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About that Norman kid who wore an old man mask to rob banks…

Old Man bankrobber

I’ve never really thought about the logistics of robbing a bank, mainly because I’ve always assumed that there wasn’t much money to be had from it. Like, the tellers can only give you so much, so the ROI isn’t really that great. Card counterfeiting is really where it’s at. And that can be done pretty easily and with little technical knowledge. Not that I’ve researched it or anything. Also, I saw The Wolf of Wall Street. I know how to illegally get a lot of dollars if the need ever arises.

But it turns out that not everyone has given this much thought to stealing the money of others. In fact, some kid robbed a few banks and went undetected.

From News 9:

The FBI calls him the “old man” masked robber. Now, Cleveland County Prosecutors are unveiling who’s behind that mask, filing two counts of first-degree robbery.

Andrew Wilson, 17, is charged as a youthful offender. He is accused of wearing an old man’s mask, a sport coat, and gloves in a series of bank robberies in Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties in 2014.

On February 26, 2014, Wilson allegedly robbed the IBC Bank at 2301 N. Portland in Oklahoma City. Surveillance cameras capture several images of the robbery. Two months later, April 26, 2014, Wilson admitted to using the same disguise to rob the IBC Bank at 513 N.E. 12th Street in Moore. The Midfirst Bank at 1037 S.W. 19th Street in Moore was allegedly the last in the series of robberies.

Investigators claim Wilson stole $8,205.00. In each incident, he gave the bank tellers handwritten notes that stated, “I have a gun in my pocket…get the money out of the drawer.”

Witnesses told investigators the robber “thanked” the tellers and told them to have a great day. In one case, witnesses said he also took a sucker from the counter after collecting the cash.

Well, now. Who says the kids these days don’t have manners? And who can resist a stale Dum Dum. And now that I know robbing banks is easy enough for a kid to do, I kind of have a new career plan.

“The vehicle he used had a stolen license plate on it so they had a plate number but they weren’t able to connect the vehicle to the license plate,” Greg Mashburn, Cleveland County District Attorney said Wilson was not considered a suspect in the investigation until he turned himself in.

“He was able to make it for a few months, but typical with cases like these, they end up breaking, eventually. So, it was probably only a matter of time before law enforcement got him tracked down,” said Mashburn.

Mashburn explained Wilson handed over his disguise and $6,825 to authorities and told them he never actually had a gun on him during the robberies.

“He’s a good kid, a good student,” Gary James, Wilson’s defense attorney said his client does not have a criminal history, ” he voluntarily contacted authorities because he is trying to do what’s right.”

And he would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for himself, the meddling kid….

He’ll really regret giving that money back when he heads off to college. Seriously, he can spin that story into the best college entrance essay ever, but it won’t matter when he can’t afford to attend a class because he gave up all those hard-stolen dollars. I mean, maybe he is a good student, as the story says, but how far does that really get you?

And while we’re on the subject of good kids, can I just say that this kid’s actions are clearly a critique of the public education system? Sure, he’s good and smart. But he’s got time and the energy to steal large sums of money. Clearly he’s not being challenged enough in school and he’s bored. This isn’t the fault of his schools or his teachers, but really of a system that thoroughly rewards mediocrity. As someone who graduated in the top 2% of their class but spent most of their school days smoking cigarettes at Gossett Park, trust me. I know.


  1. Look, bank robbing is a profession, like prostitution, like racketeering, like running the numbers….. it pays if you can make it work. But you have to pay to play the game….. must be somthin about that rush….

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