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James Lankford and T.W. Shannon are master debaters…

shannon lankford

Sorry about the misleading headline. It’s the only way I could make last night’s debate between Republican US Senate frontrunners James Lankford and T.W. Shannon seem interesting.

In case you were doing something more fun and productive like binge watching Dr Quinn Medicine Woman or cleaning your baseboard, here’s a brief synopsis:

TW Shannon: Obama is bad. Debt is bad. Harry Reid is bad. Healthcare is bad. Immigrants are bad. Oklahoma Speaker of the House. God.

James Lankford: Obama is bad. Debt is bad. Harry Reid is bad. Healthcare is bad. Immigrants are bad. Falls Creek church camp. God.

Yeah, that’s about it. Although they have different personalities and backgrounds, there’s really not a lot that separates these two candidates on the issues. It’s like they were both conceived in the same limited government, obstructionist Fox News incubator. The main difference is one guy is financed by the Baptists, while the other is backed by the Chickasaws. Picking a side is kind of like choosing between Listerine and the gum disease gingivitis. In a perfect world, neither would exist.

If you think you can handle it, here’s the first clip from the debate along with a few other thoughts:

• The most interesting part of the debate was at the very beginning when each candidate had to nervously look directly into the camera for 10 seconds while Kelly Ogle and News on 6 anchor Terry Hood read over their bios like they were hosting a dating show. You could tell both guys were nervous as fuck.

• Actually, I take that back. The most interesting part of the debate was Terry Hood deciding to wear a lab coat. I think she was trying to intimidate the candidates by making them think about science.

•  If I had to pick a winner, I’d go with, uhm, Lankford? I don’t know. Out of the two, Lankford seems more relatable and down to earth. T.W. Shannon reminds me a little bit of Mary Fallin or George Bush. That’s probably not a good thing. So yeah, go Lankford. Now excuse me while I go chug a bottle of Listerine.


  1. James Lankford still seems like a Reptilian whose human disguise doesn’t fit quite right.

  2. Since I disagree with both men on their views, I could care less who wins. However, I am impressed with T.W. because a friend of mine went to a speaker event of his recently, and the next day, he personally called everyone who attended to thank them for attending and asked them for suggestions.

  3. One was proud to be in the thick of a government shutdown that cost us taxpayers 24 billion unfunded dollars that added to the deficit; the other can’t wait for his chance to do same.

  4. Regardless of who wins, I’m still shocked at how their campaign ads are so insulting to the intelligence of anyone who follows politics (this is not just limited to these two).
    Every Republican ad is pretty simple: XXX candidate will protect his and your family from Obama, lower taxes, do away with Obama care, is Godly, is a family man, is conservative, will not support Obama.

    I’m not being critical but the ads are so freakin simple and do not address any real issues other than: I’m not Obama, don’t like Obama, will do anything I can to hurt Obama, all in the name of my family and God.

    I mean they sound a lot like the ads used by Will Ferrell in the film “Campaign”.
    The disdain for Obama sure has given a lot of people who would never had a shot in hell of getting elected a new chance. I bet Ronald Reagan, Hubert Humphrey, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, George Bush are rolling over in their graves……………Oh wait George isn’t dead yet….my bad. LOL

  5. Shannon’s wife is way hotter. Getting to see her over Lankfords would be small concelation prize.

  6. Patrick, why Lankford? Is it that “every decision I make, is that Lankford has red hair, and we gingers have to stick together” thing again?

  7. Lankford needs to eat a burger. Not a fan of his. Not really a fan of Shannon, either. The politicians in this state leave much to be desired.

  8. I always thought Lankford’s campaign was a bit odd. The day after Dr. Coburn announced he would not seek re-election, right around the time of reports about his cancer coming back. James Lankford comes out the next day and says he is running for Senator. Really?!? The next day?!?! He already has his foot on Dr. Coburn’s back pushing him out the door.

    And then these negative ads come out. Which it seems like I am used to because errrbody does them. Shannon apologizes for them, then Lankford comes out and blasts TW Shannon saying the apology was “long overdue”. Only to have come negative ads come out from the Lankford camp against Shannon.

    BTW….I imagine if someone gets all in a tiffy about negative ads and whines about an apology, I really don’t think Washington is the place for them.

    • I have several friends in the political arena in OK and they all knew quite a while before the coburn announcement that he was stepping down. It was my understanding he held back on the news to let the party prepare for it behind closed doors.

  9. I’ve been to several of Lankford’s townhall meetings and saw him getting weak in the knees on ILLEGAL immigration…something about being a Christian and forgiveness blah blah. Now, look what we have in Texas and Arizona. I’ll vote for this Repub that I perceive to have the biggest gonads and JL “ain’t it”.

    • You think we have crime now, wait until the Romanians and Bulgarians get here! (This blog is based in England, yes? I want to get my immigrant-hating right.)

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