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Why we didn’t break that story about Christina Fallin getting The Flaming Lips drummer fired…

wayne coyne headdress

It looks like Christina Fallin is the Yoko Ono of The Flaming Lips.

Yesterday, Gawker picked up on a recent Red Dirt Report story that Wayne Coyne had fired long time Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Spurlock due to some assholey, totally awesome comments Kliph made about the Christina Fallin headdress.  

The story “confirms” some tweets that we sent out in early April. We even included some patented typos for effect.

Here’s a screenshot:

flaming lips


Yeah, so I guess you can say we kind of broke the story, but I’ll agree that’s pretty weak. It’s kind of like calling shotgun when you step outside the Chesapeake Arena and still have to walk a mile to your car in Bricktown.

So, why are we tossing notable news about subjects and personalities we regularly make fun of on Twitter instead of sharing it on this site? Well, let me tell you.

On April 2nd, the day after we broke the story about Wayne Coyne jumping on the Christina Fallin headdress controversy, I received a long email from an anonymous Ogle Mole explaining that Kliph Spurlock was fired from the band in mid-March.

Here’s a snippet:

When the headdress thing initially blew up, Kliph spoke out on facebook against both the headdress and Christina in general. Called her a socialite wannabe, racist, poser, etc.  The posts were deleted of course, but Christina contacted Wayne and complained. I believe the specific complaint Christina voiced was that Kliph told her to fuck off though he had said other things too. She either complained very long after the fact or Wayne ignored it for awhile. Either way, Wayne contacted Kliph a few days after SXSW and asked about what he had said a few weeks earlier. Kliph told him and Wayne blew up via a series of late night text messages.

The next day, Wayne seemed to have calmed down, but then started attacking Kliph again that night (2nd night of controversy between them). Wayne’s position was that Kliph was making the band look like hateful people with the facebook attacks on Christina. Kliph was told he was not in the band anymore. This occurred in the early morning hours of 3/21. Kliph was told not to travel to New Orleans for their concert on 3/22. Matt Duckworth put on a wig and filled in for him.

Juicy stuff, huh. Unfortunately, the Mole wouldn’t go on record and didn’t have any screenshots of Kliph’s Facebook posts. I then went to the Interwebs to do some digging and try to confirm the rumor, but the only thing I could find were some anonymous message board posts that appeared to be written by the same person who emailed me.

Since I really don’t like to mask anonymous emails and message board posts as reliable news (look at us with actual standards), I turned to some Ogle Moles and tried to confirm the report. After asking around, I learned that Kliph did say something about Christina on Facebook, but the posts were deleted and nobody had screenshots.

Also, I wasn’t able to confirm that those posts were the sole reason Kliph was fired. From what I gathered, Kliph is an opinionated, weird guy, and there had been some tension brewing between he and Wayne for a while. If anything, the Christina Fallin post was more of a straw breaking the camel’s back than a big explosion.

In addition to all that, all the rumors coming out seemed to be leaked from the Kliph camp, which sounds like a weird place hippie parents would send their only child. I think you all obviously know how I feel about New Wayne Coyne and Hipster Boo Boo, but if I’m going to break a news story I want to get it right, and if I’m only getting half of it, there’s a good chance it probably won’t be right and I’ll have to get a job as a headline writer for The Oklahoman.

So, that’s kind why I decided not to write about the story and send out a tweet instead. I figured I’d be patient and see if more stuff developed… but then I started drinking… had a birthday… worked on other stuff… flew to Denver for a vacation… and well, here we are.

Now that the story is out there and in the national blogosphere, here are a few thoughts:

• I still don’t think we’re getting the whole story. It’s not that I don’t believe Kliph or the reports, but Gawker and RDR basically just regurgitate message board rumors, anonymous sources, etc. Yeah, the story has developed a little bit since the Norman Music Festival controversy (more on that fallout tomorrow), but there’s still a bunch of unanswered questions.

• If the reports are true, I can’t totally don’t blame New Wayne Coyne for firing the guy. For one, Kliph was the drummer of the Lips. It’s a job so important that they literally were able to put a wig on a guy to replace him. If Spencer started talking shit on Emily Sutton, I’d probably fire him, too.

• This is just another chapter in the fall of Wayne Coyne and rise of Christina Fallin. Knowing my damn luck, I’ll be the guy writing that book in 20 years. Actually, I’ll probably just tweet about instead.



  1. Theres a weirdity about this prosiness on the Ogle that reminds me of and even far exceeds the way I tend to/would like to write. I wonder is it a Okie thing? (Born in OKC, done growed up in Tulsa …)

  2. Can we just pretend Wayne Coyne died after the Lips made “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots”?

  3. I believe it is a right-wing conspiracy headed by Gov. Mary Fallin to destroy the awesome psychedelic phenomenon that is The Flaming Lips. Cliff, you will be missed.

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