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Monday Morning Tweets: Emily Sutton made it rain at Blake Shelton’s house

Well, we’ve had another week happen, which means I’ve brought more tweets for you. So many things happened. Like, the fair has been going on, and we had our first really “fall-like” day. So, basically your feed was blowing up with corn dog pictures and so many people talking about how great the weather is. Too bad it’s just officially gotten too cold. Yeah, I said it. Anything below 80 and I can’t function. But, let’s remember, I’m basically descended from Jawas. Anyway, all your tweets are after the jump!

Stereotypes About Your City: Midwest City

From time to time, we here at The Lost Ogle like to make fun of different cities in Oklahoma. It’s fun. (You should hear what we have to say about Gotebo.) But this got us to thinking. Why not do a series about various stereotypes that we all associate with different cities in Oklahoma? Well, seeing as how I’m pretty much down for anything, I decided to take on this momentous task in a series of posts.

So, without further ado, I give you five stereotypes about Midwest City.


1. You think MMA is a viable career option.

Who wants to work all day at a boring 9-5 sort of job when you could have a job where really sketchy dudes literally destroy you? That UFC octagon seems to be pretty glamorous to the folks from Midwest City, whether you want to get in it or just date someone who does. I’m not sure what it says about the overly masculine men folk from Midwest City that they seem so ready to don some tight short shorts and put other dudes in a rear naked choke, but just know that I’m giving them the side eye.

Monday Morning Tweets: P.T. Barnum and METHODS

This week, a lot of stuff went down. The fair started and everyone and their brother had an opinion about the whole OSU Sports Illustrated thing. Personally, I would be more offended if there wasn’t a shady and underhanded thing going on at OSU. Let’s be honest here. It’s an NCAA sports program. Of course there is backhanded dealings. And if the allegations are true, isn’t that more a testament to our generous Oklahoma hospitality than a crime that should be punished? Maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, the tweets are after the jump.

9 job opportunities for laid off Chesapeake Energy employees…

chesapeake sign

One of the inevitable anxieties associated with being employed is the constant threat of being laid off. And that really goes double for people with a social media presence like mine. Sure, the economy is getting better and the Great Recession doesn’t figure so prominently into our financial situations anymore. But the fact remains that losing a job is still tough, and companies have to cut employees all the time. This goes for small business and big businesses. And we, as the peons, must accept this, lest we all go about starting small businesses. And you can ask any housewife from Newcastle or Enid who has opened a shop that primarily sells leopard/zebra print items with hot pink feather trim—running a business is tough.

But what happens when a company that employs a lot of people suddenly lets some of them go after lots of speculation? According to Kfor.com:

OKLAHOMA CITY — The normally peaceful campus of Chesapeake Energy has been disturbed by swirling rumors of layoffs. Tuesday the company finally confirmed it was restructuring in an email sent to employees.

Though the company won’t confirm how many people will be let go, sources tell NewsChannel 4, the number could reach 2,000 before its all said and done.

Let me just say that I feel for you guys. Losing a job sucks. I would totally buy each and every one of you a beer to cheer you up, except you worked at Chesapeake so 1. ) you aren’t used to dive barring it on my level, and 2.) you guys drink really stupid beers. (Yes, Stella Artois and Kronenbourg 1664 are dumb beers. Quit putting on airs when you’re drinking the flavor equivalent of Bud.) Instead, I’ll do you one better. I’ll help you find a new job!

After working for a company that doesn’t really value individuality or creativity in any form (Full disclosure: none of them actually do, but the recruiters really like to tell you that, don’t they?), it’s time for you venture out. That’s right. There’s a world out there that doesn’t look like a J. Crew ad. There’s a world where you can show off your tattoos. There’s a world where you don’t have to participate in fitness challenges to get bonuses and such! Sure, it’s not as clean or college campus-like. But, it’s your world now. And I’ve made a list of some of the best new career options for you!

Monday Morning Tweets: GOTR and Abigail Ogle’s new job

Happy Monday, everyone. It’s a good day for you to head back to work and pretend to do your job while you read these tweets I’ve compiled for you. So spend some extra time in the break room making your coffee, then cuddle up in your chair and make sure your coworkers can’t see your monitor. If we’re being completely honest, it’s not like anyone in the office is actually doing work until around 10 AM anyway. So take your time getting down to business this morning, and enjoy these tweets, which are, as always, located after the jump!