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Captain Bigot is alive and doing well in Enid…

gary james derp

Back in 2009, we told you (via News 9) about some dude from Enid named Gary James. He was running for city council and owned a trashy restaurant / bar named Gary’s Chicaros. The place was well known for its prime rib, cheap beer and James’ open hatred of homosexuals, blacks and all other forms “of unproductive trash.”

Well, it’s been five years since that story and it looks like James is still one hell of a bigot.

Last week, KFOR’s Ashley Kringen traveled to Enid to interview James after reports surfaced that he banned a man with a disability from visiting his restaurant. It’s a “he said, bigot said” affair. The guy with the disability claims he was banned from the place for using a wheelchair. James says the guy in the wheelchair brought all his rowdy friends to the bar and were very unpleasant. Both arguments ignore one key point: why they hell was anyone eating at Gary’s Chicaros?

Here’s Ashley’s report about the incident. It begins with James telling Ashley that he would only call her a chink “if they were drinking and joking around.”


Wow, this guy is like the Dark Overlord of the Derplahomans. I’m surprised he isn’t wearing a necklace made of gay bear teeth.

Few thoughts:

• We need to get this guy, Little Mike and the people from Meers to have some sort of Derplahoman cook off or something. It can be judged by Sally Kern, Mary Fallin and Anita Bryant. 100% of all proceeds will benefit the Westboro Baptist Church.

• I like how he says in the story “If you work, you own a business, pay your taxes, you’re more than welcome here. If you’re on welfare, stay at home and spend my money, there.” Uhm, why’s he only focusing on welfare recipients? There are plenty of other lazy people who leach off the government to discriminate against, right? You know, like disabled veterans, people on Medicare or Medicaid, and all the ranchers around town who receive farm subsidies/ Are they banned, too?

• Obviously, this story has gone international. Usually that sucks because it brings unwanted attention and stereotypes to our state, but I can live with it this time around. Check out some of the recent Yelp reviews for Gary’s Chicaros:

gary's chicaros

gary's chicaros 7

gary's chicaros 6

gary's chicaros 5

gary's chicaros 4

gary's chicaros 3

gary's chicaros 2

Now, if only some of those people can add it to CruisingGays.com. According to reports, they’re starting to crack down on the Hobby Lobby bathroom.


  1. Liberal compassion. You guys are so tolerant that you’re willing to ruin the business that you don’t even visit!

  2. Have you ever tried so hard to stifle a laugh that it made your head hurt? I had to stop reading after the second review!

  3. Every time something about Chicaros pops up in the news I cringe. I live in Enid, we really have a great town, the majority of us also think Gary James is a piece of trash. I just wish the news would point out that Chicaros is just a shady little bar on the outskirts of town next to a cemetery. It is far from our booming retail corridor.

    Enid’s reputation isn’t helped by this clown, or the fact that the last time Enid got national news coverage was when the anti-discrimination ordinance narrowly failed at the City Commission.

    • I say…stop giving cemeteries a bad name! That graveyard was there loonng before GJ & his homo-rangers moved in!

  4. This guy really is no threat. It’s just some old guy in Enid who runs a restaurant most people have never heard of or been to. Why do people react like this guy has defeated people? International news? Hahaha. People love controversy and that’s what makes up the majority of the news in this country.

  5. Live footage of yet another dapper, well-coiffed member of what passes for Oklahoma’s petit bourgeoisie. One would expect the native habitat of such a superior being to consist of appointments slightly more refined than a ramshackle tin affair with a caliche parking lot.

    • So the best way to show you don’t like someone who judges an entire group or race by the lowest common denominator he can find within it is, of course, to judge a whole state by the lowest common denominator it has.

      • Unfortunately, I’d say that he is more akin to a greatest common factor than a lowest common denominator when it comes to his relation to the average herpaderp in this state.

  6. I’m glad the people like this guy, speak their mind, show their true feelings, in lieu of political correctness, this guy has given me fair warning so I know I want nothing to do with him or his business. He’s free to think/say what he wants, I’m free to never spend my money there and be acutely aware of what kind of person he is. I would much rather know this of people in advance than find out later someone I believed not to have these type of feelings, simply had been hiding it, and then resorted to wearing masks/hoods and having secret meetings. Many time political correctness gives people a very effective cover.

    On a lighter note doesn’t he look like Jackie Gleason in Smokey in the Bandit about to say “Junior, the first thing I’m gonna do when we get home is smack your momma in the mouth, cuz there’n ain’t no way you came from my loins!” hahahahaha

  7. Sally finds the aftermath of this story and Ashley Kringen’s news piece to be patently offensive to the average person.

  8. Reminds me of a Family Guy episode where Peter tells Joe he doesn’t want him at his restaurant because he and his wheelchair buddies are making the restaurant uncool. Joe and his buddies turn into a giant wheelchair robot and attack the restaurant. Kind of a funny episode…

  9. What I find most funny about the story is that the name of the “American Patriot” bigot’s bar is, in part, Spanish.

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