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Ogle Madness VII Elite 8: (7) BJ Wexler vs. (13) Dino Lalli

It’s the dream match-up we’ve all been waiting for! We have the man who brings us the old movies versus the journalists who interviewed celebrities in the new ones during the 80s and 90s. One guy is obsessed with the Gremlin’s theme, while the other simply wants to help you “discover” little known places and people in Oklahoma.

Here’s your North Regional Final:

(7) BJ Wexler vs. (13) Dino Lalli

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This lady from Mustang is selling very interesting miniature statues…

holly wilson

The lady pictured above is Holly Wilson. She’s an Oklahoma artist, women’s rights advocate and apparently one of the world’s leading experts on small, hobbit-like penises.

From Slate:

Holly Wilson is a sculptor living in Mustang, Okla., who’s tired of dealing with gallery dudes who attempt to dismiss her expertise and undervalue her work just because she’s a woman. So Wilson crafted a secret weapon that she could keep in her pocket to give her strength when negotiating with sexist men: a 1½-inch-long cast bronze penis. Now, Wilson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to put her prototype penis into production and help other women “bring your dick to the table,” too. Her slogan: “If all that separates us is a dick, then here is mine. Now let’s get down to business.”

Women like Holly Wilson need to realize that men don’t “dismiss their expertise” or “undervalue her work” because they don’t have a penis. It’s actually because the male brain, on average, is about 8% – 13% larger than the female brain, and we’re simply worried you’re not capable of making the correct decision. Therefore, Holly should be bringing a miniature bronze brain to the table. Zing!

Here are a few pic of the penis sculptures. I’m not sure if photos of bronze miniature penises are considered NSFW, but if they are, be warned:

Ogle Madness VII Elite 8: (1) Gary England vs. (3) Olivia Munn

I guess we’ll find out today if the Colbert Bump is a real thing.

Severe Weather Deity (1) Gary England has been a 1-seed in all seven Ogle Madness tournaments, but has never made the Final 4. Could this be the year? Possibly, but it’s going to be tough.

In Lord England’s path is another Ogle Madness regular looking for her first Final 4 bid: (3) Olivia Munn. You may recognize her from The Newsroom, Magic Mike, The Daily Show, Attack of the Show, That Awful Sitcom on NBC, Putnam City North High School, or the cover of some magazine your little brother reads.

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Ogle Madness VII Elite 8: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (3) Jessica Schambach

bracket elite 8

It’s time for the Ogle Madness VII Elite 8, or as I like to call it, “”the only bracket in my life that still matters.” Seriously, UConn? Hopefully, the Thunder will consider Kevin Ollie when they get rid of Brooks after next season.

Anyway, you can read how we got here in last Friday’s recap. Or you can click here to view the complete bracket. It’s up to you. We’re focusing on the now. Today’s Northeast Regional Final is:

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (3) Jessica Schambach

It’s kind of weird how much these two ladies have in common. Jessica is married to a guy that works for the Oklahoma County Sheriff. Emily Sutton has a serious boyfriend who’s a fireman. Jessica is a professional reporter who has to deal with the many faces of Paul Folger. Emily Sutton has to come up with excuses to not play Dungeons and Dragons with Mike Morgan.

Okay, other than having swimsuit pics appear on this site, maybe they don’t have a lot in common. Go vote!

Ogle Madness VII: Sweet 16 Recap

This past week, we ran through the Field of 32 and Sweet 16 in Ogle Madness VII. Here are a few notes:

• About 80% of the participants in our Ogle Madness VII Bracket Challenge still have a chance to win a dinner for eight to LOCAL in Norman. Yes, that’s probably due to 70% of our Bracket Challenge participants selecting Emily Sutton or Kevin Durant to win this thing.

• This is the first time in Ogle Madness history that all Number 1-seeds are still alive in the Elite 8.

• The Elite 8 will be posted on Monday and Tuesday. The Final 4 will be held Wednesday and Thursday. The Ogle Madness VII Championship Game will be held on Monday, April 7th.

Here’s your recap for the Sweet 16: