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Breaking News: Street Outlaws is staged

street outlaws

The third season of the Oklahoma City-based reality show Street Outlaws premiered on the Discovery Channel a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty exciting time for us here at TLO. Thanks to our very popular critique of the first episode, we’re usually hit with a couple of thousand page views each Monday from racing fans searching for answers to questions like:

“Is Street Outlaws real?”

“Where is Street Outlaws made?”

“Will watching Street Outlaws make me gay?”

After finding the answers to their questions, confused boys and grown men who drink Bud Ice send me totally real emails where they either a) express their extreme displeasure in The Lost Ogle or b) think we’re part of the show. Here are a few we’ve received over the past week:

i like what your doing keep being outlaws fuck the haters but i have a buell 2007 tt lightening that id really want to trade for a 350 chevy engine that i can put in 81 silverado can you help not much cash but clean bike to trade

– Joey

My girlfriend and I would love to ride out on vacation this year just to ser flipscar no disrespect he just reminded myself of me. Like all yall just really want a pic of the slut to hang on my wall with some autographs We dvr every episode. By the way when the Crow and the truck face off I prolly be jumpin up and down thank God for fast forward time. You guys be safe and take it easy. 

– Ray

Fuck you.!! You don’t know ANYTHING about racing based on the really bad article loser! How do you have ajob. WOrst writer ever lol.

– Earl

You know how you’ll spell out a word in front of your kid or dog when you don’t want them to know what you’re talking about? Something like “Should we give princess a T-R-E-A-T?” Well, I’m pretty sure you can do the same for Street Outlaws fans. Knowing that, and since I don’t want to ruin the dreams of people like Joey, Ray and Earl, I’m going to tell you a little secret:

Street Outlaws is S-T-A-G-E-D.

If you read our first review, you’d know that. But don’t just take our word for it. News 9 recently reported that the Union City Police Department – the same people who the “rebels” on Street Outlaws are allegedly trying to avoid – helped shut down a highway so the gang could put on their lady helmets and race safely without any distractions:

“Illegal” Street Racing Show Shuts Down Highway With Police Help

A show about illegal street racing in Oklahoma is raising some serious red flags, this after the show’s producers close a major US Highway. And News 9 has learned a local police department was helping them.

State Highway 81 in Union City was shut down for about 10 hours Saturday night while the crew taped the show. Burn out marks and a black oily substance still remained on the highway Wednesday.

The Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws is said to be about illegal racing on the streets of Oklahoma City, but in reality they were shooting about 20 miles outside OKC in Union City.

When News 9 photojournalist Cody McDonell showed up with a camera Saturday night he was told he had to leave. A guy wearing a T-shirt flashed a badge and identified himself as a “police officer in Oklahoma”.

“It is a permitted area. It is closed,” he said.

And even though News 9 was on a public street, a Union City police officer stepped in and threatened to throw our photojournalist in jail.

“If you don’t want to leave I will put you under arrest,” he said.

Officers on the scene said since this was permitted area we were not allowed to be there. On Wednesday Union City Police Chief Robert Ague said we were creating a hazard.

“Creates a hazard for the motoring public and whenever you have vehicles sitting off on the side of the road it creates a traffic hazard,” he said.

Wait a second. Union City Police Chief Robert Ague? He’s the same guy who was arrested wouldn’t investigate when one of his employees stole a gun from a fellow officer and sold it to a convicted felon. I’m glad he’s warning us of the traffic hazards created by having the media park their cars along a public road that’s closed so guys can drag race at high speeds.

That’s just nuts. It makes me wonder if Street Outlaws is more real than we thought. Whether you’re racing street cars on closed roads, stealing copper wiring or making meth in a shed in your uncle’s backyard, getting protection from a crooked small town police department is important to any illegal enterprise. Hopefully that becomes a plot point on the show. Maybe they’ll have Big Chief give the police chief a set of freshly stolen rims and tires as payoff.

Anyway, News 9 talked to apparent first amendment expert Joey Senat and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol about the legality of shutting down a public road to film a staged reality show and then blocking the media from being there. You can watch the video here. Or, if you simply want to send us an email complimenting the great work we do on Street Outlaws, visit our contact us page.


  1. Same way in El Reno when they race here. The cops have the road closed when they are racing.

  2. Even without you guys giving us the real deal on this “reality” show most folks already knew it along with most of these shows are staged(don’t get me started on how these once educational channels used to show good programming) but how is all of this stuff happening in union city without some higher authority stepping in and cleaning house. I mean heck ODOT & OHP got a tad upset over this one

  3. I guess next you are going to tell us Allen Haff and Ton Jones stage their auction finds?

  4. I don’t see the big deal for Channel 9. The permits purchased are for Movie/TV. With the permit the movie/TV has exclusive rights to the area for the specified time. News channels can’t go to movies sets in NYC/LA and film/interview people during a scene/filming. Whether anyone likes the show, it is a legitimate TV show, and simple being called “reality” does not make it “real”. Channels 9’s attempt to film/interview adds to the facade of it being real racing instead of a staged show.

    • It’s a public road, not a private film set. It’s also arguable whether Union City cops even have the right to close the road down, since it is a state highway. If they want to film in some guy’s back yard, fine. But when they are closing off public access to a state highway built with taxpayer money, the media have every right to question what the hell is going on.

  5. I work on that show. While it is the stupidest job I’ve ever had I can verify that the racing is in fact real. The show does obtain permits and won’t shoot a race without one. Why was the journalist turned away? Because that’s what happens when you show up unannounced on a closed flim set… any film set. It doesn’t matter if it’s Rudderless, or a Riverwind commercial, or the shittiest of reality shows production insurance doesn’t cover whoever the he’ll feels like dropping by. Someone working in broadcast should know that. By all means, don’t put your pitchforks just yet, if this really bugs people that much quit watching and it will disappear. I personally don’t mind it. It gives a lot of OKC flim freelancers work because there are only so many casino commercials that can be made a year.

    • Fantastic and true response. I’m a huge fan of the show and know obviously they are not really trying to Street race with the general public on a busy Highway. The main point is these cars have a ton of horse power and are really racing. It’s much more fun watching these cars race on the highway than at the drag strip. One of my favorite shows imo

    • This isn’t private property. It’s a public road. A state highway. I’m not even sure if local cops have the authority to close off a highway for this purpose, especially if the highway patrol isn’t notified. And even if they do, a news crew still has every right to be just outside the closed area filming, which is what was going on here.

  6. Ssshhhhhhhhhocking.

    One thing, however, I clicked on the video link and it wasn’t Ague that was arrested, it was Scottie Brothers. Unless I missed something.

  7. I think we should get John Stossel to investigate. Maybe Big Chief will box his ears. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will keep him from working at Fox News. They don’t need to hear the truth to report from Bullshit Mountain.

  8. The show is entertaining. Why do you express so much negativity about it? I agree, some of the people on it are major D-bags, but to say the cars are not cool would be an anti “Merica” thing to say. I guess if there is ever a show about bloggers who bash any and everything there is, you will be a huge fan.

    Keep up the good work. I love the work you do, especially the blogs about Mary Fallen and her daughter.

  9. So why didn’t the reporter call OHP? *55 is easy and OHP has primary jurisdiction there. That permit would have to be a state permit not a local scribbled on a napkin one. The show would have been much better if OHP showed up and busted everyone hahaha

    • Never Happen … It’s all about the $$$ generated or changing hands !!! We see How the OHP reacted ,Heads in the Sand

      • Dude the OHP can’t arrest people/show up to a movie/TV set and make issues if the movie/TV shoot has the proper permit, of which it appears the show obtains. The OHP was embarrassed/upset because they commented based upon information provided by News9, once it was determined/discussed what actually was happening their was nothing for them to do.

        • It is a state/federal highway. Arbitrarily closing it for 10 hours without notifying OHP, ODOT, posting required detour signs is a serious concern.

  10. Ok so when the show is filming they close the roads..News9 could not get on set…Big deal! That does not mean that they are fake! Also just because they street race does not make them crooks so the comment about Cheif was uncalled for! Everyone has a choice, you can watch the show and enjoy it or not watch it. But stop making a big deal out of news9 not being able to get on set! I like to watch the show! Even if what they show on tv is on a closed road it is still cool to watch! They still race other times on the street when the cameras are not on!

  11. Can we please get back to more important local news topics, Like, why and when did Joleen Cheney move to Channel 9???

      • Just curious, when does reposting a twitter/facebook page that states she has moved constitute “breaking” a story? That’s like when OU puts out a presser and then BBJ and Deaner come on TV and read the press release and say they broke the story.

        • I’m not sure. Since we broke the Joleen news before it was announced on Facebook and Twitter (she confirmed it later that day), I’m not qualified to answer.

  12. As a life long Oklahoman and a few year reader of Lost Ogle… What the hell is Street Outlaws? I remember something about it on this site, but I don’t care about guys trying to pretend they have bigger genitalia by buying car parts and having mechanics put it in for them so that they can race down a street, as most “street racers” do. “Ah, your 97 Civic has turbo now? And how much of that did YOU do?” “I screwed on the gear shifter and put the NOS sticker on my back window. I’M FUCKIN GREASE MONKEY!!!”

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