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It’s easy to steal cars from Reynolds Ford

Norman is kind of a sketchy place. I mean that in a good way. Usually, you can kind of smell marijuana on Main Street after dark, you know half the people in the bars can’t possibly be of legal drinking age, and we don’t have open container laws on game days. Basically, it’s like the wild, wild west with outlaws running the city. If I saw someone wearing chaps and brandishing a six-shooter, I wouldn’t even be surprised. Well, I kind of would, because Pistol Pete isn’t really welcome in Norman.

Anyway, the crime in Norman just got a little more serious. Instead of drunken college kids and hipsters getting high in between shows at the Opolis, we have some crazy car thieves moving in.

From KFOR.com:

Monday Morning Tweets: Throw Me Down, Loretta

It’s another Monday morning here in Oklahoma City, and that can only mean one thing. It’s tweet time, y’all. It was a pretty busy week that we had, at least in terms of social media. For one, our Tony found out that Alex Trebek sits down while hosting Jeopardy, and Patrick tweeted that Nick Collison sits in urinals, and Collison tweeted back with a relevant Curb Your Enthusiasm clip. Then I got really drunk this weekend with my parents and sang “Friends in Low Places” in it’s entirety while using a Ninja Turtles koozie to hold my Coor’s Light (but this had nothing to do with a celebrity sitting down). Anyway, this week’s tweets are after the jump.

A guy in Mustang decorated his house with dead bodies…


It’s that time once again when we all run to the grocery store and buy 5 pounds of candy, only to have consumed it before it’s time to give it to the neighborhood kids. It’s a time of half-assing a costume so you can attend a party thrown by people who get way into the holiday. It’s a time to enjoy the last holiday before your seasonal depression really sets in and makes you cry uncontrollably at family functions. It’s Halloween! And, according to a Mustang resident, it’s time to make your neighbors think you’ve totally murdered someone with your garage door.

From News9.com:

Monday Morning Tweets: Emily Sutton’s Dog Is Better Than Yours

What a long strange week it’s been, eh? There were layoffs, losses, and Nobel Prizes. We aren’t going to cover any of that Nobel business in your Monday Morning Tweets. Who cares about humans achieving great things and being recognized for it when you have some people that have done silly things on Twitter? We have priorities. As always, I’ve grabbed all the good ones and compiled them here for you. And, as always, these tweets are right here after the jump!

Monday Morning Tweets: Emily Sutton is verified and you are not…

I love the smell of Twitter in the morning. Especially on Monday mornings. I’ve sifted through all the crap tweets about people hating on the pumpkin spice latte and people with zero political knowledge talking about the shutdown to bring you the very cream of the crop as far as OKC tweets are concerned. Consider this collection of tweets to be your Monday morning coffee. May it get you all sorts of amped for your day. As always, this week’s tweets are after the jump!