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TLO Trivia Night “League of Champions” Recap: Week 4


League of Champions week 4 is behind us. Too bad winter isn’t. I spent all weekend indoors “de-friending” all the people who had any Facebook status resembling, “If’n Global Warmin’ is true, why is it so cold? *snort*” or, “Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s best movie was Twister/Hunger Games.” The great idiot culling of 2014 is done. At least on my Facebook.

Here’s just a few things to remember for this week:

- It would be super cool if you got to a Trivia Night early. This helps you get settled in and food and drinks ordered, and prevents us from having to re-read questions, which is super annoying because we read at a 3rd grade level. At best.

- We read every question, twice, so no need to shout, “What?!” or “Can you repeat that last one?!” Just be patient. Trust us.

- Can’t stress this enough, but there’s still time to qualify the $1,500 League of Champions Title Match. Currently, we have five teams tied for the final spot with 5 points each. If you win a trivia night, not only do you get cash prizes for that night, but enough points to likely put you in the top 14.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TLOTriviaNight.  Here’s the week 4 recap:



51 St. Speakeasy   •   Tuesday   •   8pm

Fun Fact:  “Wanna be feelin’ 7 Up?” was a frequent pick-up line Magic Johnson used in the 1980′s.

Best Team Name: “Johnny Glasses Loves TITS!”

Final Standings:

First Place: Earvin Magic Johnson’s Nickname (Magic Johnson’s Immune System)
Second Place: You Look Like I Need a Drink (Spencer Fitzpatrick, Patrick Fitzspencer)
Third Place: This Cold Snap is Like A Tropical Heat Wave Compared to Sally Kern’s Heart (Unitarian Ace Trivia Team)



Local  •   Wednesday   •   7pm

Fun Fact: Team names incorporating snow related puns are sure to increase ten fold this week.

Best Team Name: “Trivia Newton Hodor”

Final Standings:

First Place:  Not So Hotlanta (3.45 Miles)
Second Place: UPS: Uneducated Parcel Stealers (Tread Lightly & Have an A-1 Day!)
Third Place: Leo’s Pets (Leo’s Pets)



Yucatan Taco Stand   •   Thursday  •   8pm

Fun Fact: There is a man we have seen who lives near Yucatan, who, at the same time for weeks now, stands naked in his room over looking all of downtown OKC while watching Channel 4 news. It might not be fun, but it is a fact.

Best Team Name: “Embryonic Polka Dotted Rock-A-Billy Fighter Pilots”

Final Standings:

First Place:  Magic Johnson’s Magic Johnson (Magic Johnson’s Immune System)
Second Place: Book Hockey (Book Hockey)
Third Place: Embryonic Polka Dotted Rock-A-Billy Fighter Pilots (Tread Lightly & Have an A-1 Day!)



Buffalo Wild Wings   •   Friday   •   9pm

Fun Fact: Trivia host @LouisFowler eats Buffalo Wild Wings three times a day, everyday.

Best Team Name: “Sideways Bungholes”

Final Standings:

First Place:  Bergin Hunt & Fish Club (Bergin Hunt & Fish Club)
Second Place: Sideways Bungholes (Larry Bird Doesn’t Need an Immune System)
Third Place: Johnny Glasses is Coming (Johnny Glasses)


Rank League Name Total Points
1 Magic Johnson’s Immune System 57
2 The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club 31
3 All Knight Long 30
4 Book Hockey 29
5 Hodor 27
5 Larry Bird doesn’t need an immune system 27
7 Tread Lightly and Have an A-1 Day 22
7 Unitarian Ace Trivia Team 22
9 3.45 Miles 21
10 Johnny Glasses 20
11 Hootie and the Blowjobs 15
12 Spencer Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzspencer: A gay Irish love story 9
13 Muffin Stuffers 5
13 Pistols Backfiring 5
13 TBD2 5
13 Team Apocalypse Wow 5
13 To Be Determined 5
20 Ramrod 4
20 Rosa Parks Didn’t Call Shotgun 4




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