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What goes on in the Mathis Brothers As-Is section after hours?

mathis brothers III

One of the dreams of every TLO writer is to be a fly on the wall. We’d love to know what the hell Mary Fallin does on the daily, and I would love to watch Steve Shaw go grocery shopping because I imagine he hulks out when he gets confused by mayonnaise prices. But we can’t always see what goes on behind the scenes, until now. Because in case you didn’t know, Mathis Brothers has a live stream of their As-Is section.

According to MathisBrothers.com:

Oklahoma lawmakers are now waging war on… Daylight Saving Time


I love scheduling my day. I literally carry two planners, each made up of 3 separate calendars each. I understand this is excessive, but I feel better and more organized with my planner setup. And I’m sure it’s probably ridiculous to others, but my idiosyncrasies hurt no one, so leave me be. One of the main reasons I like to have complete control of my daily schedule is so that I can ensure I schedule time to get enough sunlight so as not to become a depressed, weepy puddle of a person. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I need to spend at least one hour outside every single stinking day.

And one of the great things about summer time is that the sun is out later. If I need to stay late at work, I’m definitely not going to miss any sunshine because it will be there until 9 or so. That is, unless Rep. Harold Wright has his way. Homeboy wants to take away Daylight Saving Time.

Kevin Durant is a photographer now

kevin durant photographer

Maybe you’ve been stuck in a terrible job, or about to lose your oil and gas gig, but have had issues finding a new source of income. That totally sucks for you, but that’s kind of what Oklahoma is right now. For normal joes, welcome to the bust. But rich folks have all manner of opportunities. Like Kevin Durant, for example.

When he’s not playing basketball, Kevin Durant is apparently a Super Bowl credentialed photographer. Why? Well, because life isn’t fair. But also because he knows the right people, I guess. But that’s not important. What is important is thinking about what sort of career opportunities this opens up for KD. I mean, just think about. You may hate having your picture taken, but you’d probably like to have KD take your picture, right?

Actually, Kevin told us why he was a photographer. Via the Player’s Tribune:

I came to Super Bowl 50 with two tickets: one for my regular seat … and a press pass with my name on it. When I was invited by The Players’ Tribune and the NFL to be a credentialed photographer on the sidelines during the Super Bowl, I said “I’ll do it” before they even finished their question. Seriously, that’s a dream offer. Like most people, I’ve watched the Super Bowl on TV every year of my life. The way the NBA schedule is, it’s almost impossible to get to go to the Super Bowl in person. This year I got lucky that 1) We were in the Bay already and 2) We had an off day Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t know if that timing will ever work out again while I’m in the league.

That’s cute, Kevin. But doesn’t Kevin hate the media? This would be like Russell Westbrook working as a copy editor for Berry Tramel. At least Kevin acknowledged the hypocrisy:

Oklahoma teachers should supplement their income by selling district supplies

Clover, South Carolina, USA --- Flashing Lights and Sign on School Bus --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

In case you’ve forgotten or haven’t read like, every other post we’ve had for the past year or so, the education situation in Oklahoma is straight up dire. We have a teacher shortage, teachers aren’t paid enough, and they keep cutting the budget for our schools. Don’t worry, though. At least we will have a very uneducated proletariat to control in the future! Doubleplusgood!

Well, the situation is pretty bad. (HOW BAD IS IT?) It’s so bad that a teacher is selling textbooks to make ends meet. Seriously. KFOR brought us this story about a Mustang teacher who resigned after he was suspended on suspicion of selling district textbooks. And while I applaud his efforts, I think he could’ve done better. And when I say better, I don’t mean that he could’ve not sold textbooks. Instead, I think he really should’ve thought a little harder about what he sold.

So that’s why I’ve created this list of things that Oklahoma teachers could sell for money so they don’t have to donate any more plasma.

Apparently Moore city leaders have never driven in Moore


I think we can all agree that traffic in the Oklahoma City Metro over the past ten years has gotten out of hand. Everything seems to be growing a lot faster than cities can keep up with, which means there are way too many drivers on already terrible streets. And while I definitely feel this traffic problem on Santa Fe when I go to my parents’ house in Edmond, I think we can all agree that no place has this problem quite like 19th Street in Moore.

When I wrote this post about the worst intersections in the Metro, some commenters reminded me I left the intersection of 19th and Telephone Road out. And I did, but not on purpose. You see, the last time I drove through the intersection, it was after leaving the Five Guys Burgers there in 2011. The reason I left was because an old lady drove her Toyota Camry through the front of the store, and showered my cajun fries with glass shards. Then, as I was trying to turn north onto Telephone Road from 19th, a truck in the non-turning lane decided to turn ahead of me, even though he didn’t have a green light, and cut me off, causing me to go up onto the curb. Basically, that intersection was the basis for Mad Max: Fury Road. I think.