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Christina Fallin threw up on “Oklahoma Fashion Week”

Last week, Oklahoma Fashion Week came and went. If you missed it, consider yourself lucky. The event was promoted and organized by Oklahoma’s finest celebutante Hipster Boo Boo (a.k.a. Christina Fallin).

We know this because:

A) Hipster Boo Boo being involved in something like “Oklahoma Fashion Week” makes total sense.

B) Photos like this:

christina fallin mary fallin

Yes, that’s Mary and Christina Fallin at the Oklahoma Fashion Week media kick off. She, along with (retired) Major General Rita Aragon (this lady!), the Oklahoma Secretary of Military and Veteran Affairs, were the keynote speakers. Who would invite a crazy conservative Governor who wears open-toed shoes with hose (and a general who likes Glamour Shots) to kick off a fashion event? Oh, I know! Maybe some girl whose only source of credibility comes from her mom’s last name. Makes sense.

Seriously, Christina, get out of your mom’s shadow! Do something on your own! And by do something on your own, I don’t mean change your name to just “Christina” or run off and do awful projects with Wayne Coyne or Desmond Mason. That just makes you look even more desperate.

Anyway, if having Governor Fallin and General Big Collar didn’t convince you that Christina Fallin is the no-longer-pink-haired mastermind behind Oklahoma Fashion Week, check out these photos we grabbed of the kick off from some obscure local fashion website called “A Cuppa Fashion.” It doesn’t show any models wearing Native American headdresses, but it’s still good for a laugh:

oklahoma fashion week 2

Yikes. Here’s a closer look:

oklahoma fashion week 3

Apparently the theme to this year’s Oklahoma Fashion Week was either “The Devil Wears This Shit” or “Ugly Clothing That Doesn’t Fit Models Very Well.” Seriously, that’s some of the most ridiculous clothing I’ve ever seen. It looks like Lady Gaga got drunk and fucked Knight Rider.

You have to wonder why Christina used such, uhm, creative, loose-fitting clothes and smiley models to kick off Oklahoma Fashion Week. Actually, you don’t. The clothing was designed by some lady named Stella Thomas. Here’s some photos from her online portfolio:

stella thomas christina fallin 2

stella thomas christina fallin 3

stella thomas christina fallin

stella thomas christina fallin 4

What a coincidence!!! The same fashion designer who let Christina Fallin model her clothing line also happened to be the same designer who was featured at Oklahoma Fashion Week. Who would have predicted that.

If you want a full recap of fashion week, including a breakdown of an art show at Empire Pizza that featured live music by, get this, Pink Pony, go to KFOR.com. Always thirsty for content, they had one of Christina Fallin’s friends provide a day-by-day recap / advertorial of the week’s events. I kind of liked it. The articles were great parodies of something you’d read in a high school yearbook or So6ix. Plus, they had photos like this:

mary fallin fashion

For other photos and events to mock, you can also go to A Cuppa Fashion. The photos and writing on that site are better than KFOR, but then again, you also have to justify going to a site called A Cuppa Fashion.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for our very brief and not very thorough breakdown of Hipster Boo Boo’s Fashion Week. Oops, I meant Oklahoma Fashion Week. Next year, maybe we’ll plan and provide more real-time coverage of the events. Cardboard Jim loves fashion.



  1. This might be the greatest thing you ever posted! I think Skarky might have been MC. You are at your best when you get that enraged vitriol in your tone, Phatrick.

  2. I’d totally take advantage of my mom being the governor. You would as well. Fuck, who wouldn’t?

    But I wouldn’t do it in such a douchey way. She kinda sucks, but I’m starting to think she turned down Patrick during a drunken Edna’s night that he is still yet to get over.

  3. As soon as I saw that first picture, Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video went BOOM inside my head…

  4. As a matter of fact, which fact checking is apart of Journalism 101, I am the director and master mind of Oklahoma Fashion Week and it’s week-long events. Christina’s involvement came from years of pre-planning and grateful commitment. I previously lived in NYC 13 years and cover MBFW in New York. If you ever attended such a prestigious event, which is invite only, than you would understand what took place last week. Perhaps your invite got lost in the ogle mail. Making comments, belittling other people’s hard work and dedication to bring additional jobs to the state of Oklahoma through someone else’s views or comments is lazy. If you had attended any of the events, you would have seen the crowd was mixed from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures. Art is subjective, but ignorance is speaking about something you know nothing of. MBFW in NY always hosts a kickoff called Media Day with a local political, sports and fashion figure. Mary, Vanity and Christina fit just that. OFW looks to create jobs and promote tourism in our state. Ugly clothes included, we accomplished that.

    • Yes Virginia. You really pulled off the “shitty look”. Christina Fallin is nothing more than an entitled elitist living off her mom’s name/position (I am sure a state trooper can tell you all about mattress Mary’s positions). Nothing is worse than being born on 3rd base and thinking you hit a triple.

    • ‘As a matter of fact, which fact checking is apart of Journalism 101, I am the director and master mind of Oklahoma Fashion Week and it’s week-long events.’
      Kinda sums everything up, don’tcha think?

    • I don’t know that anything fashion related with the governors daughter is worth boasting about. And if what you’ve attended in NYC is so interesting and invite only, you must have really regressed to end up in okc and bragging having the Fallins by your side. It’s like being a really good looking lady and the only dude you manage to hook up with is your brother…. It’s not exactly boast-worthy.

    • When I saw the line up and story about this I thought that is was odd Sherri Hill was not part of the show because she is actually from Oklahoma and is big enough to show at the New York Fashion Week. That just shows how little these guys truly know about fashion

      • Sherri Hill was in the original lineup for OFW. I was invited to her show at Trump Plaza in NYC, which I attended last Fall. She was unable to be here in person which is a requirement for all designers presenting so we are showing her collection at OFW 2015, providing dates work for all parties. We have been looking for successful Oklahoma designers — apparel, accessories, etc. We open our designer application up every year to all and their involvement is dependent on their application. This goes for volunteers and those who are employed. We appreciate all publicity, positive and negative. We don’t promise to be perfect, we are working towards a well working operation. My first response on this thread was the first time I had ever heard of the Lost Ogle. I am amused and humbled by it. Basically, many of you are criticizing the looks of everyday women who elected to be apart of the start of something good for Oklahoma. Rather than seeing you are setting up a beauty standard that most women will be unable to achieve, especially in this state. Be the change you wish to see in the world and get involved rather than talk bad about it. Help us help Oklahoma have a serious fashion presence. All good things have humble beginnings.

  5. This seems like the perfect event for Abigail Ogle to buy Twitter followers at. I’m sad she missed it.

  6. I think the thing that is most irritating about Lil Fallin is that she puts forth an image of being a counter-culture, brooding voice of the underground. When, in fact, she is nothing more than Kardashian-Lite. If she would just drop the facade I think people would have more respect for her. Some people work hard to get to where they are in life, some are born into it. If she stopped acting like she was the former and accepted the fact that she was the latter then it wouldn’t come off as so contrived.

  7. Has anyone here ever actually met with Christina Fallin? I get the feeling that she is not so bad as it is indicated here.

  8. A few thoughts: Holding a fashion show at a car dealership doesn’t give it much credibility, and would be sorta like having a society wedding at the Sirloin Stockade; Models should probably be photogenic, or you should at least have a photographer that tries to capture a shot that doesn’t make them look completely ridiculous; It’s time for TLO to move on to other topics. WE GET IT! You don’t like Christina Fallin-Bacon-Fallin-Smith-Fallin. In reality, there are a lot more douchy people in OKC to cover, even if they aren’t total media whores or related to the governor.

    • Iff’in yer so tired of Missy Fallin stories why do ya keep’a clink’in on em?

      Clicks rule the relm where links r king, ya’know.

      • The Lost Ogle is to Christina as TMZ is to the Kardashians. Me think they protest too much…

        Probably in cahoots with her.

  9. The tourism and jobs talk from Virginia makes me wonder how much state money subsidized this “fashion week.”

    • If they did that’s just wrong. This was a pointless event and we have more important things for our tax dollars to be spent on.

  10. Wow, envy waxes whist intelligence wanes here for sure. Please expend more “hot air” flaming this post. I enjoy watching the intellectually pathetic struggle.

  11. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of the Fallin name (strictly political). But this post seemed to have lost focus. I’m a huge fan of the Lost Ogle, but to slander someone else’s name and long-built company [Stella Thomas] because you have some built up beef with Christina Fallin isn’t a fair match. I know Alice [Stella Thomas] on a personal level. Your assumptions about why and how she was invited to the Fashion week was not based solely on the fact that Christina modeled for her recently, but because she has a reputable impeccable attention to detail and a solid resume, not lacking in experience within the fashion world [far outside the 405] By knowing what kind of power you hold through your comical and often witty posts with the local audience, it’s a shame to see almost a high school bully-esque Facebook-like post surpass educated wit. What’s ironic is how much you’ve made fun of TMZ and high school– but this entire post reminds me of being 14 years old and watching an edition of TMZ.

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