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Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone. By this time next week you’ll be wishing that you had ordered some pies this week. So, you know, make sure you’ve put in an order for something delicious that you can bring to Thanksgiving this year. It’s about time you stopped being the one that just showed up with nothing to offer. Consider this your reminder. Also, if you bring a non-Thanksgiving style food item, people like me will love you forever. I know that the holiday only comes once a year, but can I just say that is way too often to consume turkey? I feel like humanity has evolved past birds. It’s time to embrace red meat for Thanksgiving.

Anyway, like I always do, I’ve got some tweets for you. Check them out after the jump.

Your Oklahoma ancestors may be reaching out to you from beyond the grave…

Century Chest Oklahoma Historical Society

I’m not one to seek out the paranormal. Sure, I experience a ghostly encounter that one time at the Skirvin hotel, but for the most part, I’m pretty content to let the spirits of the dead chill by themselves. The closest I ever came to speaking with the dead was the time in high school when my Wiccan friend asked me to keep her Ouija board at my house until her Church of Christ family no longer suspected she was “at risk.” I believe that Ouija board and several spell books are still located in my old closet at my parents’ house.

Anyway, I bring all this up because it appears that long dead Oklahomans are reaching out to their currently living relatives. According to KFOR.com:

Someone in OKC still uses checks…

Target counterfeit-check-jpg

Ideally, our monetary system would be completely digital. Instead of dollars, we could just call the simplest monetary unit a “space credit.” I say space credit because I feel this is the inevitable currency of the future. Our great-grandchildren will spend their space credits on chewing gum and nutrient-rich vitamin pills that they have to take because they live on a space station while scientists work to terraform Mars. Perhaps they will play a game similar to what Ender played at Battle School. But probably not. This isn’t fiction we’re talking about.

Anyway, not everyone is on board with my space credit idea. In fact, some people are still using a very old-fashioned method to pay for goods and services. And no, I’m not talking about paper mill coins. According to KOCO.com:

Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and Happy Monday, you precious little angel faces. At the time of writing, the weather feels fallish, which is to say that I can finally use this blanket on my couch without sweating. This is all I’ve ever wanted in life. Now, when we reach the point in the year when I never have to remove my hoodie, I shall truly be happy. If I can just focus on hoodie weather, I don’t have to think about how much Christmas music I’m already hearing or how some places have already decorated for Christmas, ahem.

Your apologies fall on the deaf ears of this Ebenezer. If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.

Anyway, let’s get on with the tweets, you guys. As always, you can check them out after the jump.

Is Edmond the home of the new craziest 7-Eleven?

7-eleven second and bryant edmond

I consider myself to be a connoisseur of gas stations and convenience stores. Like rare and exotic wines, various convenience store chains all bring their own something special to the table. For example, Quik Trip is like a 5-star dining experience. Those taquitos, those frozen beverages, those donut holes! Why, just thinking about it makes me want to take a trip to Tulsa. But I also enjoy the things that my local convenience stores have to offer. OnCue is quite a gem, especially if it’s a location with a frozen yogurt bar.

Though, admittedly, my favorite local convenience store would the 7-Eleven. I’ve written extensively about various metro locations here before, and Patrick has written about the performance art that is the location at 23rd and Penn. But I think we may have found the new craziest 7-Eleven. According to KFOR.com: