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Meg Alexander was snubbed by Mary Fallin on the Ice Bucket Challenge…

Although it’s tempting, I don’t want to be to that guy who bags on the ice bucket challenge fad. For one, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. Out of all the diseases and illnesses out there that I think I’m going to get in the next six months, ALS scares me the most. Two, we have rightwing Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle for that:

aaron tuttle nuts

Yeah, ALS is murdering babies for scientific research. Obviously, that’s 100% scary and true. Know what else is 100% scary and true? Aaron Tuttle is a degreed meteorologist with over 50,000 Facebook fans. What the hell? I guess he’s the guy for people who like a little bit of crazy with their 5-day forecast.

Because we’re cool and on the leading edge of videos that will soon overwhelm your Facebook feed, we first covered the Harlem Shake of Good Causes back in mid-July when Meg Alexander took the plunge. Here’s her tweet about it:

Surprisingly, Mary Fallin accepted Meg’s challenge and poured a bucket of ice water over her head. Even more surprisingly, she didn’t melt! Zing!

Here’s the terrifying video:

Seriously, Mary nominated Burns Hargis, David Boren, Mike Gundy and Bob Stoops? Will this lady’s relentless attacks on our education system ever stop? At least she didn’t nominate all the third graders she wanted to flunk.

Anyway, you’d think Meg Alexander would be pretty excited that the Governor of Oklahoma took her challenge? Well, not so fast.

On August 18th, KOCO’s Jessica Schambach took the ice bucket challenge and called out Governor Fallin. Even though Meg did hers in mid-July, Schambach is getting all the credit!

From NewsOK.com:

KOCO-TV news anchor Jessica Schambach challenged the governor to participate, and Fallin challenged University of Oklahoma President David Boren and football coach Bob Stoops, as well as Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis and coach Mike Gundy.

When Fallin’s turn came, she noted, “I don’t get my hair messed up too much in public,” before a “three, two, one” countdown. Brauer upended the bucket on the governor’s head and back.

“Wooooooooo! Woo-hoo!” Fallin shouted as she jumped to her feet, her wet hair plastered to her head. She waved her arms, jumped around and gave Brauer a hug. “That’s cold.”

“That wasn’t too bad,” she said a moment later. “I invite everyone to do it in Oklahoma.”

Even the Governor is giving props the Jessica. What a, uhm, Scham…

If you didn’t catch it, Mary said she’s going to donate to the ALS Association. I guess that means she supports baby murderers!

Anyway, I feel a little sorry for Meg Alexander in all this. She was an early adopter of the ice bucket challenge, called out the governor, and now doesn’t get any credit. Trust me, we know how she feels. We never get credit for anything. If she wants to pull an Aaron Tuttle and cry like a baby, we totally understand:

aaron tuttle sad


  1. Which all goes to prove that she is a follower and has no real concern for this cause. She could have become involved a month earlier and really kick start the fundraiser and put a meaningful voice behind it and give it credibility. Instead, like every other issue she deals with, she waited until polls showed that this would not hurt her political position before doing it. Surprise.

  2. How ignorant are Aaron Tuttle’s followers (or how ignorant does he think they are) that he needs to clarify that a meteorologist is a (weatherman)?

  3. Several “celebrities” went off on that ALS embryo farming/murdering babies/religion stuff several days ago. Nothing new here Tuttle, now go away.

  4. “Wooooooooo! Woo-hoo!” Fallin shouted as she jumped to her feet, her wet hair plastered to her head*. She waved her arms, jumped around and gave Brauer a hug. ”

    *There’s something about Mary…all freakin’ day, with that one!!

  5. “We drink elixirs that we refine
    From the juices of the dying
    We are no monsters, we’re moral people
    And yet we have the strength to do this
    This is the splendor of our achievement
    Call in the air strike with a poison kiss”

  6. She lept like a born again christian, what a poser. I personally throw my self in cold H2o every day. Its called a river 42° north this fad is a chintzy fundraiser for a genetic disorder, let’s see em sweat it out for AiDS, how about we start a challenge this summer in southwest okla. We can call it “Sweating for Somalia”

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