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Breaking News: Shawnee couple spots mountain lion that was probably just a bobcat

oklahomamountainlion_tall paul

Once or twice a year, some local yokel calls a newspaper or TV channel claiming they saw a mountain lion on their property that was probably just a large bobcat. Then the media rushes out to file a report on the undocumented mountain lion sighting that was probably just a large bobcat without mentioning that it was a probably just large bobcat, because let’s be honest, who wants to watch or read a report about a large bobcat. Then I write about the whole thing just so I can post that image of Tall Paul being stalked by one of the only documented Oklahoman mountain lions, and well, that’s how it goes.

Anyway, it looks like the cycle has started again. Some couple from Shawnee claims they spotted a mountain lion that was probably just a bobcat on their property. From the hard-hitting investigative journalism team at KFOR:

Shawnee man says mountain lion visited his backyard

A Shawnee man says he spotted a mountain lion in his backyard several times and he says he has the pictures to prove it.

Ken Kerbo’s Shawnee home backs up to 160 acres of undeveloped property.

He is used to seeing wild deer and turkeys, but one animal took him by surprise.

So, he has a pic to prove it, you say? Let’s see it:

bobcat oklahoma

That proves it!  We do have a legitimate mountain lion that’s probably just a bobcat on the loose in Shawnee! Anything else we need to know?

Ken snapped some pictures of the animal when he first saw it about a year ago.

He says they’ve spotted the same animal twice in the past three weeks.

Wait. Are you they saying that pic of a mountain lion that’s probably just a bobcat is over year old?! I thought KFOR mentioned he “had the pictures” to prove it.

Kerbo said, “It wasn’t very big, maybe knee high to what I am. After that, this year, when we saw it, it was actually a lot bigger.”

“It followed all the way down this tree line right here. And we followed it for about 6 acres until it ducked over into the trees again and we decided to stop at that point,” said Kerbo. “Last night we sat on the porch hoping to be able to see it again. It’s like we had cameras ready. We’re ready if it ever comes back again so that we can get some good pictures.”

So, to review, a Shawnee man finds a bobcat on his property and take photos. One year later he spots the same bobcat that is now a mountain lion (because even though mountain lions can roam thousands of miles, why not?), follows it for six acres without a camera or cell phone, calls the media and tells them about it, shows them pics of the bobcat from a year earlier and, BAM, conclusive proof that we have a confirmed mountain lion sighting in Shawnee. God I love journalism. Mind blown.

Disclaimer: Oklahoma does have mountain lions. There is a chance Kerbo wasn’t confused or blatantly lying and saw a real one. Unlike the local media, I’ll believe it when I see it.


  1. Am I just a city slicker if I don’t give a flip if the wild cat that has been observed is a mountain lion, bobcat, jaguar, lynx or sabre-toothed tiger? Seems to me that the potential for harm (mainly to small livestock, pets, etc) would be about the same for each, no worse than coyotes, which I think everyone knows are roaming around the state. I am also going to assume most cats of the wild variety are going to generally run away from humans, especially Okies, well known for proclivity to carry heat.

  2. I thought a bobcat was one of those things you use to clean the snow off your parking lot.

  3. I used to run heavy equipment clearing land in NE OK county. I have seen every type of critter this part of the world has to offer. I have never seen a mountain lion, nor have I seen any lion tracks. Some bobcats can get large and at a distance they could APPEAR to be a lion. With the wildlife loosing out to humans, it wouldn’t surprise me to find one here in central OK. So, who knows. Without anything to reference in the photo you can’t tell.

  4. If you actually look into it, we’ve had confirmed sightings outside both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas. One got hit by a car near Minco a couple of years ago. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation tracks them.

  5. I have researched much about mountain lions. Mountain lions attack something that usually don’t consider formmidable such as children. In northern Washington, a girl shot and killed a mountain lion that was chasing her brother into their house. I had one close encounter and two other distanced encounters at home with a lion. I see it enough that I call it “Linus” even though he didn’t have a blanket. If mountain lions are hungry or injured, they are more likely to attack humans from the rear. That is why I carry a gun and air horn and often wear something like a hood on the back of my neck. Mountain lions attack from the back, not the front. I am trying to counter the paucity of information about mountain lions so no one won’t be killed in an attack. Some parents do like to let their kids out of the house so they can have some quiet.

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