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Hot Girl Friday: Devon Shannon

T.W. Shannon got his ass handed to him by James Lankford on Friday. Ginger Skeletor won the race by a decisive and somewhat insulting 22.8% margin. It was the biggest ass whipping James Lankford has delivered since that time he stumbled across a science textbook at the Falls Creek Church Camp.

The results were a surprise to many analysts and insiders. Most were expecting a runoff and two more months of ridiculous negative campaign ads trying to paint two ultra-right wingers as Obama liberals. Sooner Poll even released numbers on Monday reporting that Lankford had a 43% to 35% lead, which, once again, reminds us to never take any Sooner Poll too seriously.

Anyway, don’t feel too sorry for old T.W. He’ll probably land a six-figure gig as a lobbyist or consultant and he’s still the Boy Wonder of state GOP. Don’t be surprised if you seem him running for Governor in four years or seeking a US Senate seat when the robot that’s playing the role of Jim Inhofe retires or has a total circuit board failure.

Plus, T-Dub has a hot ass wife. Her name is Devon Shannon. She’s this week’s Hot Girl Friday.

devon shannon 5

devon shannon

devon shannon

devon shannon2 devon shannon 4

devon shannon4



    • You have to kidding. Lankford’s wife looks like she could be his sister.

      (I just threw up in my mouth a little. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.)

  1. The results were a surprise to many analysts and insiders.

    Really? You can’t be surprised that a pasty white guy handily beat a minority in an Oklahoma election and still claim to be “an insider” or “analyst”………….

    Good grief.

  2. Hey, I thought it was a classy move. Love him or hate him, TW has a nice looking wife who would qualify as hot. And how can you not love, “…biggest ass whipping since Lankford found a science text at Falls Creek?”

  3. clara looper comes to mind, but just admit that this is a race issue, there was No way the pubs (republicans)
    were going to go to bat with a Negro. lets admit it was a socially accectable move to give him an ad-0rsement. But lets see it for what it is the Gov. in oklahoma is racist

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