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Wiley Coyrus released the world’s worst short film…

In retrospect, maybe that dead dog tattoo wasn’t that bad of a decision.

Earlier this week, Wiley Coyrus released a short “film” titled “Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain.” I put the word “film” in quotes out of respect to any movie made by Adam Sandler or Michael Bay. 

The film, if you want to call it that, is typical Wayne Coyne “shock” art. In case you’re new to the show, that means it’s awful, lacks artistic merit, and was simply made for notoriety and attention. Here’s a synopsis via Billboard:

The five-and-a-half-minute video features Moby as an “evil, power-hungry cult leader,” as Flaming Lips leader Wayne Coyne tells Rolling Stone; Cyrus as the keeper of a magic brain that apparently “contains the original formula for the drug LSD”; and a blonde woman who steals the magic brain, causing Cyrus to lose her mind and enlist “a burned-face Santa and a lesbian Bigfoot” (again, Coyne’s description, not ours) to track it down. The short film is the stuff of nightmares, but then again, dreams are typically more coherent than a series of random shots of exposed breasts, technicolor acid, mushy brains and the Flaming Lips performing amidst cardboard clouds and rainbows.

Yeah, the most absurd thing in all of that is Moby playing the role of an “evil, power-hungry cult leader.” WTF, Moby? Were the Chemical Brothers not available? Was Fatboy slim too busy dancing in the Penn Square Mall food court?

Anyway, here’s the movie. Be warned, it does show a naked lady walking around with a jelly brain, so it’s probably NSFW:


As I’m writing this, there are two guys installing new siding on my house. Listening to them hammer and saw metal in my backyard is literally more enjoyable than that video. Well, except for the parts that showed boobs. That’s always kind of cool.

Anyway, you have to wonder what’s next for Wiley Coyrus. They’ve consumed awful drugs together, released awful music together, got awful matching tattoos together and released awful short films together. I’m not a Bethany Police Detective or anything, but I’m seeing a clear pattern developing here. Expect an awful sex tape to come out very soon.


  1. We used to screen for DeadCenter. So I’ve seen some pretty awful films. I thought nothing could be worse than a German 15 year old with an iPhone and no editing skills submitting a 15 minute short to DeadCenter.

    I take that back. There’s the 15 year old, 4 layers of shit, 3 layers of smegma, another layer of semen, then the Wiley Coyrus pile of excrement I just watched.

    I want those five and a half minutes of my life back! Well, except for the parts with the naked girl. I’ll keep those seconds.

  2. It’s pretty self-explanatory. That bitch stole her motherfucking brain.

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