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College Football Musings from the Train: Bedlam Recap Edition


The Game

In what was likely the best Bedlam game in history, the Oklahoma Sooners improbably defeated the highly ranked and favored Oklahoma State Cowboys 33-24 on the frozen tundra of Boone Pickens Stadium. The Sooners were outgained by the Pokes 400 yards to 358, but scored twice on special teams and rode the unlikely Bedlam hero Blake Bell to a last-minute victory. Bell was one of three quarterbacks used by Oklahoma in the game, with starter Trevor Knight sustaining a dislocated shoulder to his non-throwing … shoulder … late in the first half. And with Kendal Thompson being largely ineffective, likely due to the ridiculous manner in which he was used, Blake Bell stepped up and led the Sooners’ to victory, culminating with a seven yard touchdown pass to Jalen Saunders with 19 seconds left in the game.

College Football Musings from the Train: Thanksgiving, Bedlam, and the Undressing of Baylor


10) Oklahoma/Kansas State

Yeah, piss off OSU fan, I am not starting with your beat down of Baylor because Bedlam is coming up and eff you.

So … about that Iowa State game being OU’s last win …

College Football Musings from the Train: Oklahoma State is Good, Oklahoma is Whatever


10) Oklahoma State hammers Texas

Oklahoma State trounced Texas Saturday afternoon 38-13 in workman-like fashion. Despite running 24 less plays, and despite not having it’s best playmaker, the total yards amassed by OSU nearly mirrored that gained by Texas, which goes to show that the offense is an efficient, if not spectacular aspect of this OSU team. Which is all Gundy needs from his offense, as this defense continues to make big play after big play.

Leading 21-10 in the final minute of the first half, Case McCoy attempted a pass he physically cannot complete, and was intercepted by Justin Gilbert, who took the pick to the house, effectively ending the game. Gilbert’s oskie was one of three given up by McCoy on the evening. And even without the turnovers, OSU played well on defense, allowing 3.4 yards a carry to a team that has enjoyed significant success running the ball since the end of September.

It seems like I say this every week, but the country going find out how good this veteran defense really is in five days.


College Football Musings from the Train: Oklahoma State Rolls



For the depressing first half of this post, where I talk about the violation of the University of Oklahoma, click here.

5) Oklahoma State hammers Kansas in an ugly manner

When you play the conference cellar dweller at home, and you put up 359 yards of total offense, and you allow your opponent to have the ball 15 minutes longer than you, and barely complete 50% of your pass attempts, yet win 42-6, your fans roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, and curse paying a dime for having to watch that boorish game.

College Football Musings from the Train: The Violation of Oklahoma



10) Well, that was fun now wasn’t it

So … last week I said three things needed to happen for OU to have a chance to beat Baylor:

a) run the ball effectively
b) no mistakes from the QB position
c) make Baylor one-dimensional


The Sooners were embarrassed Thursday night 41-12 in a game I was able to view in complete sobriety. Which was an unfortunate way to watch that bullshit. Oklahoma was bullied, pushed around, and out finessed by a team that couldn’t stop a nose bleed last year. Now they look like OU circa 2008. Or Miami circa 1988.

The Bears came out firing, hammering the OU running game and forcing the non-drop back passing Blake Bell to, well, become a drop back passer. And we all see how that ended up. Oklahoma finished with a pathetic 237 total yards, showing an equal inability to throw or run the ball. Baylor completely dominated the line of scrimmage, doing exactly what OU needed to do by establishing a power running game, then going over the top on a winded defense.

Baylor wasn’t exactly Super Tecmo Bowl great, but they still managed to move the ball effectively, especially on the ground, rushing for 255 yards on 54 carries. Oh, and that quick strike offense? They had the ball 5 more minutes than the ground and pound “attack” of the Sooners.

Baylor may not play for a national title, but they will win the conference and will get a chance to play another really good team in a BCS game.

This is Baylor we are talking about. BAYLOR.