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Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week 11

10) Eh…

Oklahoma didn’t play poorly. 460 yards of offense. COnverted 9 of 13 third downs. Efficient passing game. Averaged 4.6 yards a carry.

Baylor wasn’t exactly lighting the world on fire. 172 yards passing. 4.9 yards a rush. 5 yards a play. Outgained by Oklahoma in total yards.

No, the stats show OU didn’t play bad. The result showed Oklahoma played lackadaisical football. Oklahoma defeated the hapless Baylor Bears 42-34 Saturday afternoon. But two turnovers, including the obligatory Landry Jones “WTF” throw kept Baylor in the game. That and an emphasis on running the ball. OU again finished in the negative in the turnover battle, causing some to wonder (e.g. me) when the Sooners are going to lose a game they shouldn’t because they can’t come out ahead on turnovers … like, maybe this weekend.

9) Per Usual, OU Plays Average and everything is “Fine”

Every time OU loses, “we were outcoached, out played, we have to get better, we have to coach them up”. When we win playing below average, the media has no idea what they are talking about, the fans are idiots, and all that matters is that we won. All we care about is the win, Stoops says. We did exactly what we were supposed to do, Coach says about a team that gave up 252 yards rushing. Good to know the team played a winless Baylor team in conference to a stellar one possession win. At home.

You know something else I know, Coach? No other effing team this year has used every one of their first half timeouts with 10 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter.

Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week Ten

10) Landry Jones is (Still) Maddening

No college quarterback in the state of Oklahoma in the past decade has been as maddeningly inconsistent as Landry Jones. He can win you games, he can lose you games. He throws rocket 25 yard seam passes in a window the size of watermelon, and then throws passes a senior in high school won’t throw. The only thing consistent about Jones is that you can expect nothing.

Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week Nine

By the time you read this, The Day After Tomorrow will manifest itself in reality on the East Coast. New York City is about to get hit with 75 MPH winds, 8 inches of rain, and a six-foot storm surge. Or, as Oklahomans call it, April.

Here’s the Week 9 Power Poll for one of the biggest sports night’s in our state history:

10) Second Verse, Same as the First

Seems to be a pattern developing here. A good to great, fundamentally sound, well-coached team outlasts the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman in 2012. Notre Dame soundly defeated the Sooners in Norman Saturday night. The Irish committed no turnovers and one penalty. They averaged 5.5. yards a rush, and gave up less than a yard a carry. They were 7-15 on 3rd down. They had a five-minute advantage in time of possession.

Oklahoma didn’t play bad. Notre Dame played perfect. That’s really about it. Yes, Heupel could have actually ran a hurry up offense and remembered the Tech and Texas game plan  Yes, the lines could have played tougher. Yes, Landry could have been sharper. The Kansas State loss was more about Oklahoma’s failures. This loss was more about Notre Dame’s effectiveness. The talent is there in South Bend. Now there is a coach how can facilitate the talent.


9) Stripe the Stadium

Eh, I guess. It looked pretty good. But that’s what Oklahoma has come to? Gimmicks? We aren’t Oklahoma State. OU football does not need “white outs” or “frisbee catching dogs” to claim relevance. I fully expect a Nike Day next season, complete with pinstripe uniforms and shoes with jetpacks.

Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week Eight

10) Boring Ass OU/KU Game was Boring

This game was over by the time the Boy Scouts showed everyone their seats, and was completely unwatchable after the first few minutes of the second half.

To the mild surprise of some, including me, OU was anything but flat. Some will complain about the 185 yards rushing they surrendered to Kansas, but that happens when your opponent rushes the ball 58 times. OU did give up over 300 yards of offense to Kansas, but hell, Kansas ran 86 plays, averaging a paltry 3.6 yards a play. Normally this post would be filled with colorful language when an OU opponent runs 35 more plays than the Sooners. But again that happens when you have two special teams touchdowns and the game is out of hand midway through the 3rd. Yes, OU should have run the ball more often. Yes, there were scores of swing passes. And that won’t cut it next week. But OU can take from this game the knowledge they did exactly what they needed to do to win - avoid a letdown.


9) OU/Notre Dame

And let the hype begin. Notre Dame travels to Norman this weekend for a prime time showdown against the Sooners, complete with College GameDay, tradition, and my drunk ass downing bourbon like fun-sized Snickers bars.

This game truly has epic potential. Though the season has a long way to go, I fully expect a 2008 Texas Tech like atmosphere both outside and inside the stadium this Saturday, only with annoying Notre Dame fans everywhere. Tickets are at a premium that I have never seen. We are looking for four tickets together, and I see nothing under $450 per ticket. Some jerky offered me $2,000 … per ticket. News flash – this isn’t the effing Super Bowl. It’s the biggest non-conference game in decades, but I not blowing my weekly wine budget on four hours I am unlikely to remember.

Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week Seven

For the much cooler, 5.8mb, it will probably slow down your work computer, animated .GIF of that image, go to The Big Lead. For my power poll, read the words below:

10) Who In The Blue Hell is Calling the Plays?

Three weeks ago, I said the following …

“[Heupel] is in over his head. He is terrible at making adjustments. He is terrible at creating a system that suits his personnel. And his offense is a gimmick that will never win anything. I was hoping last year showed this coaching staff that BS spread from the shotgun isn’t the future and the Sooners would make a commitment to a power I, run first offense. I could not have been more wrong. Heupel and his offense need to go.”

Do I know how to call ‘em or what?

Plays under center. Fullback trap. Play action roll out. Full house backfield. Max protection. Yes, we still run too many plays from shotgun. But you can’t argue with 680 total yards against an FBS opponent, especially one that was supposed to have a great defense. OU nation must be thrilled with the changes Stay Puft made to the offense after Kansas State. Over 300 yards rushing and passing. And he stuck with the run even after Williams was being stuffed play after play. He’s a different guy right now.

9) And Then There is the Defense

Say what you want about the Texas defense. They haven’t been very good all year. West Virginia, Oklahoma State, and to an extent Ole Miss went up and down the field on Texas. So I don’t think anyone was too shocked OU managed to move the ball.

That being said … Texas was playing excellent offense. Ash was efficient if not spectacular. The running game had been stellar. Texas looked like a good offensive football team.

And then Mike Stoops cock slapped them in front of 95,000 people.

I don’t know how he has done it this year with this rag-tag group of players. There is not a single defensive lineman who will play significant time at the next level. The linebackers were terrible against the run and pass last year. And the defensive backs … my God, the defensive backs last year were atrocious. With virtually the same personnel, Mike Stoops has taken a defensive ranked 60th in total defense last year to a top 10 defense in 5 games. Stunning.

8) Which Leads Me to This …