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Mount Rushmores of OKC: Commercial People, Celebrity Arrests & Viral Video Stars


Today we’re going to introduce a new feature called The Mount Rushmores of Oklahoma City. Every month or so or whenever Patrick can convince me to get out of bed and write something, we’ll name some new Mount Rushmores of Oklahoma City. By this I mean we’ll put together a list of every Oklahoman who has had their face carved into a mountain over the past month. No. That’s not right. What we’ll do put together a list of the four Oklahoma Citians who best represent a certain category.

So if it was the Mount Rushmore of country music singers, we’d list Garth Brooks, Roger Miller, Reba McEntire and Vince Gill. If it was the Mount Rushmore of weathermen, we’d list Gary England four times, and if it was the Mount Rushmore of sports talk hosts we wouldn’t be able to think of any deserving. See? Fun! Maybe.

Today we tackle OKC Commercial Pitchmen/women, Oklahoma Viral Video Stars, and Celebrities Arrested in Oklahoma City. Read after the jump!

The Mount Rushmore of Oklahoma City TV Commercial Pitchmen / Pitchwomen

Linda Soundtrak

Her voice is burned in my memory — the stuff of my nightmares. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woke up in the middle of the night with sweats, thinking “She’s back!”


The Mathis Brothers

Famous enough that they actually have an urban legend about them that everyone knows. Fun fact: when you start typing “mathis brothers” into google, it autocompletes it like this:

mathis brothers

Never did figure out why they would always hold a baby or a dog for no apparent reason, but I think we all remember where we were the day they finally completed the never-before-seen “Mathis Brother Holding a Kid Who Was Holding A Baby And A Dog.”


Tall Paul

When did the last Tall Paul commercial air? And yet we can still all sing the song. Also, Paul Meade Insurance is still around. They should bring him back!

Ok, so he’s not a real person, but who really cares. He’s real in our hearts. W


The Credit Jewelry Cowboy

I was going to put Johnny Ross’ swinging arm in this spot before I found out it actually did commercials all over the country, not just in OKC. Who knew?!


The Mount Rushmore of Celebrities Arrested in Oklahoma Citymacaulay mugshot

Macaulay Culkin

Getting arrested in OKC for having weed and prescription pills probably did more to raise Macaulay Culkin’s profile than any movies he’s done in the past 20 years.



Two Chainz

I don’t know about you guys, but I was forever scarred when I learned from Two Chainz that popular musicians sometimes do drugs. :(


har mar

Har Mar Superstar

Who could have predicted that the Oklahoma City police would overreact to a Ron Jeremy look-a-like stripping down and telling the crowd to “eat my pussy?”


mr know italba

Jessica Alba

OK, she wasn’t arrested, but the police got involved and filed a report so I’m counting it. Of all the stories TLO has broke over the years, Jessica Alba defacing Oklahoma City by plastering a bunch of posters of sharks has got to be the single weirdest one.


The Mount Rushmore of Oklahoma Viral Video Stars

Sweet Brown

Over 33,000,000 views on youtube. People do have time for her.


Mike Gundy

People seem to remember “I’m a man! I’m 40!” the most but for my money the best part is “Or says he’s fat!” One of the great regrets of my life is that I never got to see Jenni Carlson’s reaction when Gundy was losing it. I would pay good money for any video of her while that was going on.


Greyson Chance

What’s amazing about Greyson Chance is that he seems to remain just as popular as ever. There’s never been a backlash against him like most entertainers who got famous on youtube. Bonus points for not being Justin Bieber.


The “Make It Snow” girl

I always thought this one was pretty mean, and whoever her supposed friend was that uploaded it to the internet is kind of a jerk, but she at least she got a web redemption on Tosh and seemed to take the whole thing with good humor.


That’s all for today. Where did we screw up? Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!



    • One thing that always blew my mind as a kid about Tom Park was that his commercials were seemingly live. Like, it would be a Tuesday night and raining outside and one of his commercials would come on and he would be standing outside in the rain and he’d say, like, “How is everyone on this rainy Tuesday night?” This was before the internet before we were accustomed to things being able to be disseminated instantly and it was amazing to me. I never could figure out if they filmed them the same day they aired or if they just had a huge library of diverse commercials.

      • They shot a number of spots with varying weather conditions so they could plug them in to match whatever the weather was doing the days they actually ran. And of course, he would shoot a different open for every day of the week to match as well.

  1. The Credit Jeweler Cowboy. Because when I think of princess cut diamonds I think of Roster Cogburn and the soft playing of a harmonica.

  2. I have to mention:
    1.) Wava
    2.) the crusty voiced troll for “Kambers”
    3.) The seemingly half-drunk, full-out horny Trust House Jewlers ads during the Friday/Sat night movies
    4.)and the “let our family build your family’s home” lisp girl

  3. I might add Del Rancho has gotten their money’s worth from that Steak Sandwich Supreme commercial they’ve ran for 40 years.

  4. Local celebrities who propagate negative stereotypes about Oklahoma

    1) Toby Keith
    2) Toby Keith
    3) Toby Keith
    4) Toby Keith

  5. Wasn’t the Credit Jewelry Cowboy shanked in a bar fight or something? I swear I saw something about that.

    As for criminals, I would think the dude that tore the scrotum of the Texass fan would make it for two reasons: 1. He proved everyone wrong that Texass fans don’t have a sac and 2. You don’t want him mad at you!

  6. who can have a sight promoting local celebrities for Mt. Rushmore without having Bob Mills. Geez. if i see the ad where he is blocking a basketball shot one more time i believe that i will unplug my cable.

  7. The best current local spot has gotta be the pretty blonde high school aged girl talking about texting while driving may become “my dad’s business” with the casket behind her. Dad is funeral dircetor.

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