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Friday Night in the Big Town: Retro Video Games, Wide Open Streets and a Crawfish Boil


I’m often asked how much I am compensated for my talents. I’m not going to state the dollar amount because I don’t want emails from “old friends” who want join my entourage.

I charge top dollar, and if there are dollars higher than “top,” I bill at that price. With writing this good I don’t charge by the word, but by the letter. Watch this: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I just paid off my house. Italics go for double.

Ok, not true. Actually I beg Patrick for the work. I owe him because I once busted his above ground pool when I bet him I could cannonball from a nearby tree without hitting bottom. I missed pool and landed on the edge sending water all over the backyard like a busted dam. So embarrassing. I walk with a gangsta lean to this day.

The moral of the story is keep me from your pool. Here’s stuff to do!


Super! BitCon

Saturday, OK State Fair Park – Hobbies, Arts & Crafts Building, 9am-11pm, $6/adults – $3/12 & under

This is pretty awesome. I don’t usually start articles like that, but it’s true. It’s a big convention about retro video games. Seriously. The “con” is large enough that it requires a building at the state fair park. I’ve played video games since 1985 and I don’t believe I’ve been in a room dedicated to video games that was larger than a garage.

Super! BitCon is going to take up your whole Saturday. Deal with it. The party begins at 9 a.m. and doesn’t end till 11 p.m. If I describe everything that is happening you will miss the event because you will still be reading this. Here are a few of the highlights.

In no particular order: free arcade, live music, vendors upon vendors, a live game show, a roundtable discussion, NYC comedian Nathan Anderson and a silent auction benefitting Hotdogs for the Homeless. There is much more that I’m not mentioning.

The hardest video games ever created are for the original 8-bit Nintendo. There is no “saving” of your progress, only “continues” and cryptic passwords that resemble the HTML for this website. A friend of mine once described the difficulty perfectly. “Nintendo games were whack-ass hard.”

When I was eight, my friend Eric and I beat the game “Rampage.” The point of the game is to destroy the United States as a fake King Kong and a giant lizard. Basically you punch buildings till they crumble. The reason this game is hard isn’t the challenge, but a battle of endurance.

The boredom of “Rampage” is mind numbing and beating it took us all night, which was really cool as an 8-year-old. Like most Nintendo games the ending is an amazingly crappy “congratulations.”

But guess what, I remember it. Do you know what I don’t remember? The first time I drove a car, my name being called at my high school graduation and many other life milestone moments. As I reread this paragraph I realize how sad my life can be.

Anyways, maybe they will have the “Rampage” arcade game there. If so you’ll know where to find me.



Open streets

Open Streets OKC

Sunday, NW 23rd from Western to Robinson, 12-4pm, Free

Your dream of a vehicle-less NW 23rd will come true this Sunday. Open Streets OKC is an opportunity for the people to take back the streets from the Man. This temporary reclamation allows everyone to jog, cycle and have a good time.

It’s more than just a chance to run without worrying about cars. Many organizations are coming together to promote a healthier lifestyle and to help you have some fun. The American Heart Association, Oklahoma Bicycle Society, Sustainable OKC and many others will join in the celebration and give pointers and advice.

Plenty of food trucks will be there with healthier options (and won’t be driving). Big Truck Tacos, Smokin’ Okies Catering, Roxy’s Ice Cream Social and others will provide tasty treats.

Byron’s Liquor Warehouse, American Fidelity and Airport Express are providing space for parking. If you do park in the surrounding neighborhood please respect the residents and do not block driveways. Have fun.




3rd Annual MS Crawfish Boil

Sunday, Speakeasy – 1114 NW 51st, 2-7pm, $35 at the door

That right there is a crawfish and this Sunday he and his friends will be eaten for a good cause. For the third straight year, the Speakeasy will host the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Crawfish Boil. Thirty-five dollars brings you five hours of food, beer, wine and live music.

The money raised benefits research and awareness of MS, a disease that inflames nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, disrupting their ability to communicate. This causes physical, mental and psychiatric problems.

There will be more than crawfish for your entertainment. Test your bidding skills at six silent auctions and try your luck at 15 raffles. The prizes range from golf, sporting event tickets, health goodies and more. Live music will be provided by red dirt country band Riders Ford.

Go out, eat crawfish and help the cause.

There you go. Talk to you later.


Adam Holt is a musician and freelance journalist. He’s not a fan of spaghetti.




  1. The irony is that parking and traffic around NW 23rd is going to be a complete clusterfuck. All in the name of walking.

    • This. The owner of Queen’s Beauty Supply is probably steepling his fingers and murmuring “Excellent” like Mr. Burns in anticipation of calling tow trucks on the cars of the clueless people who park in the Queen’s lot during this event.

    • I’m thinking of this as a preview of what’s to come when 23rd becomes a more developed night scene. I pity those who live on 22nd and don’t have off-street parking.

  2. What better way to promote public transportation and mass transit (I jest) than to throw a big festival on Sunday when Metro Transit doesn’t run!

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