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TLO Trivia Night Recap: True Detective Edition!


Well, you cheap fools went and crashed HBO GO last night because everyone logged in with my HBO GO pass (You’re welcome all of OKC) to catch the last episode of the best television show since Breaking Bad. And yes, I’m aware Breaking Bad ended less than three months before True Detective started, but that was a rough three months to find something to fill the “horrible people doing horrible things on TV” hole in my heart.

Since all of you broke the internet with trying to watch some free HBO, we’re gonna give you a spoiler free “True Detective” trivia quiz! Enjoy!

1. How far into the last episode before Woody Harrelson’s Marty Hart is shot and killed by the Yellow King?

2. What was Rust’s line to Marty when he stood over Marty’s body, revealing he had been the Yellow King all along?

3.What was Rust’s occupation when the alternate timeline was revealed?

4. What color was the shirt Marty’s daughter was wearing when it was revealed the entire series took place in her imagination?

5. How angry are you I just ruined the best show on HBO in a decade?

Answers after the standings!

Here are the results from last week’s TLO Trivia Night.



51 St. Speakeasy   •   Tuesday   •   8pm

Fun Fact: Lot of people were waiting since Percy Jackson for that to happen. You know what I’m talking about.

Best Team Name: In Oklahoma, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday

Final Standings: 

First Place: Travolta was only speaking Thetan
Second Place: Johnny Glasses is a Liza Minnelli Drag Queen
Third Place: In Oklahoma, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday



Local  •   Wednesday   •   7pm

Fun Fact: Not everyone there was sporting an ashy forehead because they were coal miners. Found that out the hard way. 

Best Team Name: “Ashtag Lent”

Final Standings:

First Place: “Crimea River” ($50 Cash Money)
Second Place: “You’re Putin Me in an Awkward Position” ($25 House Cash) 
Third Place: “Five Fish Eaters and a Protestant” ($10 House Cash)



Yucatan Taco Stand   •   Thursday   •   8pm

*Programming Note* We will not be doing trivia at Yucatan this Thursday March 13th because of the Thunder. We’ll return March 20th!”

Fun Fact: Nickleback and murderers with crazy blades for legs were the tone of the evening. 

Best Team Name: “How to Lose a Girl in 4 Shots by Oscar Pistorius”

Final Standings:

First Place: What Concert Costs 45 Cents? 50 Cent Featuring Nickleback. Hey yo! ($50 Cash Money)
Second Place: “Russian to the Toilet of Putin” ($25 House Cash)
Third Place: “How to Lose a Girl in 4 Shots by Oscar Pistorius” ($10 House Cash)



Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway   •   Friday  •   9pm

Fun Fact: I’m not saying you shouldn’t get offended, I’m just saying the reaction is exactly probably what she wanted. 

Best Team Name: “Christina’s Fallin’s Trail of Tears”

Final Standings:

First Place: “What’s Red, White and Racist All Over?” ($50 Cash Money)
Second Place: “Dropping the Kids off at Sovostopol” ($25 House Cash) 
Third Place: “Vanity Perkins Support Group” ($10 house Cash)


We have four weeks of qualifying left for our League of Champions. Once again, the 14 teams with the most qualifying points will be invited to a $1,500 Champions Match on May 3rd.

1 Magic Johnson’s Immune System 140
2 Bergin Hunt & Fish Club 77
3 Tread Lightly and Have an A-1 Day 71
4 Unitarian Ace Trivia Team 52
5 Hodor 51
6 Spencer Fitzpatrick and Patick Fitzspencer: A gay Irish love story 49
7 Larry Bird doesn’t need an immune system 46
8 All Knight Long 44
8 Johnny Glasses 44
10 3.45 Miles 41
11 Book Hockey 39
12 Pistols Backfiring 36
13 Hootie and the Blowjobs 30
14 OK Nerdy Girls 12
15 0-1 Without Ryan Gomes 7
15 Spawn of Trabek 7
17 Elephant’s Gerald 6
18 Last Place 5
18 Muffin Stuffers 5
18 Rosa Parks Didn’t Call Shot Gun 5
18 TBD2 5
18 Team Apocalypse Wow 5
18 To Be Determined 5
24 Barack Obama’s Big Black Caucus 4
24 Ramrod 4
26 Bieber’s Cell Mates 3
26 German & The Jermans 3
26 Leo’s Pets 3
26 Mary Fallin Protecting the Sanctity of Marriage One State Trooper at a time 3
26 Michael Jordan Illuminati 3

True Detective Answers!

1. 22 minutes

2. “The falling cedars gave way to the underbrush of destiny bringing forth a sunrise of betrayal.”

3. Carnival worker.

4. Bright yellow.

5. Hopefully not very because I made it all up! All of it! I’m great.

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