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The Oklahoma City media sure loves a good earthquake…

oklahoma earthquak donkey

We had some earthquakes yesterday. Again.

This batch, like all the other earthquakes that have rattled OKC over the past four years as we wait for the catastrophic “Big One,” shook the ground for a few seconds, didn’t cause any major damage or injuries, and was obviously caused by the rising and falling water levels at Lake Arcadia.

The earthquake activity went viral on Facebook, and just like they always do, the pandering Oklahoma City news media was there leading the “OMG EARTHQUAKE!” charge. Let’s give credit where credit is due. If there’s one thing our media is good at, it’s capitalizing off natural disasters for ratings and website page views.

For example, KOCO Channel 5 popped out six Facebook posts about the minor earthquakes that only lasted for a few seconds, and once again, didn’t hurt anyone or cause any damage. This was partly due to Danielle Dozier feeling the earthquake live on the air, which I guess was a news event.

Check them out:

KOCO earthquake 4

KOCO earthquake 2

KOCO Earthquake 3

Koco earthquake 1

koco earthquake 5

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.42

Can we get the KFOR Social Media Bandit to give the KOCO social media folks a couple of lessons? For one, you need to try to find a picture of an animal doing something cute during the earthquake. That will really get a reaction. Two, Yahoo!’s front page is typically based upon your internet browsing history. For the most part, it’s different for everyone. For example, in addition to the Daniel Dozier earthquake video, there’s also a story about Bobby Brown, Mariah Carey, grieving fathers and diabetes. The KOCO employee who took that screenshot probably needs some therapy.

Speaking of the KFOR Social Media Bandit, they dropped the ball on this earthquake. They only posted the typical “Did You Feel It?” earthquake post. I guess it was a busy day for national stories about dogs doing adorable things you wouldn’t believe.

kfor earthquake

Holy crap, 1,231 shares just for a simple post asking people if they felt an earthquake? I know the media’s partly to blame for the overhyped coverage, but it wouldn’t be so damn easy if we didn’t take the earthquake bait every damn time.

Hell, it’s so easy to get people to share earthquake posts that Channel 25 even asked the question:

KOKH earthquake

Of course, they have some video to share, too:

kokh earthquake 2

So, we’ve examined how Channel’s 4, 5 and 25 have poured fuel over Oklahomans’ obsession with shifting plates deep beneath the surface that are in no way caused by injection wells. That just leaves one station. News 9:

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.33.59 AM

News 9 earthquake

News9 earthquake 2

News9 earthquake 3

(Does that graphic look familiar? Go back to the Channel 25 Facebook post.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.36.40 AM

People called 911 to report an earthquake? Come on, Stupid Old People Who Are Obviously Not Aware Of The Internet. Get with the times and support a local news channel’s Facebook page instead.


  1. Whoa did anyone just feel that???? Earthquake and thunderstorm in the same day only in Oklahoma!!!!!! Lol!!!!

    Ugh, I got a little bit dumber just typing that. We need a moratorium on quake buzz until we hit 5.

  2. I was watching her during the quake, I thought she was going to cry. Hell, my dog (who is the biggest wuss around) didn’t even let out a yelp.

  3. I’m just disappointed that “Stupid Old People Who Are Obviously Not Aware Of The Internet” doesn’t make for a good acronym.

  4. “a whole lot of shaking going on”? Sounds like Kelly Ogle is on the News 9 facebook page again. Hold on, he’ll check the police scanner (something I can do at home) for some incoming news. Can our news anchors think of any worse way to put context to what is happening? “Tonight, something was popping off… a man was fatally shot.” “Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire… This woman’s apartment building just burnt down.” “We have $400 for someone who really doesn’t deserve because they were a good person for a month. Now, the news, unemployment is going up and your job is disappearing.”

    It’s like they allowed the local celebrity to go to their head and they are living in Hipster Boo Boo land were everything they say is clever and wordy and not at all offensive to anyone. Either that, or they are 2 women commenting on news at 4 pm instead of reporting it. Yes, one of you is pretty hot, but unless I watch it muted, I don’t watch it.

  5. hold a town hall meeting and do what? its not like sirens can alarm for incoming earthquakes.

  6. The people who call 911 during an earthquake are the same people who drive under the speed limit in the fast lane.

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