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Steve Lackmeyer should write a book about the history of Oklahoma City strip clubs…

steve lackmeyer

Yesterday, we received one of those strange emails that people only send to us asking about old Oklahoma City’s strip clubs. The email was sent by a former OU frat boy who was probably half drunk and nostalgic for the good old days:

Having worked on the “Rush Team” for a certain OU fraternity during the late-seventies. We were tasked with taking high school seniors to the finest strip clubs in Oklahoma City. My friends, who worked by my side during those summer months and shall remain nameless, (a oil company executive, prestigious attorney, doctor, auto dealer, developer) and I have been wracking our brains trying to remember the names and location of these clubs. The obvious come to mind, the Scorpio and Red Dog. However, back in those days there seemed to be a club on almost every corner, provided you were South of NW 36th. As an avid reader of TLO, I thought your readership would be a great source to answer what has been vexing us for years… The names and locations of Oklahoma City’s strip clubs when Foghat’s Slow Ride ruled the stage.

Yeah, there are some obvious questions here:

1. High school seniors could go the strip clubs in the late 1970s? Old people got all the breaks. When I was 18 in 1996, the only place you could see boobs in person was the Club Infiniti Wet T-Shirt Contest and / or Piedmont.

2. There was strip club called The Scorpio? Is it just me, or is that the coolest bar name ever? I always thought the name of my first bar would be “The Mole Hill.” The Scorpio may change that.

3. Which Frat House took high school Seniors to Strip Clubs? Why would the Mole omit that from the email? You think that would be a selling point. “Hey, pledge Epsilon and you’ll get to see boobs and meet girls named Alexis and Raven.”

4. Who’s the nameless oil company executive, prestigious attorney, doctor, auto dealer and developer? Kind of sad, isn’t it? This guy has all these rich and powerful friends and here he is emailing a blog about old strip clubs. 

5. Can Steve Lackmeyer answer all these questions with a new book “Strip City: A History of Oklahoma City Gentleman’s Clubs and Cabarets with a Forward by Doug Loudenback?” Seriously, the guy can’t write about bricks, buildings and boulevards forever. Actually, he probably can, but it’s time for Steve to branch out and try something new. At the very least, it would be a fun project to research.

In the meantime, go ahead and share your totally legal strip clubs memories in the comments. If you share some good ones, maybe the Ogle Mole can arrange for his powerful friends to buy you or Nolan Clay a $20 lap dance.



  1. I believe back then the beer drinking age for young men was 18 or 19. The Scorpio did indeed exist. It may have been in more than one location, but the one I remember was on N. May, south of 36th street.

  2. When I pledged a fraternity in 2003, which I ultimately quit owing to its lameness, they took all the pledges to The Dragon in Lawton. It was 18 to enter…

  3. You kids…The Scorpio was at 10th and MacArthur. It’s now a “Gentleman’s Club”. The best of the worst was the Road Runner at Reno and May. For awhile, there was a little place on 23rd and Portland next to Long John Silvers where our ol’ buddy Wayne worked.

    • Sorry Howdy – the Scorpio was on May. There was one at 10th and MacArthur, just east of Mac on 10th, don’t recall it’s name, right by the Fine Arts Adult Cinema – it showed some timeless classics.

    • This. I remember a friend and I stumbled in not knowing what to expect, looking for a place with a liquor license. When we asked if they had one, this older lady who was stripping, cigarette in mouth and saggy boobs said, “The only thing in here is beer and titties!” We immediately left.

  4. I don’t know about the best but the scariest was Lil’Abner down on about S.W. 58th and Western……It was one of the Rogues motorcycle hangouts…..the things we did to see boobs.

    • First one I was ever in. There was a chick there looked like Grace Jones. I was afraid…very afraid.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I have more old bricks to write about, so I’ll have to say “no thanks.”

  6. There was one near 74th and Penn, where the south side Hooters or Old Chicago is now, I think it was called Vegas. Drove by as they were bulldozing it and it had a full basement. Not sure what went on down there.

  7. First I have to possibly call BS on the email, why? Because why in God’s name would anyone take the time to drive to OKC if the High Horse Tavern was still in play? The strip club where for a mere $1 dollar you got to lick the dancers in a very intimate way,………you drinking my sake Kemosabee?

    As for old OKC strip clubs:
    Vixens on 240 & Penn
    The Ole School…..Albee’s Valley of the Dolls and Million Dollar Salloon in Valley Brook
    And I can’t remember the place (Cowpokes/Cowboys/wranglers.. can’t remember), the old place on Shields down from the 9 hole golf course on the west side…..it was a legitimate crap hole/dive………..with nekkid womenz……

  8. Scorpio was originally at NW 22nd and Villa in a two story building that has since been torn down. Downstairs was the first all-nude strip club and upstairs pool tables, where you could play for money, as I did during college.
    They moved it to 30th and May after that. That building is still there and may be a sandwich shop now.

  9. Right around the corner from The Scorpio was The Roadrunner along with a place named Bosco’s. The latter’s sign was subtitled “Ladies in the buff”. A biker strip club somewhere in the 10th and Western area was Sinbad’s Hideaway. Sinbad’s was a good place because the girls never bothered you for jukebox change. The beer was pretty reasonable too (I was pulling down $4 an hour back in the day, so cheap beer was key.)

    • The Roadrunner and Bosco’s were further south on May. They were across from the fairgrounds. Buildings are still there, I believe. I went into both one evening. Bosco’s was definitely classier (?). I was cautioned not to touch ANYTHING at Roadrunner. The lady on-stage was about 50. It was not pretty. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I still see her.

  10. How about the ones that “burnt down”? Bosco’s & the one at 10th & Mac where the Christies was, can’t remember the name.

    • Actually, fires have been a pretty common accident at the strip clubs. Red Dog has had a couple of fires. The club that was right on the NE corner of NW10th and MacArthur had at least one or maybe two fires. Then just North of 10th on MacArthur, Fanasty Island had fire. Not to mention that fire that finally forced the closing Valley of the Dolls in Valley Brook.

      Who knew that dried up latex, vomit and urine was so combustable …

  11. As a college senior in the fall of 1975, I did a story on the demise of girlie shows at the State Fair. One could now see more on the Midway than in the tents. So I shot the exteriors of many of the strip clubs near 10th & May. Then I walked into Sinbad’s Hideaway (NW 12 & May) with a 16mm film camera hoping for I don’t know what. The bartender abruptly turned me away, so I sat across the street to the south and filmed men going and coming (through the door, you pervert!). I had the engine in my van running, foot on clutch, and in gear for a fast getaway if needed. Didn’t need to. Used the telephoto lens. Got lots of shots. Cut the story to the Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women.”

  12. Great stories – the history is writing itself. Kudos to Steve L. for being a good sport.

  13. The High Horse holy shit, flashbacks. Can’t remember where they were but mid to late 70’s there was Tricky Dickies 1 & 2 in OKC and what about Walter Mitty’s on Campus Corner?

  14. I never went, but there was a place called Shag Nasty’s on the 39th Expressway (don’t recall the cross street). I know nothing about it expect I used that name on picture day of senior year.

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