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Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci don’t want you to use the R-word…

Oklahoma native Bart Conner and his wannabe Oklahoma native wife Nadia Comaneci are participating in a national public awareness campaign to have people stop using the word “retarded.” They want people to start using the word “Intellectual Disability” instead.

From News9.com:

Oklahomans Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci are adding their star power to a movement to stop using the “R-word.”

Advocates for those with developmental disabilities say they achieved a huge victory this past year when they were successful on the medical front in changing the term “mental retardation” to “intellectual disability.” Now they want the rest of us to do the same.

“I don’t think the average citizen realizes when they use the r-word: ‘that’s so retarded, don’t be such a retard,’ they don’t realize how hurtful that is to an important population, to me and to many of us in this country,” said Conner during an interview at his Norman gym on Wednesday.

Conner and Comaneci’s interest in the cause comes from their involvement with the Special Olympics. They are both on the international board of directors.

Although it will make rapping the final verse to Shoop a little more difficult, I’m fine with this. We’ve used the word “retarded” in the past and will stop doing so. However, after searching the word “retarded” on Google news, it looks like the organization has a lot of work to do get other to stop using the term. Hell, you can still find the word on the Special Olympics website!

Bart Conner claims that his involvement with Special Olympics is why he’s taking part in this PSA. I’m not sure I totally buy that. I think it stems from this incident in the 1980s:

KFOR wants to know if Kevin Durant and Justin Bieber are boyfriends


Apparently Kevin Durant has been chillin’ with international pop star and Angles bouncer look-a-like Justin Bieber. We know this because the 13-year-old girl who writes for the KFOR website decided to tell us about it.


Durant and Justin Bieber new best friends? You better ‘Belieb’ it

OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant has picked up a new friend who, oddly enough, usually sports Lakers and Heat jerseys… Justin Bieber.

Bieber posted this photo on Instagram Tuesday saying he is “chillin at home” with KD, New York Knick Tyson Chandler and NYC’s “punk” pastor Carl Lentz.

So, does this mean Durant and “The Biebs” are now “Boyfriends?”

Will Bieber be donning the blue and orange from now on?

Only time will tell.

I would try to one-up the brilliant KFOR report, but I don’t know enough about Justin Bieber, “bad puns” or “clichés” to do so. In fact, I had to google “Justin Bieber Boyfriend” just to figure out what the KFOR writer – who may or may not be the yearbook editor for Hefner Middle School – was talking about. Was she implying that Bieber and KD are an item? No, it turns out “Boyfriend” is simply a Justin Bieber rap song that’s about as awkward as a yeast infection commercial.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and take a look at this Instagram photo:

Some crazy bird got lost at Lake Overholser

big year

According to NewsOK.com, a rare bird from Antarctica has been chilling at Lake Overholser. Since we don’t know if the bird is male or female, we’ll name it Terry.

From the “State’s Most Trusted News:”

Bird enthusiasts were treated with a rare sighting of a South Polar skua that hung around Lake Overholser in northwest Oklahoma City for nearly a week.

Sightings of the South Polar skua in North America are extremely rare. The bird has been seen just four times in the interior United States, which would include Oklahoma. It is believed to be the first sighting of a South Polar Skua in Oklahoma.

The South Polar skua drew bird-watchers from Colorado, Arkansas, New Mexico, Nebraska and Missouri, as well as enthusiasts from virtually every corner of the state. It lives primarily in Antarctica. It isn’t known how the lone bird found its way to Oklahoma City.

To save you some time, here’s a link to the South Polar skua Wikipedia page. Sorry hunters and Jim Inhofe, the bird isn’t endangered so there’s no good reason for you to shoot it, stuff it and put it in your creepy study.

I lived about three blocks from “Lake Overholster” (that’s what my Drivers Ed teacher called it) during middle school and high school, and based on some of the things I found on my car over the years, this can’t be the first time this asshole bird has visited Oklahoma. Yeah, I called Terry an asshole. Here’s why:

 It spent about six days at Lake Overholser, feeding on other birds, before moving on.

So this punk comes to Oklahoma City, hangs out at our lake for a few days, and eats all of our birds. Basically, he’s the slacker friend/relative that you let sleep on your couch. I doubt Terry cleaned up his nest or pitched in on beer either.

Anyway, here are a few videos of Terry that some bird watcher put on YouTube. They kind of look like the belong in Oliver Stoner’s JFK:

Apparently it’s now a crime to slap a random woman on her buttocks…

etric robert

The wannabe playboy pictured above is Etric Roberts. He’s now in jail after he slapped a woman’s hiney outside a plasma collection center on NW 23rd.

Via News 9:

A woman called Oklahoma City Police on Monday after a man made suggestive comments and slapped her backside.

The woman was at CSL Plasma on N.W. 23rd Street near Shartel on Monday. She told police as she walked outside the plasma collection center, 39-year-old Etric Roberts walked by, hit her buttocks and said, “That’s a juicy [expletive]!”

Wow. This guy is a sick and disgusting idiot. Not only were his actions inappropriate, but he should have followed “That’s a juicy ass” with “Now go do my dishes!” That’s what I do and it gets a laugh everytime. People are more forgiving when you’re funny and inside the hip hop club at Graham’s. Instead Etric turned into super creeper and followed the lady to her car:

Ryan Tate is now a “Financial Expert” and Fox News Contributor…

It looks like Fake Miss Oklahoma isn’t the only Oklahoman playing make-believe on Fox News. Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate appeared on the network twice this month under the guise of a “financial expert” to talk about how rising healthcare costs are hurting his family’s business.

Yep, you read that right. The nepotism product who’s best known for praying with, bullying and then firing 25 employees in a secretly recorded staff meeting is the same guy Fox News chose to be an ambassador for disgruntled right-wing small business owners across the country. Isn’t that awesome!?

So far, Ryan has appeared on two shows. On each of them, he’s blamed the health insurance price hikes on his stupid, lazy, moronic employees who voted for Barack Obama in the 2012 election. He claimed to know who those employees were, and as a result of their idiotic actions, Tate Publishing would have to fire people at its Mustang offices and out-source 50 more local jobs to the Philippines.

It’s very “dramastic.” Here are a couple of clips: