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Meet Oklahoma City’s biggest Charles Barkley fan

So far, we’ve received a decent response to our Charles Barkley photo bounty contest. We’ve been sent a dozen or two photos, including a $5 gem of Charles standing with a black person! Cha-Ching, that’s a Lost Ogle Bounty Money Ball!

Anyway, we’ve also received a couple of pictures from Barkley’s first visit to Oklahoma City. It took place when Charles played for the Phoenix Suns. We posted this photo last week of a couple of ladies hanging with Chuck at the Bricktown Brewery, but I think this story is even better.

We received an email from Irving Middle School teacher Kendall Speer. She’s the girl in the photograph above, and may just be the biggest Charles Barkley fan in Oklahoma:

10 Things I’ve learned about Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate…

If you read our post from yesterday, it’s pretty easy to say that Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate may be one of the world’s greatest assholes. During a secretly recorded staff meeting, he belittled his employees — calling them “idiots” and morons” — before cold-heartedly firing 25 of them.

But what else is there to know about Ryan Tate? What type of man is he? Based upon some Ogle Mole emails and Internet detective work, we came up with this list of 10 things you should know about this bully.

1. Ryan Tate is a product of nepotism

It’s quite obvious that the only reason Ryan Tate has his job is because his parents gave it to him. I’ve done several Google searches and can’t find any mentions of a college degree or past successes as a writer, salesman or publisher. From what I can tell, it appears the only qualification Ryan has is his last name.


2. Ryan Tate has a pretty blonde wife who’s a bona fide Republican and former beauty pageant contestant

He may not be a good boss, but at least Ryan Tate knows how to pick pretty blonde girls from the Non-Denominational Church Mating Catalog. Seriously, she looks like she should be teaching a bible school class somewhere. Her name is Christy Tate. She was the second runner-up in the 2008 Mrs. Oklahoma Pageantis a spokesperson for Tate Publishing and even appeared in the GOP’s “Bona Fide” Republican campaign video.

Here’s a screen shot from that video and a couple of other pictures we obtained:

Bob Moore Chopper 4 is going to the helicopter hospital (photos)

This is kind of a funny story.

On Saturday, a roofer stopped by my house to inspect damage from the May 29th hail storm. While he was on my roof checking for dents and dings, I stood in the driveway and we talked about hail size and storm damage.

During the middle of our conversation, the roofer looked off to the east behind my house and quickly froze. He then turned around, chuckled and raced towards the ladder. Once he climbed down, he looked directly at me, wiped sweat off his brow and said “Your roof is totaled…and I just saw something I didn’t want to see.” That thing he “didn’t want to see” were my two gay neighbors shaving each other while standing in their backyard.

Anyway, that same hail storm that totaled my roof, my neighbor’s roof and my roofer’s psyche also knocked Bob Moore Chopper 4 out of commission. As we reported last week, the news helicopter was pummeled with hail on May 29th because KFOR employees parked their cars in the chopper’s hanger, preventing it from taking cover when it returned to the station to refuel.

We were emailed a couple of pictures over the weekend of the Bob Moore Chopper 4 being sent away for repairs. Here they are.

About that crazy staff meeting at Tate Publishing…

If you followed us on Facebook or Twitter over the weekend, you may have noticed a few references to some guy named Ryan Tate. He’s the CEO of Tate Publishing, the company that gives shitty writers and bible school dropouts the opportunity to tell people at a party that they’ve published a book.

Anyway, Ryan has been the centerpiece of a weird story involving corporate espionage, Christian justice and moronic employees, only not nearly that interesting (link). Here’s a recap in case you missed it:

• Last week, an anonymous person sent a company-wide email alleging that Tate Publishing planned on outsourcing Oklahoma jobs to the Philippines.

• The email caused Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate to call a special staff meeting to address the rumors.

• In the meeting, Ryan Tate insulted, threatened and prayed with his employees. He told them the email was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” and that 25 employees were to be fired as retribution or “justice.”

Since the story broke, we’ve received a couple of dozen emails from current or former Tate Publishing employees. These Ogle Moles seem to confirm what the audio from the staff meeting implies: Tate Publishing is a fishy company, a screwed up place to work, and Ryan Tate is one hell of an asshole.

Here’s the email that started the whole mess. It was apparently sent to Ryan Tate and BCC’ed to the rest of the company’s staff:

Mailbag: Barkley Fallin Chopper 4 Elf Child

Usually I like to post the mailbag earlier in the day, but I’ve been dealing with fallout from the Tate Publishing story that was first reported by Brianna Bailey with the Journal Record. Apparently, Tate Publishing went on a witch hunt and fired 25 employees for allegedly spreading rumors that the company was about to outsource most of its work to the Philippines. This then prompted the company CEO and Asshole of the Year frontrunner Ryan Tate to bully, intimidate and threaten the remaining employees during a staff meeting. Here’s a link to the audio. We’ll have more info on this story on Monday, and if you work or worked at Tate and want to talk to us, send us an email.

Anyway, to the mailbag. Last week’s winning email was about Liz Dueweke’s contrived lack of self-esteem. It was sent to us by Lindsay, who will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser’s Bistro. Here are this week’s questions: