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TLO Trivia Night Recap: Comic-Con Edition


Social media was overrun this weekend with posts from OKC nerds posting stuff from other nerds who were at the nerd orgy that is Comic-Con. I won’t lie. I wish I was there. Is it because it’s a gathering of like-minded people who are passionate about things they like? Maybe. Is it because Olivia Munn might be there and I can chat her up about living in Oklahoma City and she’ll find me charming and then we’ll make out for a while, which is Spencer Hicks’ fantasy? Dunno. Is it because I won’t be the only dude in his thirties rocking a Chewbacca shirt? Yup. It’s nice to be among people who accept you.

I’ve got some nerd related trivia questions for you today. Maybe some will be asked this week at any one of our four TLO Trivia Night locations. Maybe they won’t. Either way, you’re welcome.

1. Which city has been home to Comic-Con since 1970?

2. The five-minute trailer for what highly anticipated TV crossover was revealed at Comic-Con?

3. What famous athlete announced at Comic Con that will be starring in his own Adult Swim show this fall?

4. Who stars in the new geekgasm action film “Lucy”?

5. What trailer for a Charlize Theron 2015 movie caused the biggest reaction at Comic-Con?

Answer, recaps, standings after the jump.

TLO Trivia Night Recap: Twins Edition


We’re at the halfway point of our “League of Champions.” To celebrate, we’re offering double Suttons (league points) at all four of our TLO Trivia Night locations for this week.

If you’re playing in the league – or still want to give it a shot – this is a good time to make up some ground and / or pad your lead. Remember, the Top 8 league teams will earn an automatic entry to our $1,000 Title Match, while the teams ranked 9 – 20 will have to compete the week before for 6 Wild Card spots.

Here are some trivia questions about twins. Get it. Twins? Double league points? Clever.

1. What heroine was the twin sister of He-Man?

2. “Coast to Coast” is the signature perfume of what twins?

3. Which twins debuted on the “The All-New Super Friends Hour?”

4. In what decade did Doublemint introduce the iconic Doublemint Twins?

5. Which SNL alum was rumored to be the third “twin” in a sequel to the movie Twins?

Answers, trivia night recaps and standings are all after the jump.

TLO Trivia Night Recap: LeBron Edition!

lebronjames lilwayne fist bump oklahoma city

I’m glad we finally know where a guy you’ll never meet will get paid an obscene amount of money to play a game. I like baseball and basketball but don’t understand the rabid nature with which people follow it. I might understand if LeBron was interviewed and said, “Well, today was a rough one. Turns out Pete Dinkmen at Farmer’s Insurance didn’t get that promotion. He was qualified, but someone else got it. I’m going to let how this situation turned out effect my entire day and maybe my week.” But that will never happen. Congratulations Cleveland, I just hope Durant doesn’t decide to go to Cleveland too. We’ll see.

In honor of LeBron, Cleveland’s prodigal son, we’ve compiled some amazing fun facts about LeBron. We’ll give you the answers after the standings.

1. LeBron is one of two players to win a regular season MVP, NBA Finals MVP and an Olympic Gold in the same year. Who was the other?

2. What English Premier League club does LeBron James own a part of?

3. What football position did LeBron Jame play in high school?

4. Behind LeBron, who is the second highest paid NBA player when it comes to endorsements?

5. Which former Cleveland Cav allegedly slept with LeBron’s mom?

TLO League of Champions Recap: Toby Keith Edition!


That steely gaze is that of none other than birthday boy Toby Keith. Well, his birthday is July 8th but you can’t relegate the “Tobes” to one day of birthday celebrating. He gets a week.

Cap’n Freedom loves celebrating, drinking, and America. So, in honor of Tobes, we’re gonna give you some trivia about our good friend.

1. In what city was Toby Keith born?

2. Which alien starred with Toby Keith in 10-10-220 commercials?

3. What was his first #1 hit?

4. What country music funny man starred with Keith in “Beer for my Horses”?

5. What is Toby Keith’s real name?

Last week’s trivia week recap, League of Champions standings, and answers after the jump:

TLO Trivia Night Recap: America Edition

usa shotgun

We’ve just completed the second week of the TLO Trivia Night League of Champions 2.0. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, you should. The Top 20 teams are invited to a playoff for a $1,000 jackpot and there’s still time to qualify. That’s a lot of TLO ink pens. Trust me.

The big news is that America turns 238 week. To honor of our country’s name day, we’ve cancelled trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway for this Friday. This is so you can eat hot dogs and pretend to like fireworks with your friends and family. It resumes next week.

Here are this week’s five trivia questions for you.

1. Which country is the world’s largest manufacturer of fireworks?

2. The seven rays on the Statue of Liberty’s crown represent what?

3. Which two former Presidents died on July 4th, 1826?

4. Which state is home to the largest US city named Independence?

5. With 5… How many hot dogs did Joey Chestnut consume at last year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?

This week’s recap, League of Champions standings and the answers to the questions are after the jump: