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This happy lady chased her boyfriend around a fire station with a wrench


Lovers’ quarrels are usually pretty entertaining. I mean, the entire daytime talk show segment is based upon this theme!

While most of our fights with our significant others stop after a few mild insults and death glares, others escalated into knock-down drag out fights, ending when a guy gets kicked in the nuts and the girl’s weave is in pieces on the floor. Trust me, I’ve seen this very scenario many-a time on Maury.

One of these such events occurred this week in good ol’ Jenks, America. The cheerful lady above might look like your average, run-of-the-mill towny who frequents biker bars and has a penchant for cheap wine. Meet Teresa Christian. She got a little wily and decided to chase her man with a socket wrench.

From News on 6:

A Tulsa woman was arrested after police say she chased a man around with a socket wrench outside the Jenks Fire Station Saturday night.

Jenks Police arrested Teresa Denice Christian, 50, for public intoxication and domestic assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Police say firefighters called them to the Jenks Fire Station at 1115 West 121st Street to report a domestic dispute. The firefighters said a pickup truck pulled into their parking lot at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday, and a woman got out and got a wrench from a tool box in the back.

A man got out of the driver’s side, and the woman started chasing him, holding the socket wrench and yelling, according to an arrest report.

“The Jenks Firemen watched this in the safety of their Fire Station until the Jenks Police Department arrived and made the scene safe,” the arresting officer said in his report.

The man ran up to the fire station door trying unsuccessfully to get inside, the officer said, but then ran back to his pickup as Christian got closer to him with the wrench.

Jenks police officers arrested her and said she showed signs of being intoxicated. She had slurred speech, blood shot eyes and kept forgetting what she was saying, the arrest report states.

The man told officers they went to the Wok Wok Chinese Restaurant in Tulsa and got into a fight on the way home. He said Christian grabbed the steering wheel and tried to knock the car out of gear.

“He felt like they needed some intervention so he drove to the only place where he knew security would be at, the Jenks Fire Station,” the officer said.

Okay, so the bad guy in this story is not the drunk lady poised for attack. It’s also not the guy driving, who quite possibly may have said something snarky to warrant the attack. It isn’t even Wok Wok, for having one of the silliest names for a restaurant of all time. The true villains have got to be the firemen.

So you mean to tell me that some trick attacks a guy, he gets scared so he pulls up to a fire station to get some help, and they all just watch him through a window while a crazy lady chases him down with a heavy blunt object? A bunch of big tough firemen called the police like any regular ol’ civilian? Surely they outnumbered the drunk lady, both in numbers and girth. What’s the point of the macho uniform, the helmets, and having the sexiest job ever if you’re going to watch through the window while all the action takes place?

You would think they would have at least turned on the alarm on their truck or sicked their dalmatian on her. I betcha Emily Sutton’s boyfriend wouldn’t be caught in this sort of latent indifference.


  1. Hmmm, you usually expect these types of things to happen after a romantic evening dining out at Twin Peaks or Hooters, not Wok Wok. Maybe it was a toxic reaction to high levels of MSG and the wine.

  2. I’ll guess the laughter and betting got in the way of the firemen’s response. A good soaking with a fire hose would have damped the ardor.

  3. Resolving domestic disputes is not in the fireman’s union contract, until flame throwers, Molotov cocktails, or other incendiary devices are involved.

  4. This is why police officers always get miffed when women shower attention on firefighters.

    Also I was really hoping that this was an Emily Sutton and her bf story hahaha

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