets rough, the news is there to let us know just how many inches of snow fell in Goldsby and which churches in Luther will be closed for the day. Because it’s one big marathon of winter weather coverage, sometimes the newscasters have to find some food on the fly. Yesterday was no exception at KFOR.

Ali Meyer had some yogurt–a typical breakfast choice. Kent, however, appears to have consumed a brisket and hotlink sandwich from a gas station. Back in the day when I worked at a professional wrestling-themed barbecue restaurant in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, we called this “JR’s Favorite.”

It’s a beast of a sandwich, and something only an Ogle could handle. Why, that’s probably a good pound of meat and some thick white bread. And don’t even get me started about the heft of the chemicals and preservatives that go into a pre-packaged sandwich. But as I said, if anyone can tackle this sandwich, it’s an Ogle.

Well, they say your heroes will always let you down. And I suppose this adage applies to sandwiches as well.


Oh… God… Abigail Ogle Is Going To Run This Town Someday, Isn’t She?

There are a few occasions where I’ve felt genuinely proud in my life because I know how hard I’ve worked at something. That sense of accomplishment when you’ve earned something is a great feeling. So yeah, I know what Abigail Ogle felt like when she finally got to the end of Candy Crush.

(Is that the end? I don’t know. I assume so.)


Twitpic of the Week

Did you know that the fine folks from Stash adopted a pregnant dog so they could care for her and help her give birth? If that isn’t the most heartwarming thing you’ve heard today, I don’t know what is. We love dogs here at The Lost Ogle, and we think adopted dogs are pretty much the best.

Now, because I don’t think sainthood can be extended to a business, the folks at Stash will never be recognized properly. Instead, you should go spend all your dollars at Stash to support their business and their animal-saving practices.  Then you need to go get your dog spayed or neutered, because Stash can’t always be there to take care of pregnant dogs.

Also, can I have one of those puppies? Maybe two of them?


Casual Tweets with Paul Folger

Thanks, Paul!


The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins

Dean really likes to comment on the parentage of black athletes. What would Freud say about his preoccupation with daddies? I shudder to think.


That’s it for this week. Hit me up on Twitter if you agree, disagree, think there is someone I should be following, or kind of want to stalk me.



  1. Sure Michael Cross has the right look for a radio personality, nut I hope you heard his interview with the Governor this morning. No one else seems to ask Fallin such tough questions. Of course Fallin is quite adept at avoiding direct answers and promoting vague talking points. What I got from the Governor was more give aways and tighter budgets. Big surprise.

  2. Stevie Clark may have “outraged public decency” by peeing in public, but at least he didn’t do it with a radio audience listening in.

  3. And mama wants to let her younger boy (Deondre) go off to LSU and all the thugs down there? Lol! Okay lady.

  4. Someone, in some sport should draft Stevie as an “athlete” because it take crazy moves to piss out a car window.

  5. How is it that Dean Blevins, Reed Timmer, and two ACTUAL OGLES are not verified on Twitter?! Is there no justice in this strange, strange world we live in?!

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