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Ogle Madness VII: Sweet Sixteen, West Region

The Sweet 16 concludes today with match-ups from the Extremely Attractive Women Region.

Here’s are the match-ups:

(1) Joleen Cheney vs. (4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls
(2) Kristen Chenoweth vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma

When you vote, make sure to think about baseball.


(1) Joleen Cheney vs. (4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls

joleen chaney pinkdress

(1) Joleen Chaney

Conference: Super Hot Local Newsanchors

Who She Is: Anchor for KFOR News Channel 4

Biggest Strength: Easy on the eyes.

Biggest Weakness: Is married to a cop.

Last Game: Defeated (8) Wes Welker 433-139


thunder girl chelsea

(4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls

Conference: Ex-Girlfriends

Who They Are: Thunder Girls

Biggest Strength: Making poms poms sexy

Biggest Weakness: Most are married or have boyfriends.

Last Game: Defeated (5) Mayor Mick Cornett 340-230


(1) Joleen Cheney vs. (4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls

  • (1) Joleen Cheney (62%, 376 Votes)
  • (4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls (38%, 229 Votes)

Total Voters: 604

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(2) Kristen Chenoweth vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma


(2) Kristin Chenoweth

Conference: Sexy Pixies

Who She Is: Famous Actress

Biggest Strength: Tiny body, big voice

Biggest Weakness:  Can’t get that thing off the top of the fridge.

Last Game: Defeated (7) Wendy Suares 344-231



(6) Real Miss Oklahoma

Conference: REAL Miss Oklahomas

Who She Is: The Actual Miss Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Isn’t a Fake Miss Oklahoma

Biggest Weakness: Isn’t Our Girlfriend

Last Game: Defeated (3) Abigail Ogle 427-146


(2) Kristen Chenoweth vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma

  • (6) Real Miss Oklahoma (58%, 351 Votes)
  • (2) Kristen Chenoweth (42%, 252 Votes)

Total Voters: 603

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  1. Kristin Chenowith sang one of my favorite reinditions of the National Anthem. It was before the 2012 NFC Championship Game. The only problem was the game was in SF and the 49er fans were booing the NY Giant players as they were shown on the Jumbotron during the anthem.
    I saw a special on her on the YES Network about her singing the National Anthem before the Yankees opening day last year. Since she moved to New York, she is a big Yankee and Giant fan. It is interesting that she has an opera career while having Meniere’s disease. It’s in her book.

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