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Monday Morning Tweets

Let’s talk for a minute about Benadryl and craft beer, and the lovely combination they make. I tried this on Saturday. It wasn’t bad, until I fell asleep and dreamed about my dog writing a book. It wasn’t a particularly good book, but you know, it was book written by a dog so it was special regardless. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the day when it stops raining so damn much because this mold is killing my allergies, and Benadryl dreams are super weird.

Anyway, as always, I have a bunch of tweets for you right here after the jump.

Someone finally peed on the Bricktown Sonic…


I think all the women who read this blog will agree with me that peeing outside isn’t a treat. In fact, it’s a chore. And, even if you manage to find a comfortable position in which to relieve yourself, there’s always the chance that you’re going to wind up with some wet shoes when all is said and done. Let it be known that I do not advocate for peeing outside. Dudes, however, seem to feel it is their birth right.

Anytime I’m at a party or a tailgate or something where there are a bunch of people outside drinking beer, it never fails that a guy will go around the corner for a second to use the bathroom. It’s not right, but it’s what happens. I defy anyone here to stop a grown man from peeing outside when he’s been drinking beer. It can’t be done! Just ask the cops in Bricktown. They’ll probably tell you the stories. Maybe even this one from KFOR.com:

Mosquitoes are coming…


It’s not secret that summer is my favorite time of year. I like being able to wear a t-shirt so I don’t accidentally leave my jacket at various restaurants and bars. And all the sunshine is really nice too. Plus, any season where I can sit on a patio and drink beer is aces in my book. Sure, the allergies suck a lot, but I don’t expect there will ever be a time in my life as an Oklahoman that I won’t be addicted to Claritin or Zyrtec.

But, as with all things in life, there is a major downside to the summer. Like you’ve probably already guessed, because we’ve had a ton of rain lately, that downside looks like it’s going to be hella mosquitoes. According to News9.com:

Monday Morning Tweets

I hope you all had the best Mother’s Day ever. I had way to much to drink, but that’s because all the mothers in my life really like to booze it up. So, if you’re wondering why I’m such an unruly degenerate, that’s probably a good place to start. Oh, and if your Mom happens to be anything like mine, yesterday was all about food. So. Much. Food. If anyone needs me, I’ll be sleeping off this sugary carb coma for the next 3 days. Until then, however, I do have some tweets for you.

As always, you can get the best tweets from the week before right here after the jump!

5 classes the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Center should offer

OHS Logo color

Admittedly, I don’t do a lot of historical research. I have multiple worthless degrees in fiction writing because I like to make things up. I don’t really need to know what actually happened. Coincidentally, that’s why I tend to say a lot of false things on this blog. It’s what I’m truly good at.

I bring all this up because while I was perusing the Edmond Evening Sun website (as one does), I came across this little story about the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Center offering some lunch and learn sessions:

The program for May 27 will explore “Finding Your Civil War Ancestors,” with genealogist Mahlon Erickson. On June 24 William D. Welge, director of the OHS American Indian Culture and Preservation Office, will speak about American Indian history in his presentation, “Those Who Stayed: American Indians Who Remained on Ancestral Land.” On July 22 Dr. Debra Osborne Spindle, OHS librarian, will teach researchers the value of obituaries in genealogical research in “Mining Obituaries for Family Research.” The final program on August 26 will explore letters, records and historical documents in “Secrets of the OHS Manuscript Collections,” with Mallory Covington, OHS manuscripts archivist.

That’s interesting, I guess. I don’t know. I’m kind of averse to learning things while I’m eating lunch. But if you’re into genealogy, I highly recommend attending these sessions. But maybe you’re the type who’s looking for something more…

Oklahoma sure does have some rich history. And by history, I mean tall tales. It’s probably no surprise to anyone that what you learned in Oklahoma History in high school isn’t exactly the way things actually were. That’s why I’ve created some more realistic and interesting courses the Oklahoma Historical Research Center could offer for lunch and learns…