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Mary Fallin isn’t so popular…

mary fallin sesame street

Earlier this week, The Tulsa World reported that Governor Mary Fallin’s approval rating hit an all time low of 52%. To put that in perspective, The Phantom Menace has a 57% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. So basically, people approve of shitty movies more than our bad governor.

From The Tulsa World:

The past year has taken a bite out of Gov. Mary Fallin’s approval rating, polling over the past four years indicates.

Fallin’s favorability with Oklahoma voters dipped to 52 percent in early June, according to an Oklahoma Poll conducted for the Tulsa World by SoonerPoll.com.

That represents a new low for Fallin in Tulsa World polling, and a 19-point drop from her high of 73 percent in September.

Falling’s rating stood at 71 percent a year ago.

Bill Shapard of SoonerPoll.com said some difficult political situations have likely cooled the enthusiasm of both conservatives and moderates. He specifically mentioned Fallin’s continued resistance to the Affordable Care Act’s expanded Medicaid program, and a revolt against important elements of the governor’s education agenda.

Yeah, this isn’t too big of a surprise. As Bill Shapard mentioned, there are several good reasons for people not to like Mary Fallin. He did miss some obvious ones, though.

First of all, she’s a woman. That definitely can’t help her cause. Whether we’re putting them in prison or simply telling them what they can or can’t do with their body, Oklahoma has a long, storied history of doing everything possible to make life miserable for women. The fact that we even have a female Governor is kind of a surprise.

Second, there’s that whole open records thing. How could you approve a Governor who wants to keep open records secret? If you’re going to turn down federal dollars that provide healthcare coverage for poor Oklahomans in order to advance your own political career, at least let us see the emails that helped you decide.

Third, she’s the George W. Bush of governors. Whenever she gives a speech, you can tell that she literally doesn’t comprehend a word of what she’s saying. Thank God a state can’t declare war, otherwise we’d be occupying Alberta, Canada to protect the interests of Continental Resources. I can’t wait to see her paintings once she retires.

Anyway, these new polling numbers have to be good news for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Smokin’ Joe Dorman, right? According to The World, maybe not.

Shapard sees little chance that Fallin’s slipping poll numbers will change November’s general election. Fallin is opposed by term-limited Democratic state representative Joe Dorman and two lesser-known independents.

“I don’t see a scenario where Joe could (win),” Shapard said.

That sucks. I wouldn’t bet money on Joe Dorman to win, but upsets can happen, right? Just ask Brad Henry. Maybe someone can convince Gary Richardson to run as an independent again?

Seriously, Joe Dorman would be a cool Governor. And no, I’m not just saying that because we both have crushes on Joleen Chaney and I’d probably be invited to his keggers at the Governor’s mansion. You see, Joe also hates The Phantom Menace. According to sources, it’s Mary’s favorite Star Wars film. There’s another reason to disapprove.


  1. I’d say she’s more like a Republican Barack Obama. Sounds like she will do things Republicans want, but really is just making a mess. And is terrible at speaking.

  2. Getting the new puppy and doing a name the puppy contest was also a move to garner votes from the pet lovers.

  3. I don’t know ANYBODY who actually says they like her. On the other hand, the majority of people I know also simply won’t vote for a democrat because “he must like that damned Obama.” Joe doesn’t have the benefit of a third party candidate siphoning Republican votes, or Barry Switzer, or cockfighters. Meanwhile, the democrats still can’t figure out that the completely fucked-up ballot access laws that THEY passed while in power are only hurting THEM. I’ve been talking about this since 2006, and still nothing. They also have some of the most inept, screwed up county organizations imaginable. They (as a group) haven’t got the brains to win, or apparently the will to change.

    • Go to your average Oklahoma suburb and interview the 55+ crowd. You will probably get an 80% approval of the people sampled.

      • They will hold their noses and vote for her. That doesn’t mean that they like her. They tend to be judgmental. They don’t favor a divorcee who screws a trooper on the job with a wild-ass daughter who can’t control herself. On the other hand, as long as she tows the party line, they will continue to vote for her. That doesn’t mean they like her. Don’t forget, she was shoved into Congress in favor of Largent. They didn’t trust her then, they don’t like her now.

  4. Wahoo!! Another Mary Fallin sucks and Oklahomans are ignorant thread….Cutting edge I tell ya.
    Oh yeah, can’t forget the dumb ol’ George Bush reference. We only thought that chatter had dried up, what, 4 years ago or something. However, I am a little disappointed. You failed to bring Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake into this. I know, I know, Continental Resources…But have you not heard. Aubrey is about to lose his position with Chesapeake. At least that is what Reuters is reporting.
    Like Yoda once said, cutting edge you are.

  5. The people SoonerPoll really need to ask about Mary’s job performance are the slime at ALEC, which provides her legislative agenda and lobbyist money. And I’m sure they still love her.

    Even if they didn’t, too many Derps are only going to vote for the “R” by her name, just like they did for Barresi back in 2010.

    Only thing that takes her down is if there’s a real Trooper scandal or she took test shots when she got her marriage proposal at the Playboy Mansion and those somehow get out.

    • Yes, those same Derps that voted for Brad Henry just because he had the “R” beside his name. Uh, wait a minute..

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