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TLO Trivia Night: Week 5 Recap


Week 5 of League of Champions is over. Why is there a picture of Speed Racer? Is it because when I win the lottery I’m going to buy a working replica of the Mach 5, dress up like Speed Racer and have an Asian kid and a monkey ride around in my trunk and then pop out unexpectedly when I pull up to anywhere in the Plaza District? Actually it’s because Speed drove the Mach 5 and League of Champions Week 5 is over. See how it all ties in together? Either way, I’m a damn genius.

Couple things to remember.

• Follow us on Twitter @TLOTriviaNight for all the latest TLO Trivia News and standings. Also, you might get your picture posted on there. Because you’re a winner. That’s why.

• There’s still a lot of time left for you to get a team together and earn a spot in our $1,500 Champions Match. If you forgot how that works, we award points based where teams finish at trivia night. The higher your team places, the more points they earn. The top 14 teams are then invited to the Champions Match.

So without any further malarkey, here’s your week five recap from our TLO Trivia Night venues.



51 St. Speakeasy   •   Tuesday   •   8pm

Fun Fact: Magic Johnson’s TV show was voted “Worst Show Ever” by my eyeballs.

Best Team Name: Phillip See-No-More Hoffman

Final Standings:

First Place: Magic Johnson’s Erotic Journey from Milan to Minsk ($50)
Second Place: The Wild Dogs of Sochi ($30)
Third Place: Johnny Glasses Put in a Bid for the Seahawks ($20) 

Total Teams: 11



Local   •   Wednesday   •   7pm

Fun Fact: Only Game of Thrones nerds will truly appreciate the above image.

Best Team Name: Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog

Final Standings:

First Place: Hodor ($50)
Second Place: Leo’s Pets ($25)
Third Place: Our Assets Have Been Frozen ($10)

Total Teams: 11



Yucatan Taco Stand   •   Thursday   •   8pm

Fun Fact: The above picture is what it looks like at Yucatan Taco Stand when it’s not snowing. Because it was snowing there was no trivia this last week. Stupid snow. We’ll be there this week, and to make up for it, we will also be giving away one free taco to each trivia player.



Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway   •   Friday   •   9pm

Fun Fact: Sometimes when people yell out the answer they forget we have microphones and are louder than they are. It’s fun to remind them.

Best Team Name: I Wish I Could Seymour Hoffman

Final Standings:

First Place: T-Cells A Love Story by Earvin Johnson ($50)
Second Place: I Could Make an Anal Joke, But F*ck It ($25)
Third Place: Went to Yucatan Last Night For Trivia and All I Got Were These Fried Plantains ($10) 

Total Teams: 16


Week 5 League of Champions Standings:

Right now, the League of Champions standings are like Kate Upton and bit top-heavy. That’s actually a good thing, because it gives you time to qualify for the match. Winning one Trivia Night at any of our four venues will not only score you $50 cash, but could also put you in the top 14 and score you an invite to the $1,500 Champions Match.

Here we go:

Rank League Name Total
1 Magic Johnson’s Immune System 77
2 All Knight Long 37
2 Hodor 37
4 Bergin Hunt & Fish Club 35
5 Tread Lightly and Have an A-1 Day 32
6 Book Hockey 29
6 Unitarian Ace Trivia Team 29
8 Larry Bird doesn’t need an immune system 28
9 Johnny Glasses 26
10 3.45 Miles 24
11 Hootie and the Blowjobs 16
12 Spencer Fitzpatrick and Patick Fitzspencer: A gay Irish love story 12
13 The Jackals 7
14 Pistols Backfiring 6
15 Muffin Stuffers 5
15 TBD2 5
15 Team Apocalypse Wow 5
15 To Be Determined 5
19 Elephant’s Gerald 4
19 Ramrod 4
19 Rosa Parks Didn’t Call Shot Gun 4

There are about 10 teams or so with 3 points.





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