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Now Hiring: Dunk Tank Clown for the Oklahoma State Fair

I doubt this surprises any of you, but one my favorite things about the Oklahoma State Fair is the insult clown inside the dunk tank. When I was a kid, I would stand by his spot near the Midway and listen to all the smart ass comments he would launch at the toothless and the damned. At times, I thought the clown had the coolest job in the world, until of course, he would get dunked and I’d be reminded of my strange fear of water.

Anyway, it looks like I may have missed out on an opportunity to pursue a borderline childhood dream. Check out this classified ad in the Oklahoman that an Ogle Mole emailed to us:

This Tulsa news anchor dropped a C-bomb during a recent broadcast (video)

The cute girl pictured above is KJRH news anchor Liz Bryant. Since we really don’t know a lot about the media babes of our state’s second city, let’s take a look at her bio from KJRH.com:

Liz Bryant joined KJRH in August 2011 as a multi-media journalist.

Liz is excited to be back home!  A native of Tulsa, she attended Jenks Schools.

Liz graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in broadcast journalism and psychology.

Liz began her career in Joplin, Mo. at KSNF and KODE.  During her two years, she took on various roles, including weekend weather anchor, news anchor, reporter and sports sideline reporter.

The most notable experience during Liz’s broadcasting career is the May 22, 2011 tornado in Joplin.  Only minutes after the twister passed, with lightning and live power lines surrounding her, Liz interviewed victims of the tornado.

Not knowing if her home was still intact, Liz anchored the May 22 show from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m.

For the next three months, Liz made national television appearances and interviewed high-powered officials.

Liz has already won a number of awards in her short career.

Impressive, huh? Not only has Liz interviewed many “high-powered” officials, but she’s won also “numerous awards in her short career.” Now if only she can refrain from calling McDonald’s customers c-nts, she’ll be on the fast track to success.

Wait. What? From a short video clip we obtained through the Ogle Mole Network:

Sam Presti has hired a blogger as a Thunder video analyst

When you’re a blogger, it’s pretty easy for your three friends to make fun of you. They’ll say things like “How do you like living in your parents’ basement” or “Is it weird living in your parents’ basement” or “Do you use that pile of laundry as a couch in your parents’ basement.” When your friends do that, you generally tell them to be quiet so they don’t wake your parents as they sleep upstairs.

Sometimes, though, the blogger gets the last laugh. Sebastian Pruiti, a contributor for Grantland and the owner of the now conveniently offline blog NBAplaybook.com, is one of those bloggers. He’s been hired by the Thunder as a video analyst. Based on some of his criticism and praise of the Thunder offense over the past year, he seems to be well-qualified:

Joleen Chaney cheated on Emily Sutton with one of Gary England’s Severe Weather Babes

As Tony noted earlier today, just about anyone and everyone with a Twitter account braved the drizzly (and awesome) weather and ventured out to the State Fair over the weekend. This includes all the employee at KFOR. Apparently the Oklahoma City news channel has a booth where their news anchors, reporters and bedazzled tie wearers sign autographs. Here’s a pic from Abigail Ogle’s Twitter account:

I’m not a big fan of autographs, but I guess that’s cool. My only question is couldn’t they have landed a better location than the bomb shelter underneath the Made in Oklahoma building? Seriously, who knew the State Fair had catacombs.

Anyway, one of the KFOR employees noticeably absent from the autograph table was news vixen Joleen Chaney. Instead of signing autographs for underwhelmed children wearing yellow shirts, she rode around on gold carts and ate corn dogs with News 9 weather intern (and Gary England Severe Weather Babe) Shelby Hays.

Yep, you read that right. Joleen went to the State Fair with Shelby Hays and not Emily Sutton or even Bobbie Miller. I’m not sure what to think about this. This kind of reminds of when Walter White starting cooking with the guy who killed the kid with the tarantula. Or at least it kind of does. I’m a sucker for Breaking Bad references.

Here are some pics.

Mailbag: Please make fun of the Hobby Lobby morning-after pill story

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To the emails:

Matt asks:

In Spencer’s column about the Prohibition Room he mentioned the water in Norman tasting terrible. I agree with him 100-percent. Why does it taste so repugnant?