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KOCO wants to know if you speak Oklahoman

Last week, the folks at Channel 5 got a little bored and decided to break state law and ask if their readers speak Oklahoman. In case you’re not familiar, Oklahoman is the ebonics for conservative Christians. If you literally have nothing to do and want to burn your eyes, hop over to Facebook and check out the [...]

Let’s make fun of some local mugshots from KOCO.com..

As you all know, I enjoy browsing mugshots online and while I wait in line at Walgreens. It’s like looking at a who’s who of popular kids in high school. Well, maybe not “popular,” but the cool kids whose parents let them do whatever they wanted… which means they were negligent. In the past, I’ve [...]

KOCO’s Paul Folger has a Pinterest page…

I’ve never been too sure about KOCO Channel 5 anchorman Paul Folger. This is for several reasons. 1. He seems to lack that “most trusted man in America” vibe that you look for in an anchorman. Sure, the Ogle brothers may come across as boring and old-fashioned in their “rants” and “two-cents,” but at least they have [...]

This guy is the new Chief Meteorologist for KOCO Channel 5…

After being rejected by David Payne, Zach Daniel, and just about any other weatherperson with a clue, KOCO Channel 5′s three-month search to find a replacement for Rick Mitchell has ended. They have promoted Damon Lane, the station’s former morning weatherman, to Chief Meteorologist. Via the Dallas-based website Uncle Barkey: CBS11 reporter Melissa Newton, who joined [...]

Is this the new Chief Meteorologist at KOCO Channel 5?

To answer the question that was so innocently teased in the headline: No, that’s not the Chief Meteorologist at Channel 5. It’s actually Jennifer Zeppelin. She’s a back-up weatherperson at KTUL Channel 8 in Tulsa and is temporarily filling-in at KOCO Channel 5 until they’re finally able to coerce someone into accepting their open Chief [...]