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About the fake Oklahoma City Seahawks shirt that was NOT created by Mustang Brewery…

On Sunday night, while the Seahawks were destroying the Broncos and you were considering whether or not to eat the “Why Not?” slice of pizza, Mustang Brewing Company, home of Oklahoma’s best beer that’s occasionally brewed in Wisconsin, sent out the following tweet:

First of all, I don’t get the infatuation some people have with Mustang. It’s kind of like the Charleston’s of local beers. It’s not bad, and I’d never turn one down, but it’s not my first choice. If anything, it’s a safe, middle-of-the road alternative. Just like how you can go on a first date or lunch meeting to Charleston’s and not have to worry about anything, you can always buy a round of Mustangs at trivia night or bring a six-pack to a cookout and not hear any complaints. Hell, you may even get some compliments. Make sense?

Anyway, back to the tweet. Do you get it? Oklahoma City stole the Super Sonics from Seattle, so we might as well steal their badass football team, too. It’s kind of a backhanded trolling compliment like the Charleston’s analogy above, and one that I wish would someday come true.

The tweet got the attention of Anthony Wuestenfeld with Pro Line Designs. He @-replied Mustang with a silly little photoshopped Oklahoma City Seahawks graphic:

oklahoma city seahawks original

Oops. Wrong tweet! That’s one Anthony sent us on January 24th following Jenni’s open letter. The image made me chuckle, but I didn’t re-tweet it or write about it. This is because I genuinely feel sorry for Sonics fans and don’t like trolling them all that much. It’s not their fault Seattle voters wouldn’t build a new arena, or the owner sold the franchise to Clay Bennett. Trolling them is just mean. It’s a Richard Sherman thing to do. It would be like stealing a guy’s girlfriend and then putting a picture of her on a billboard by his work. Unless that guy is Dave Morris, it’s a classless thing to do.

Anyway, Mustang apparently doesn’t share my sentiments. The Oklahoma City Seahawks graphic made its way into their hands on Super Bowl Sunday and they issued the following tweet:

And then all hell broke less.

Thirsty for manufactured controversy and the resulting pageviews, the tweet went viral and entered the dark world of the sports blogosphere. Here are some examples:

Why can’t Seattle have nice things, Oklahoma City? (USA Today)

Oklahoma City Brewery Trolls Seattle with “Oklahoma City Seahawks” Shirt (Extra Mustard)

Oklahoma City trolls Seattle Seahawks fans with t-shirt (Fansided)

OKC Brewery Trolls Seattle Fans With “Oklahoma City Seahawks” Shirt (Yardbarker)

Oklahoma City Brewery Created An Amazing T-Shirt Trolling Seahawks Fans (Business Insider)

OKC Brewery Trolls Seattle Fans With “Oklahoma City Seahawks” Shirt (College Spun)

The Oklahoman’s Digital Desk got in on the action. That’s the local equivalent of having a meme make the Today Show.

Super Bowl talk: Oklahoma City Seahawks coming in 2015? (NewsOK.com)

The KFOR Social Media Bandit noticed it, too:

Oklahoma brewery stirring up controversy over Seahawks’ Super Bowl shirt (KFOR)

Even the World Wide Leader asked for permission to use the image:

You may notice one constant theme throughout all the coverage: an Oklahoma City brewery designed and printed the shirt. Friendly reminder, neither is true! The shirt was never printed (it was photoshopped) and was not designed by Mustang! They just simply tweeted something that was sent to them and are now taking all the credit. Isn’t that kind of a douche move? Well, kind of.

They did issue a statement that clarified things on their site, but instead of sending that out to people or trying to correct the news sites who are publishing incorrect info, they’re just flaming the trolls. I guess it’s fine if it expands the brand, and let’s people know about Mustang:

To make matters worse, they are even yakking it up with Jenni Carlson, the person who restarted this whole Seattle – OKC battle:

If Jenni Carlson is your muse, you might as well jump in the beer vat like that dude in Beerfest and literally drown away your sorrows.

Anyway, I think it’s either put up or shut up time for Mustang Brewery. Instead of taking all the credit and publicity for someone’s work, they should do something original. For example, create an OKC Seahawk I.P.A. They could contract out to one of their breweries in Wisconsin. Or better yet, screw the Seattle trolling and make an Ogle Mole brew. I’m a fan of trappists, brown ales and Oktoberfest style beers. Maybe it could be a seasonal fall / winter beer or something. I bet we could even get Charleston’s to carry it. Good idea, huh?


  1. Mustang beer is awful. If you don’t believe, try going to a weekend long festival in Guthrie where the only available beer is made by Mustang. After trying out their entire line, never again. The quality is just not there.

  2. The number one thing I took away from this is that apparently I can’t actually buy this t-shirt anywhere–at least not yet.

    • Did you catch some of these gems?

      @mustangbrewing smells like diapers. Nasty poopie olive garden poops. Gross.— Anthony Calderon (@standupanthony) February 4, 2014

      That Olive Garden Poop bit went over HUGE at the Funny Bone.

      @mustangbrewing was the shooter on the grassy knoll.— Anthony Calderon (@standupanthony) February 4, 2014

      He’s a cerebral comic. That one really makes you think.

      @mustangbrewing football season is over looks like I've found someone besides 9er fans to harass for the next 7 months.— Anthony Calderon (@standupanthony) February 4, 2014

      I can’t handle 7 more months of laughs. My abs simply can’t take it.

  3. Anthony is a good friend of mine for well over a decade. He plays around with designs all the time, not for hate, just to play. He is a great young man, and while I wish he would be getting credit cor his (right or wrong) joke, I am thankful that until the last day or so, he has avoided the backlash. He knows, we all know, that we are not getting the NFL (now, if ever), especially not the current champ. It just isn’t realistic. We also will never get any team from Seattle again. If the hate our town gets now tells us anything, it is that if Seattle is ever at risk of oosing anything and OKC gets in the conversation, their city will be lining up in the streets protesting, voting, fighting us no matter their original interest in the possibly moving entity. I feel like we, as a city don’t hate Seattle, we just hate the craziness and trolling. No, mirroring it won’t help but oh well…

  4. In defense of Mustang’s beer, yes, their lighter stuff is very drinkable but nothing spectacular. They do make other, darker beers (including a Black Marzen in the fall, Patrick), including those in their Saddlebag Series, that are pretty darn good.

    Business-wise, at this level, it’s all about volume, and the more beer they sell (with a shockingly small margin) means more money on the bottom line. I’ve seen the numbers, it’s working for them.

    Plus, they’re really nice people that give back to the community. And when I have to choose between OKC-made beers, I go with the nice people over the overrated, average canned stuff that’s made by a pompous asshole who doesn’t care who he shits on in the business.

    • It’s like saying you got a “steal” when you only paid $30,000 for a vehicle that stickered for much more.

      • Howard Schultz signed the papers and cashed the check, and THEN started complaining about how he was rickrolled by Clay & Co.

  5. We appreciate the story – it’s always fun to be mentioned on The Lost Ogle – but that’s not exactly how it went down.

    We first posted:

    @mustangbrewing “Maybe Oklahoma City should buy the Seahawks, too.” 7:35 PM – 2 Feb 2014

    We got a message from ProLine then re-tweeted their pic of the shirt. After speaking with the owner about the joys of Cease and Desist letters, we posted it on our own with the comment “Looks good to us ;-)”. We did not tag them in that post, but, short of a press release, we credited ProLine on Facebook, Twitter and our website. We never expected it to get blown out of proportion by national media. Take a look at some of the comments from Seattle fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It got pretty nasty; even some tasteless remarks about the Murrah Bombing. Oklahoma fans definitely shined through.

    About that Lost Ogle brew…that could be fun. We could brew it here in OKC at our new brewhouse. We’re thinking a Sour IPA. We could unveil it on Trivia Night at the Speakeasy. Thoughts?

    • How about a nod to Colorado with a nice, hoppy Lager that smells like sinsemilla buds? Call it the Okie Twister.

  6. Does TLO have a beef for some reason? I saw the report on KOCO and they clearly stated they got the pic from someone else and re-tweeted it. Don’t worry TLO, I think they’ll keep selling your Coors Light at the stores regardless of what Mustang Brewing does.

      • I did see it last night. I didn’t see your story until today but I see that it posted 2/5. So, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. But I notice that you don’t deny the Coors Light affection.

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